Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Summer swap parcel from Finland

Yesterday I was very happy to receive my last outstanding parcel. It really is becoming a bit of a nightmare to get parcels from overseas, especially if they don't have tracking numbers, as you never know how long they will take to arrive, if they do arrive that is.

Bloem, a fellow collector on the  Sylvanian Families Forum recently hosted a "Summer Swap". I love to be a part of trades/swaps as that mean I can usually get my hands on stuff I can't find in SA and I love the anticipation of opening a parcel from abroad.

Besides the "summer swap" I also bought some stuff from my friend Suvenkorento and ironically it turned out that  she also was my "summer swap" partner. Of course this meant one big parcel. Oh what fun it was. Lets have a look inside...

First of all she send me the most beautiful handmade card. It was blue (my favorite colour) with a cute elephant (my favorite animal). It is sitting proudly on my desk at work and I sneak a peak at it very often. I also got small handmade photo frames, ideal for my Sylvanian houses, two furniture sets and a large pack of delicious gummies (which is all gone already).

The items I bought from her included the Maple town bunkbeds, sofa and couch, some small items and a table with honey hives (an unknown brand ). 

When I buy something I usually have a clear idea of what I will do with it or who will be the proud owners of it. I got the Maple town adult bed a year or so ago and always wanted a sofa and the bunkbeds to match it. As the Thisthlethorns was the owners of the adult bed it was obvious that the bunkbeds and a sofa will be for them.

Finally the Thistlethorns now have a fully furnished room in the Commune. (They to however need bedding ... Kyraja?)

When I saw the honey hives on Suvi's site I instantly knew that I wanted them, I didn't mind how big they were or what brand it was I just wanted it. Bruno Bearbury is quite happy that the hives he ordered from Finland finally arrived, he can't wait to start farming with bees!

I am however unsure if I should leave it on the table, or just put them on the ground? What looks proportionally better? Any suggestions?

Irene was also happy that some of the small items she needed for her house, also arrived.

Suvi also had the vintage baby gown (blue), and now finally poor Ricky has an outfit too.

The same applies to Eric Renard, he is very proud of his new dungarees.

At first I didn't pay much attention to the little portraits, as I currently don't have any houses to decorate, therefore not needing any decorative items, but I was curious as it was so cute and I was astonished to find that one of the portraits was of my Timbertop family, or so it looked as it was just a dad, mom, brother and baby in the photo (Suvi if you planned this - thank you, it is brilliant!)

There was also one of another bear, so obviously that had to be Grandpa Gus, Taylor's father. I love it and so does the Timebertops.

On to the "swap" parcel. It was the triple baby bunk beds and the cupboard with oven. To my surprise when I opened the bunk beds (after some hinting by Suvi) I found that each bed a hand knitted throw too. 

The detail on it was wonderful, as you can see in the close up photo, each has a different pattern. 

I tried them on the different baby beds, and as you can see they fit perfectly on the two bigger cots, but was a bit too big for the standard small baby cot.

Then it was time to give the beds out. The Fisher twins got two yellow beds ( I had a spare yellow bed). And maybe you noticed that the Fishers also got the small blue tables from the camping set, as side tables.

The small pink bed went to Creme Chocolate, I used to have an EB cot in there, but it never looked right.

And finally the blue one went to Cookie Mulberry, though she is a girl she loves blue (just like me) and it suits the rest of her furniture perfectly.

So there you have it, all my wonderful items from Suvi. Thank you so much Suvi, for the "swap" items as well as holding on to the trade items for more then a year. I love all of it.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

The Children of The Villages

Sometime I suffer from OCD tendencies, but only sometimes and before they get totally out of hand I quickly pull myself together, and return to normal (my normal that is)! However, last Wednesday I decided to humor my OCD behavior and enjoyed it. 

The result? Something I have been wanting to do for a long time, but never had the courage to do (it take some time to put everyone back in to their place) and of fear of being laughed at. Well, at 36 you ought to handle everything that comes your way, and being a Sylvanian collector at this age is laughable in itself, so if you guys haven't laughed at me up until now, hopefully you won't start now.

So here goes, I hope you find it interesting.

I decided to take pictures of all the children in my Village, (unfortunately two missed out for various reasons, that might become obvious soon). Well, taking pictures of the children figures isn't strange, well how about categorising them according to age groups and being paired off with their best friends? Strange? I don't think so, or wait maybe it is. (OCD alert)

First a group photo of all the babies I have (sorry to a fellow collector Eric - the green background was totally unintentional).

Newborn babies: (from front left) Twins Nigella and Austin Chiffon, Twins Jethro and Cordelia Huckleberry, Jacques Chantilly, Joe Hazelnut, Twins Michelle and Eddie Fisher, Ciska Bercher, Heike Buttermilk, Halley Petite and Triplets Brooke, Morgan and Lucas Decker.

One year old babies: (from front left) Dillon Keats, Kyle Patches, Twins Fennel and Dolly Buttercup, Twins Cotton and Dillon Dappledawn, Twins Wendy and Tom Henry-Lloyd, Hannah Perwinkle, Emily Trunk, Bubbles and Bobo Darwin, Troy Corntop and Ricky Chestnut.

Two year old babies: (from front left) Twins Nana and Peanut Trunk, Twins Stephanie and Jeremy Whiskers, Eaton Blackberry, Monty Mcburrows, Twins Noah and Jess Meadows, Karissa Bercher, Clare Keats, Amy Chestnut, Harriet Bearbury, Marcus Woodbrook, Alfie Walnut-Furbanks

Three year old babies: (from front left) Clop Fielding, JC Maces, Burl Timbertop, Larkin Keats, Cookie Mulberry, Skimble Macavity, Lindy Slydale, Jocelyn Chantilly, Lavender Bouquet, Cali Redwood

Four year old babies: (from front left) Cheddar Buttercup, Triplets Thomas, Gerard and Dylan Hunter-Smyth, Triplets Maisie, Sammy and Tommy Puddleford, Pumpkin Mulberry, Hughie Roberts, Rally Farthing, Comfrey Cottontail, Olivia Brighteyes, Cora Corntop, Lumy Honeybear, Carrie Renard, Creme Chocolate and Briel Brightfield

That is the babies done. I like the fact that everyone has a special friend, even though they are so small.

Then came the older children, unfortunately I forgot to take a "group" photo. As they are older best friends are more important. Feel free to tell me what you think of the pairings.

Six year olds: Twins Molly and Muddy Mcburrows

Eight year olds: Mark Maces and Ivor Trunk, Nellie Trunk and Katy Honeybear, Abigail Woodbrook and Frances Redwood.

Near year olds: (from front left) Annabell Buttercup and Karen Chiffon, Sarah Henry-Lloyd and Isabella Hunter-Smyth, Gwendolyn Simpkins and Charlotte Brighteyes, Simon Darwin and Glynn Simpkins

10 year olds: (from front left) Jasmine Bouquet and Prissy Thistlethorn, Jenna Hawton and Odette Hazelnut, Wren Farthing and Katie Darwin, Meshia Brightfield and Willow Cottontail, Hector Hunter-Smyth and Zac Henry-Lloyd, Paddock Buttercup and David Chiffon.

11 year olds: (from front left) Gromwell Cottontail and Diggory Honeybear, Otto Hazelnut and Geo Hawton, Lester Thistlethorn and Sage Bouquet, Rebecca Periwinkle and Nichole Maces, Lauren Fisher and Asparagus Macavity.

12 year olds: (from font left) Scarlet Slydale, Esme Huckleberry, Shelley Keats, Saskia Bercher, Greta Furbanks and Helen Fielding, Rumpus Macavity and Linus Fisher, Buddy Timbertop and Owen Bearbury.

13 year olds: (from front left) Yvette and Ingrid Blackberry, Kirsty Corntop and Amelia Whiskers, Zander Bercher and Elliot Keats, Dennis Huckleberry and Buster Slydale.

14 year olds: (from front left) Oliver Periwinkle and Branson Whiskers, Douglas Furbanks and Radish Dappledawn, Baden Renard and Daniel Fielding, Freya Chocolate and Carrie Mulberry.

15 year olds: Grizabella Macavity and Tilly Dappledawn

16 year olds: Ike Mulberry and Mistoffeless Macavity

So there you have it all the children of Sugarbush Valley and Eaglewood (except for Alyssa Walnut and Helly Beaman) Hope you enjoyed it and that my "weirdness" didn't scare you off or made you laugh to hard.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Moving to Eaglewood

Emma Furbanks was feeling happier than ever before. She was even singing softly, something that her little boy, Alfie, was not use to. "Mummy, why you singing?" he asked "Oh, Honey, because mummy is so happy!" Puzzled, he looked at her, "Why you happy, mummy?" Emma hugged her sweet baby boy and told him that her life long dream has come true. This seemed to satisfy Alfie's curiosity and he continued to rock on his little horse!

Though she has checked it a hundred times already, Emma had one last look in the drawers, and as expected it was empty. She was done packing and now just had to wait for Kenneth to return from work. She continued to check the drawers, just to keep busy and then her mind wandered off to that wonderful evening a few weeks ago...

A few weeks ago... 

"Oh Kenny, this is wonderful, when last did we do this, we should do it more often." Emma sighed contently. The kids were in bed and she and her husband was enjoying a glass of Riesling on the porch of the Commune. "I know, Em, and I promise you we will soon be able to... in the quiet of our own home..."

Emma jumped off the bench, "What do you mean, Kenneth." Kenneth smiled sweetly at his wife, "Honey, I finally built us our own home, ok not me, obviously Alonzo did that, but yes we will be able to move in a couple of weeks."

Emma literally jumped into her husband's arms and gave him a huge kiss, she was overcome with emotion, this was something she had wanted for so long, and finally her dream was coming true. 

The next morning, Kenneth took Emma to Eaglewood, the small neighboring village, to show her their new home. Obviously Emma was stunned by the beauty of the house, but what was truly astonishing was the size of the it. Not only will they have their own kitchen, living room and bathroom, the kids might even each have their own room.
(This picture is not my own)

Emma's thoughts was interrupted by Alfie, "Mommy, I'm hungry." Emma lifted her boy from his rocking horse, "Of course you are, sweetie, let's go find you something to eat."

A few doors down, one of Emma's friends, Hildie Hawton and her family, was also planning to move out of the Commune, but Hildie had the complete opposite emotions. "Hildie, are you okay?" It was Hildie's husband Barry, who found her sitting at the dressing table.

"No, I am not really okay. I do not want to move away." Hildie burst into tears.

"Oh dear, but why not? You will have your own home. Though a cottage, you won't have to share anything anymore with anyone." Barry tried to calm his crying wife.

"What if everyone forgets about us, I like living here, we are never alone, have great friends here and a great support system." Hildie told Barry through the tears. "Hildie, you are overthinking this, nothing will change, we will live two kilometers away, we will still serve lunch to the school children everyday, and if you wish you can still come and visit Mona everyday too." Barry explained. Hildie went over and gave her husband a hug, "I guess I am overreacting. Thank you I do feel a bit better."

After she opened her heart to her husband, Hildie felt better, and packed up their room, then she ventured into the kitchen to get a few of their items from there  too.

"Hey, Hildie", Mona greeted her friend, somewhat reluctantly not knowing what to expect, "are you feeling a bit better today?" Hildie gave a halfhearted smile, "I think so yes, I must just stop over-analysing everything, and enjoy the moment. It is actually a great that is happening to us." Mona walked over to her friend, "I am glad you see it that way, this is really great. Mayor Hugo surely is very kind to renovate all those cottages that stood empty for so many years.

As the two friends were discussing Hildie's mixed emotions, Emma entered the kitchen. Things have been a bit awkward between her and Hildie lately, though it shouldn't have been. Emma was worried Hildie would be jealous of her new big house, compared to the small cottage she would live in, while Hildie was worried that Emma would not understand her reluctance to move out of the Commune.

"Hi Emma," Hildie greeted, "ready for your big move?" Emma was surprised by Hildie's  question, as there surely was no sign of jealousy. "If you won't think any less of me, then I will have to admit, yes I am. But how are you feeling, Hildie?" Emma asked carefully. "Oh much better now, I might even be looking forward to it a tiny bit. Especially after Mona assured me we will still have our morning coffee together." Hildie smiled shyly. "And don't forget about me, I will be a stone throw away, and I would love to spent more time with you, you have become one of my good friends over the past years." Emma admitted. And just like that the air was cleared, and the three friends enjoyed a quick chat before the men came home.

Very soon the time arrived for the Furbanks and Hawtons to leave Sugarbush Valley. All their friends came by to say their goodbyes, but loud promises of seeing each other everyday could be heard.

The trip to Eaglewood was short and the Hawton's quickly arrived at the front garden of their new cottage. Hildie gave a loud sigh, it was so pretty and peaceful, how could she not have wanted this.

Her happiness was however, short lived. As the next moment the front door opened. Hildie's heart sank ... 'Mayor Hugo already gave the house to someone else, I took to long to decide!' she thought to herself...

But it turned out that it was only Mayor Hugo and his wife Savannah. They wanted to congratulate the Hawtons personally on being the first family to move into one of the refurbished bungalows, and also took the liberty of cleaning it out a bit. Hildie was visibly relieved and thanked Hugo and Savannah for their kindness.

After the Trunks left, Barry made his way inside the house, but turned around in the doorway, "so family, are you ready for our next adventure?" he asked. "A chorous of 'yeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss' could be heard from Hildie and the two kids. "So then lets go inside and enjoy our first home!"

A few 100 meters away, another family arrived at their new home. The children was immensely excited and ran ahead to inspect their new home, as they have never been inside before. Their parents let them, as this would give them time to appreciate this milestone alone (and in peace).

They put everything down, had a quick scan around the room and walked straight into each other's arms and hugged each other tightly, while Kenneth whispered in his wife's ear, "Welcome to our 'happily every after'!

THE END ... 
(this is for those of you who are hopeless romantics)

The realists please continue reading....

After the Furbanks left Sydney and Mona went over to their emptied out room. "You know, that we should fill this room as soon as possible?" Mona told her husband. "Yes, and I know exactly who could move in here for the time being."

The next morning Rosetti and Bronte came over, and though the room was small, they were happy not to live in tents in the camping area any more. Afterall this was just temporary as well.


So I hoped you enjoyed this little surprise. I needed to shake things up in SV a bit, as all felt so boring and perfect, lately. I also wanted to make Eaglewood more part of my stories, as I regularly refer to it with regards to the Orphanage and Retirement Home. Just a little note, all houses (and shops, if any ever appear) will be purely fictional. I have no intent to ever supply 'real' homes to these families. I have also added a new tab to my blog. Some of you might have already noticed it. It is still a work in progress. But go over and explore Eaglewood