Sunday, 20 December 2015

Father Christmas visits Sugarbush Valley

Dear reader, sorry for my absence. I just noticed that my last post was on 8 November and that is more than a month ago. Though I was quite busy at work and with life, I also lacked motivation to play with my Sylvanians.

Over, the past week that changed a bit and yesterday I got enough courage to take some pictures for a story. All in the light of Christmas, hope you enjoy it!

Rose looked at Taylor, "Does it fit? It looks great!". Taylor grunted, "It is just really warm, but yes it fits."  Sugarbush Valley has an age old tradition, that Father Christmas visits the valley each year. All the children of the village then gets a chance to speak to him and communicate their wish list to him. The children love the tradition and Taylor Timbertop has been Father Christmas, since his father passed away, another tradition.

"Here, let me just shift the beard to the right a bit, yes there you are, much better." It was the evening before the visit, and Rose just wanted to make sure that the suit, which could be classified as an antique, still fitted.

The next morning, on the other side of the little village, the Patches family, were getting ready for their day. Antonio was making the beds and Dorothy fed Kyle his porridge.

"So are you ready to visit Father Christmas, Kyle?" Dorothy asked her son. "Fa' Mas! Yes!" Kyle squealed and clapped his hands. "It is nice of you to take him Dori, he will love it?" Antonio said to his wife.

"I think so too, I'm just worried that he might be scared." replied Dorothy. "No scare! Many presies!" Kyle yelled again. Antonio and Dorothy laughed at their little boy's excitement and Antonio planted a kiss on his cheek.

While the village children was excited about the visit, Innes Bercher, was very stressed about it. This was the first year that the event will take place at his toy shop, which is a great marketing tool, but he always worries that his shop is too small for too many people.

He took a look around and decided that he will first have to move some stuff around, the play area is usually cramped full of toys and that is the only area that everyone can gather.

Without further hesitation he started to move the toys.

Luckily all the toys was quite light, so it wasn't exhausting.

Then he started to move all the smaller toys from the play area to the shelves, and was interrupted by a knock on the door of the shop.

It was Rose Timbertop wanting to confirm the time for the visit. After a brief discussion Rose left and Innes continue to clear the play area.

Finally he was happy, the toys were still visible and anyone can still play with it or buy it if they like, but there is enough space for Father Christmas and the children.

Innes was just about to start on his paperwork, he wanted to pay some bills, when he could hear children's laughter outside. He felt delighted, he was just a bit worried that no one will show up.

It was Ellema Brightfield with her two daughters, Meshia and Briel, accompanied by Willow Cottontail, Meshia's best friend. "Oh Innes, the children is so excited, what a wonderful idea." Ellema said. "Thank you, yes this old village does have some wonderful traditions." Innes replied. "Is it ok if I leave them here with you, I have to get back to ice cream parlour."

Innes assured Ellema that it was fine, and she left. The Bouquet and Thistlethorn children have also arrived in the meantime.

Kaitlin Decker and the triplets also made it in time, as the festive 'ho ho ho' call of Christmas Father could be heard just outside the shop.

The next minute he appeared in the doorway, and the children shrieked with joy.

Dorothy and Kyle arrived just after him, but no one even noticed as they were too excited to greet Father Christmas and speak to him.

He went around the room, talking to each child and inquiring about their wishes. When he reached Kyle, the little boy giggled and said "dino, dino, rex!" Father Christmas had a big laugh at the cute little boy, "I assume he is trying to say that he want a T-rex dinosaur?" Dorothy laughed at her son too, and indicated that, that was indeed what he wanted.

Prissy Thistlethorn also got her chance, and Lavender Bouquet was patiently waiting her turn.

When it was finally her turn, she started shivering, but stayed brave and managed to tell Father Christmas that she wanted a doll.

After everyone have left, Innes went over to Taylor to thank him for doing such a wonderful job, but they ware interrupted by loud screams of 'wait, wait, wait'.

It was Monty Mcburrows, and he came rushing into the Toyshop closely followed by his mother and siblings.

"We are late, as usual." Heidi apologised for their untimeliness. "No worries, Tay..., oh I mean Father Christmas, is still here for another hour, their is always a few parents who want to miss the initial rush." Innes assured Heidi.

While Innes and Heidi talked some more, the children spoke to their hero. Muddy was first and gave such a long list that his mother had to interject.

Monty's list was much simpler, and with his mother beside him, he was quite brave.

The Mcburrows left in the same hurried way that they came, but the day was still not over for Taylor. He was surprised to see Bud and Burl entering the shop, his two sons. He was hoping that Rose could convince them not to come, as both of them was worried that Bud will recognise him.

But as luck will have it, just as Bud was about to reveal the truth to his little brother, Harley Farthing and his children entered the shop.

Innes and Rose gave huge sighs of relief and Taylor turned his attention to the Farthing children, while Rose showed the boys some toys, before leaving hurriedly.

Later that afternoon when Bud was playing and Burl was taking his nap, Taylor quietly entered their room and Rose quickly helped him to undress. "So, did you enjoy it?" Rose asked. "Oh yes, it was marvelous, to see all those excited faces, and to hear all of those wishes, some a bit amusing, but still wonderful." Taylor beamed!

Next door, the Bercher's was having the same conversation, "Oh Honey, it was wonderful! To see the excitement on all the little faces, priceless. And there was so much orders, we will double our profit from last month!" Innes told his wife excitedly. Marqaux smiled to herself and lovingly looked at her husband. This little village surely was a magical place.