Thursday, 26 March 2015

Review - The dentist set with Milk Rabbit Father.

About two weeks ago I ordered some items from my favorite seller in South Africa. The new items have just arrived in our country that week and amongst them were the Fish restaurant, an item I've longed for for so long. As I was about to hit sent I decided why not ad the dentist set too. With all these kids in Sugarbush Valley, a dentist is definitely needed, and this will make for a good story too.

Then on Tuesday my parcel arrived, I have to be honest, I haven't had time to open the restaurant yet, I want to savour every moment, but I did open the dentist set, and as I opened it I took some pictures. More for cataloging purposes, as I'm not keeping the box.

So if you wondered if you should ever get this set, lets see if I can help with your decision making.

The front of the box
The fact that this set came with a figure made it so much more appealing, but I guess if it came without the figure but with the uniform, I might've still gotten it.

Opened box
I just had to get a clear shot of those cute pictures.

Side of the box
Instructions about the dentist mask and how the lamp fit into the dentist unit.

Back of the box
This is always my favorite part of the box, I like to know what exactly is inside. (we will get to the pamphlet)

Everything is neatly and securely wrapped and packed

What is inside
That trolley is so cute, I'm just a bit unsure about the pink stool and chair

Close up
The dentist items - I especially like the 6 tools, very life like.

The dentist chair
A close up of the light, it looks so real to me, and the little tap and cup was a nice touch,

Trying it out
Blanka Periwinkle had a tooth ache and was willing to let Andrey have a look. 
(WARNING! Please be aware that the dentist mask is really tight - I had it on for less than 5 minutes and it left and indent in the figures fur, so please be careful and it is advised not to leave the mask on for long periods)

Love at first sight?
So do we hear wedding bells?
(Now I'm getting ahead of myself - stay tuned for more about these two!)

The pamphlet - Front
I also took a picture of the pamphlet. I immediately noticed that they have added the 4 (striped cats, tuxedo cats, labrador dogs and goats) new families we are getting, as well as the Chocoloate grandparents. It does seem as if these one will substitute the old release as they are not on the pamphlet. The new garden sets are also on there.

The pamphlet - Back
At the back they have added the cruiser, restaurant and the other beach vacation items, as well as the school items.

All in all a great set and a must for every village. I again love how close to real life it is (bar the pink stool and chair). Have a look at the earlier release of the dentist set with the Clearwater Vole.

 Any questions? 

Do you have this set? What are your thoughts on it?


  1. Thank you so much for that wonderful review! I love that set and I need to get it as soon as possible! :D. The little dental tools look awesome!

  2. Congrats on your wonderful new items!
    I like the details in this set although I prefer the blue chair and stool of the older release.
    A dentist is a must in SV and in every sylvanian village. Can't wait for new stories with him!

    1. I agree with you, I prefer the green chair and stool too. But I do prefer the darker colour uniform.

  3. It's such a cute detailed set and great review, personally I like the older one better due to the color of the chair and stool. Look forward to the Periwinkle story:)))

  4. I really like this set, and the link stool and chair are okay for me since they go nicely with my dentistry decor :D

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