Thursday, 18 April 2013

Big changes in Sugarbush Valley

The call came early one morning, it was official Hugo was elected as Mayor of Sugarbush Valley!

He was ecstatic, he wanted this job for so long and he has some nice plans for the little quaint village. Hugo realised however that it will involve big changes for his family, including moving to the bigger Mayor's House, Beechwood Hall. And Savannah was so fond of their Cedar Terrace. He surely will miss their first proper house too.

(Thanks to Eric for the photo) 

As always Savannah took the bad news of moving in her stride and pointed out the positives, more space and an even better location. After weeks of packing and moving, the Trunks were ready to leave their beloved Cedar Terrace behind, they said their goodbyes. 

Lucky for them it wasn't a permanent goodbye as their best friends, the Henry-Lloyds was also looking for a bigger house in Sugarbush Valley, and will be moving into Ceder Terrace.

While Pippa and Sarah was packing the Trunks handed over the keys to Ben and Zac.

The Henry-Lloyds had a rough few weeks ahead of them, deciding on wallpaper and curtains and sleeping on the floor. Ben was constantly measuring something or helping Pippa to find the right angle for all the furniture.

Finally they were settled in and could show of their house.

The kitchen and dining area. Pippa will be opening a cake shop soon and is constantly trying out new recipes.

The children s room. Spacious and colourful!

The master suite.

The Henry-Lloyds were elated to finally finish their new home in Sugarbush Valley, and is planning a house warming soon.

That's what friends are for!

Christabel Corntop is feeling depressed. It is her and Hector’s dream to open a Deli in Sugarbush Valley. They found the perfect spot, a run down old bakery that needed some tlc but which they could afford, with a small, but cosy two floor apartment on top of it.
(this is not my own photo)

The realtor, however just called to inform her, that the building will not be available for another three months. Christabel felt like crying they already gave up their house, that they were renting in Yellowood and they must vacate it by the end of the month. Where on earth are they going to live! She decided to go for a walk.

Someone calling her name, brought her back to reality. She stopped and realized that she have walked all the way to Sugarbush Valley, and it was her niece Betty Blackberry calling her. “Christabel, what a nice surprise."

"You look really tired, why are you walking all by yourself in this heat? Come sit down and have a drink” Betty gave her an ice cold glass of lemonade. It was delicious!

"Oh Betty, I got some bad news and Im thinking of ways to tell Hector." She told Betty the whole story. Betty listened attentively and when Christabel finished gave her a hug. “Oh Chrissi, that is really bad, I wish I could help, I suppose you can pitch a tent next to ours”, giggled Betty, as always trying to lighten the mood. “Thanks Betty, but you know we are not the camping type.” Christabel said also with a smile.

“Name me any other people that will be satisfied to live like you, and enjoy it too, Betty?” It was Katrina Whiskers, with a big smile. She overheard the whole conversation.

Christabel and Betty burst out laughing, they could just see their friend camping. She was just to perfectionistic for that.

"Thanks for the laugh, Katrina." Christabel said. "Although my problems aren’t nearly solved I do feel a bit better. Well, I must head home. We must move out of our house this weekend and there is still some pakcing to do. Bye ladies, see you soon."

“Well that is unfortunate, poor Christabel and she was so looking forward to this new life they planned in Sugarbush” Katrina said. “Yes, indeed. I wish I could help them."Betty replied.

Katrina also said her goodbyes and on her way home thought of an excellent idea, she must just first discuss it with Sebastiaan.

That evening after the children was in bed and her house was as perfectly as it could be, Katrina told Sebastiaan about their friends dilemma. He immediately suggested the same solution that Katrina had. They will invite the Corntops to dinner the following evening to discuss their proposition.

(A day later)
"Come in come in. Lets sit here in the living room, Kirsty take Cora and go upstairs, the children are playing in their room." The adults sat down and Sebastiaan fixed them all a drink.

"Well as you know Hector, I overheard Chrissi telling Betty about your dilemma with the store and that the sellers can't move out of the apartment now. That got me thinking and Sebastiaan agrees with me, that you all should come and live with us."

Christabel gave a small yell and Hector's mouth literally fell open “Katrina, have you lost your mind? You are the most perfectionistic person that I know, and now you are suggesting that four extra people should come and live in your house? You will never survive it my dear friend, but thank you so much for the offer." Hector said.

Katrina laughing, "Thanks for the compliment Hector, but I’ve already talked to Betty too, I know that Kirsty has been nagging you to go camping for a while now as her best friend Ingrid camps permanently, Kirsty will be staying with the Blackberry's and share Ingrid's tent with he. Betty loved the idea because Ingrid is quite lonely. So it will only be the two of you and baby Cora. You two can sleep in the kids room and Cora in her cot on the floor. And the children will have to sleep on the floor here in the living room. It will be exciting for them too.

"But three months, do you realize how long three months can be?" Hector was still not sold on the idea. "Yes I do and I considered that too. It will be the school recess soon, we visit my parents every year at this time for a month, so it is only two months and Im sure even I can learn to live with that. So what do you say?" "It will also be easier for you to renovate the deli, while staying in Sugarbush." Sebastiaan added.

"Yes yes yes. And thank you so much Sebastiaan and Katrina this is really lovely of you to open your house like this to us." Christabel and Hector was very excited.

"That's what friends are for. Lets go upstairs, then I show you around." Katrina and Christabel went upstairs.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

A day at the Periwinkle shoe shop

Meet the Periwinkle Family

they own the shoe shop in Sugarbush Valley

Although small the shop can get quite busy on a typical day.

Today the first client was Mae Mulberry, she was looking for something beautiful to suit her new dress!

Just before lunch, Spencer and Mark Maces came in. Mark needed new sport shoes.

After school Savannah brought little Nellie for a surprise shoe shopping outing. Nellie is getting her first pair of real ballet shoes today.

Katrina Whiskers was looking for a pair of slippers for her dear Mother. They are visiting them for the Easter holidays. The twins caused a bit of chaos.

Just as Kate felt she needed a break Bob and little Eaton came into the shop. Eaton was about to start walking and needed some proper shoes.

Finally they could close the shop doors, but before they could go home they had to restock the shelves and do the accounting for the day

As usual they ended the working day with a kiss and went home.

Opening of the Sylvanian Country Market

The Maces family have settled in nicely in Sugarbush Valley. Today is the grand opening of their Sylvanian Market.

Spencer awoke with a startle, and immediately remembered why, today is the grand opening of his shop.

Nervously he climbed out of bed and started to get ready.

He could hear Arvey fussing above in the kitchen and the children were still asleep.

After he was dressed he went upstairs, "Morning Honey, ooh look at the amazing breakfast, thank you!" "It is a pleasure Spencer, you will need all the energy you can get for this important day."

Spencer ate his breakfast quickly, and while standing up, downed his coffee.

Meanwhile Arvey went downstairs, to wake the kids. This is as much their day, and they will share in the joy. She was surprised to see Nichole up and dressed and helping little JC to get ready to. "Thanks honey for fixing JC, and what about Mark." "Oh mom, he just didnt want to get up" "Well, leave him for me, you go and eat your breakfast"

Arvey pulled the blanket off Mark "Come on Markie, get up. You promised your dad that you will help him, and the shop is opening soon."

"Mom, I'm so tired, just 5 minutes more". "Sorry, son you have to get up."

Meanwhile the customers were gathering outside the shop. Betty and Christabel was already waiting when Pippa and Katrina arrived.

The rest of the family joined Spencer soon, everyone had something to do.

Arvey will serve tea in her small tearoom

Nichole had to look after JC for the day

And Mark will help to restock the shelves

When everyone was in place, the shop doors opened at 9am sharp.

Immediately the shop was filled with customers, almost getting too cramped.

First customer was Pippa, she find the ideal book about baby care for herself. The twins are a handful.

Betty Blackberry almost kissed Spencer when she saw that he did indeed, as promised stock lactose free formula. Poor Eaton is lactose intolerant and it was really hard for her to get the right formula every month.

Being the fussy perfectionist that she is, Katrina was ecstatic to finally find the perfect gift for her friend's toddler's birthday.

Faced with so many choices, Christabel went a bit overboard and bought a whole basket of things.

After an hour or so Pippa was back with her friend Savannah, who will be forever indebted to Pippa for this gesture. She needed a tea break and was relieved that Nichole was there to look after the babies.

At 17:00 it was closing time and Spencer could finally relax. He was exhausted but thrilled with the first day of business. "Mark please close the door and draw the shutters. It is closing time, and thank you so much for all her help, you were a little star today."

Mark and Spencer climbed the stairs to the kitchen and a nice surprise was waiting for them. "What is this?" Spencer wanted to know. "It is a celebration, to congratulate you on a job well done and to thank the children for doing their part." Arvey replied. "You are a good mother and wonderful wife. Thanks for your support Arvey, we love you." Spencer hugged his wife. "Lets eat, lets eat." The children shouted.