Monday, 30 March 2015

Sugarbush Valley gets a dentist.

Andrey Buttermilk opened his eyes and for a moment he was unsure where he was. Then it all came flooding back to him, he is in the Sugarbush Valley Commune, sharing a bedroom with a friendly, but angry  looking badger. He was relieved to see that his roommate has left, though he really like Bobby, he wasn't in the mood for small talk. Andrey wanted to wake up slowly and let the happenings of the previous day sink in, because what a day it was...

As he was about to fill the coffee pot, the door to the bedroom flew open, and three small boys came running in.
Dylan: We are here for our morning story!
Tomas: You are not uncle Bobby?
Gerard: What did you do with uncle Bobby?

Andrey was totally overwhelmed by this inquisition, and before he could answer, a friendly looking lady came to his rescue.

Camilla (apologetic): Oh my, I'm so terribly sorry! It is all my fault, Bobby told me that he will meet them in the garden for their morning story, but before I could tell them they were gone.
Andrey (laughing): No harm done, I'm just glad I'm off the hook.
Camilla(laughing): You should be. Sorry, I am Camilla Hunter-Smyth and these are my boys Dylan, Tomas and Gerard.
Andrey: Good to meet you, I'm Andrey Buttermilk. I guess it is your husband I spoke with yesterday about my doctors uniform.

It was confirmed that Charles were indeed Camilla's husband, and also that Camilla has done the alterations the previous night as Charles couldn't remember when Dr Andrey will be needing his uniform. 

After talking some more Camilla and the boys left Andrey to enjoy his coffee. He was glad for the few pieces of rusks he had with him. He was unsure when he will get time for eating again. While enjoying his breakfast his thoughts wandered to the previous day...

He arrived just after breakfast in the village. The busdriver who directed him into the village said he must look for the big house opposite the square at the end of Sugarbush drive, as that is where the Mayor lived. Andrey had a look around, but was unsure where to go, he admired the various quaint looking shops, which was so unlike the huge stores one can find in Grinpa.

He was relieved to see a Raccoon lady approaching on a bicycle, and decided to ask her help.
Andrey: Sorry Ma'am, but can you please tell me where is the Mayor's residence?
Pansy: No sorry...

The Raccoon sped past on her bicycle, almost knocking Andrey over. Andrey was astonished by the lady's aloofness, he really hoped that not everyone in this village was like this. 

As he turned around to continue up the street, he bumped into the prettiest creature he has ever laid his eyes on, he was completely mesmirised by her and though he could hear she was talking to him he couldn't respond.
Blanka: Excuse me sir... are you okay? Can you hear me? Sir?
Andrey (stuttering): Erm... yes... erm ... sorry
Blanka: Are you lost?
Andrey: Erm ... I'm not sure ... erm ... I'm looking for the Mayor's Residence.
Blanka: Oh yes, that is close by, just continue up the street.

And with that the lady left, Andrey turned around to ask her name, but when he tried to speak, a funny croaky sound left his mouth and he quickly hurried off, afraid that she has heard it.

He soon reached the stately residence of the Mayor, just as the lady indicated.

An Elephant, which he presumed was the mayor, opened the front door.
Hugo: Good morning, you must be Andrey Buttermilk? I'm Mayor Hugo Trunk, but please just call me Hugo.
Andrey (smiling): Hello, yes that is me indeed, good to finally meet you sir ... erm... Hugo.

Andrey was relieved to hear that his voice has returned to being normal. Mayor Hugo introduced him to Sydney Hazelnut, who was the Townplanner and Mayor Hugo's right hand man. Without further ado they made their way to the clinic to meet Dr Fisher.

As they walked down the street Andrey was surprised to see a modern looking toyshop. The owner, greeted them friendly. He was really beginning to like this village, everyone was so friendly and helpful.

As they reached the clinic, Andrey felt how his chest and throat began to feel heavy again. He was almost certain that this is how one feels if they have a heart attack, except in his case it is not a heart attack, but rather a love attack, as there on the small hospital bed, sat the beautiful lady, that he has just met.

Hugo: Andrey, this here is Dr Schroeder Fisher.
Schroeder: Andrey, please to meet you, I'm sure we will do great work together.
Sydney: I think it is important that you first work out a schedule who will be using the clinic when.
Schroeder: That is a good idea, what do you think Andrey? Andrey?
Andrey: Yes, sorry. Please to meet you Schroeder. We must, we must.

Schroeder excused himself to attend to his patient again, he found it weird that Andrey wasn't very talkative and didn't ask any questions, but he shrugged it of as being overwhelmed by too many new things. He didn't realise that Andrey's strange behavior was because of the beautiful Blanka Periwinkle.

The next stop for Andrey was the Commune. Hugo and Sydney have confirmed with PC Bobby Roberts the previous day that his new roommate will arrive soon.
Hugo: Andrey, this is PC Bobby Roberts, he was kind enough to agree that you share his room with him, until you get a place of your own.
Andrey: Thank you, Hugo and PC Roberts. I really appreciate that you will do this for me.
Bobby: First of all, please call me Bobby, and it is only my pleasure, it will be nice to have a roommate.

Hugo and Sydney were still talking to Andrey and confirming a few final things with him, when Charles Hunter-Smyth approached them. Hugo and Sydney said their goodbyes and left Andrey with his new acquaintances.
Charles: Good afternoon, I guess you are our new dentist. Glad to meet you.
Andrey: Indeed I am, it is nice to be here.
Hugo: Andrey, Charles and his wife plans on opening a Boutique soon, but in the meantime they are making the most beautiful pieces on order.

Andrey: In that case, and sorry for being so forward, will you please mend my uniform, the seam on the left side is unravelling.
Charles: Sure, no problem, give it to me then I'll have Camilla fix it for you.
Andrey: Thank you very much.

Charles also left, which meant that Andrey were alone with Bobby in their room that they now shared, for the first time.
Bobby: So I guess first things first, we must get a bed for you.
Andrey: That is a good idea, but do you know where we will find one?
Bobby: I know just the place.

Bobby lead Andrey into a dusty workshop, a friendly looking rabbit greeted them.
Aaron: Bobby! Good too see you. 
Bobby: Hey Aaron, this is Andrey Buttermilk, he is our new resident dentist, he just moved to the village today, and will share a room with me. We just have one small problem we need a bed, can you help.
Aaron: Good to meet you Andrey.
Andrey: Likewise...
Aaron: Let's see I'm almost sure I had something here.

Aaron went over to a pile of wood, which Bobby and Andrey soon realised, was just old or broken furniture.

And as out of thin are, Aaron conjured a bed.
Aaron: Aaah, yes, here it is. I knew I had something here, will this do? I know it is broken, but I will quickly fix it.
Andrey: Aah yes perfect, thank you so much.
Bobby: Thank you Aaron, I told Andrey, not to worry as I knew that you would be able to make magic.
Aaron: My pleasure, guys, glad I could help.

Bobby and Andrey left the workshop and Bobby suggested that they go to the Hamburger Restaurant. Andrey gladly accepted the invitation as he was very hungry. They were happy to see that the restaurant was dead quiet and easily got a table in the corner. The two new friends had a good time chatting, when the pretty lady from earlier entered the restaurant.

Andrey immediately felt that heart attack feeling coming on, but ignored it and asked Bobby if he knew her.
Bobby: Oh yes, that is Blank Periwinkle. Her parents live in Eaglewood our neighboring village. She also has a brother Alex Periwinkle, who owns the shoe shop.

Andrey was ecstatic to finally have a name to put to that lovely face, and tried his utmost to not show Bobby. He already felt like a love sick puppy no use in having everyone know it too.

After finishing their lunch, Bobby suggested that they must go back to the Commune, so that Andrey can meet his fellow residents and also so that they can sort our their room. In the kitchen of the Commune, things were loud and busy. Bobby introduced him to the Thistlethorn couple, Chester and Willow, who owned the Haberdashery. As well as the Timbertops, Rose and Taylor, who had a very interesting sounding job, bicycle tours, which Andrey vowed to do soon.

Back in their room, they were surprised to find Andrey's bed. Aaron sure was quick.

The two had a look around, and after some brainstorming they finally agreed on the layout of the room.

They first moved the bed out of the way and then pushed the cupboard into place.

Then they move the bed into the corner. They admired their handyworked and agreed that this was certainly the best layout. 

After that exhausting work, which took up the whole of their afternoon, they decided to go down to the kitchen again, to have a chat and find some food. The rest of the evening was spent chatting, but Andrey did turn in early.

So this morning looking back on yesterday, he was quite happy to seize the day in his new home town, except he has to confront his feelings for Blanka Periwinkle soon, as she filled his dreams last night, and he realised that this was more than a little crush.


  1. Oh my can't wait for the Andrey/Blanka story, poor thing to be hit with love arrow the minute he gets in town. The story was great and I love how you manage to mix in different shops/work areas and with it bring SV to life.

    1. Then I hope that the Andrey/Blanka story will be up soon!

  2. Oh and wanted to say that I thought Andrey reactions to Blanka were soooo adorable:)

  3. Wonderful story!!!
    You made my day, I couldn't stop laughing first with the Hunter-Smyth triplets being suspicious with Andrey, then with Pansy Chestnut being completely rude, and finally with Andrey's reactions when first met with Blanka!

    1. My pleasure, I always try to bring something funny into a story too.

  4. This is such a sweet story! I loved all the details; Pansy's attitude (haha), the Hunter Smith triplets (aww) and of course Andrey's 'love attack'!

  5. What a fantastic story! I loved the moment when Andrey and Blanka met. It was so romantic! I can't wait for that story! Pansy is unbelievable - she made me laugh :D. Also I like the ides of Bobby and Andrey sharing a room.

  6. Brilliant story, love the romance!

  7. P.S. - I only recently discovered your blog and I have loved reading it. It's amazing, you are very talented.

    1. Aaaah, thank you so much Emma, now you made my day.

  8. "sharing a bedroom with a friendly, but angry looking badger" - you got me laughing from the start xD What a love-sick story, wonderful Eaton!