Thursday, 2 April 2015

The Deckers open a Seafood Restaurant.

I'm terribly excited about this post. It will be the first one about my Seafood Restaurant, but I had it differently planned in my head though. When you have a 4-year old, things never seem to work out according to the plans in your head. I wanted to carefully unpack it and photograph it and then do a write up as I did with the dentist set, but that was not how my boy saw it. 

Immediately when he noticed the new box, he went crazy and I had to tell him very firmly that it was for later. I had to finish something first and he must clean up his room. Suddenly my little one turned into an angel and did everything mommy asked. This didn't last long however, as the nagging soon started again.

So I sat him down, and said we could open and play with it but their would be rules and if he doesn't obey them I'll but the new Restaurant away, again the angel was back. And I must admit it was fun opening it with him. He placed all the trellis and the sign in place and while I pasted the stickers on the building he unpacked the small items, like the food, plates etc and he even pressed out the little carton boxes, which I really don't like doing. Then it was play time and how did he enjoy that!!!!

So sorry for not doing a review on this one, but I do have a few comments about it.

  1. It is a wonderful item.
  2. I love the fact that the walls is not smooth, but actually like a Greek house, or as I imagine it to be (Sylvanako please dont crucify me for this remark ;-) 
  3. The furniture is very nice, though a bit big and bulky for the small space it has to fit in.
  4. The stickers, that came with the building was well thought through, as it really ads that extra bit of atmosphere.
  5. Too beautify the plates you have to paste stickers on them, which I also think was a cool idea, as getting those prints on them might have been too expensive.
  6. I also love all the shelves that are build into the walls of the Restaurant. 
  7. The water pool and pier is another cute addition. And when turned upside down the pier is actually a ladder that attaches to the side wall, to reach the balcony.
  8. The balcony area is really very small and more like a look out point, than a play area or dining area, it would have been nice if it was maybe a bit bigger to ad another dining area to the restaurant.
  9. Lastly, though I love the food items (fish, crayfish, mussels, corn, scallops, salad etc) I really wished they have added more of those, but that seems to be a general problem with all the sets, never enough small items.
  10. Lastly, this is now officially my favorite shop/restaurant/store.
Do you have this restaurant, and what are are your thoughts?

And now for the story!

Brooklyn: Thank you so much Durwood for the spectacular paint job! It looks fantastic!
Durwood: Glad you are happy.
Brooklyn: Well, you should  be proud, and know, that I will most definitely recommend you as an excellent painter to anyone who might ever need one.
Durwood: Thanks.
Brooklyn: And be sure to stop by for a bite to eat.
Durwood (reluctant): Uhm ... sure thanks...
Brooklyn (apologetic): I mean on the house of course.
Durwood (offensive):  Oh, yes.

As Durwood walked away, Brooklyn shook his head, he has heard stories about the Chestnuts and their anti-social behaviour, but he never thought it was this bad. He quickly put these thoughts aside and stared with wonderment at his new Restaurant. Finally a life long dream, has materialised.

He step inside the Restaurant, and was filled with more pride. It is surprising though that they did open it in Sugarbush Valley, there was so many other villages that they considered like Rut, Fisherport, Hidden Hollow and Neptune cove, but in the end it had to be Sugarbush Valley, which was made easier by his nephew's, rave reports about this village.

Brooklyn: So will we be ready to have the Cottontails over tonight, Hon? Aaron has promised he will deliver the furniture today, and I thought to invite him and his family over as a thank you.
Kaitlin: Well everything will not be in place but I'm sure we would be able so serve them. That is if Ben delivers the fish?

Brooklyn: I'm sure he will be here soon, he usually only returns in the early afternoon from his fishing trips.
Kaitlin: So are you happy with the grills?
Brooklyn (rubbing hands): Yes they are perfect, you know what Hon, I can't wait to try them.
Kaitlin (giggling): Patience my dear, it will happen soon.

As they excitedly discussed the plans they had for their restaurant, they heard a soft knock on the door. It was Aaron Cottontail.
Brooklyn: Aaron! How glad am I to see you.
Aaron: Well I am glad to be here and to be able to deliver.
Kaitlin: Aaron, have you really finished it all.
Aaron: Of course I did, I have promised, haven't I?

Kaitlin: I know you have, but it seemed like such short notice.
Aaron: Well, Kaitlin, I love my job and pride me on my work, so I just had to do it.
Brooklyn: Aaron, you are truly a man of your word, thank you, and my offer still stand that I will treat you and your family to dinner tonight.
Aaron: And I will gladly accept the invitation, thank you!

They got to work and while the men carried in the furniture, Kaitlin ensure that everything was moved to the right place and a the right angle. She was amazed by the craftsmanship of the furniture.

Soon the last chair was unloaded and put into place. Though exhausted, they Deckers were really glad that this was now done too. It was starting to look more and more like a restaurant.

Brooklyn again thanked Aaron for the beautiful furniture and with promises of seeing them later again, Aaron left. At the door he bumped into Chester and Willow Thistlethorn.
Kaitlin: Willow, hi, don't tell me you are done with my order too?
Willow: Yes of course, why wouldn't I be?

Kaitlin: Sorry, but I am not use to this brilliant service, first Aaron with the furniture and now you with the placemats.
Willow: Oh, ok. I understand what you mean, would you like to see.
Kaitlin: Yes, yes of course.
Willow: Ok, here. I used the same embroidery patterns on all the mats, but two different colour of threads, I hope that is ok.
Kaitlin: Oh wow, that looks fantastic! Thank you so much, Willow.

While the women laid the placemats out on the table, Brooklyn showed the grill to Chester. Chester was impressed by it all.
Chester: So when are you planning on opening the  Restaurant officially.
Brooklyn: We haven't set an exact date yet, but maybe only after Easter weekend, Ben has told me that the village is dead quiet over that period?
Chester: Strangely enough, yes. We have never come to understand the exact reason why, but yes not a tourist in site, for the whole of the weekend. But I guess you will stay here to make preparations.
Brooklyn: Yes we will, and afterall we are still actually on holiday, so no use on going away, do you have plans?
Chester: Oh no, we are saving up for a trip later in the year to Mystique Valley.
Brooklyn: I've heard so much of this Mystique Valley, it must be a wonderful place?
Chester: It is indeed, you must visit it one day.
Brooklyn: Well, if you are in town over the weekend, you may as well pop in for dinner, I can try out all my recipes on you. I've already invited the Chestnuts too.
Chester: Brilliant, thank you.

The Thistlethorns said their goodbyes and left. Ben Henry-Lloyd appeared in the doorway shortly after they left, which was a great relieve to Brooklyn.
Ben: Brooklyn! Kaitlin! Congratulations, your restaurant looks great.

Brooklyn: Hey, I am so relieved to see you, and thanks, it is still a work in progress.
Ben: Ah ha, you didn't trust me to bring you goods on time?
Kaitlin: No no no, Brooklyn did, it was me that was in doubt.
Brooklyn: Thank you for the produce, those crayfish looks delicious. 
Ben: Fresh out of the water, as you ordered.

Kaitlin and Brooklyn showed Ben the restaurant. Ben was truly happy for them and congratulated them over and over again with the wonderful establishment they have opened. As expected he too was very impressed by Aaron's craftsmanship. But though he was happy for them, he was a tiny bit jealous that his nephew managed to open a restaurant so quickly, but he has been struggling for almost a year now to open his fishmonger.

Ben once more told Brooklyn he must be proud of what they have accomplished, and with promises of dining there soon Ben also left. The rest of the afternoon was spent unpacking the cutlery and crockery. 

After a quick shower and fetching the triplets from Penny, who was taking care of them, the Deckers were ready for the their guests, the Cottontails. They arrived soon and more oohing and aahing commenced, as both Sorrel and her kids admired the interior of the beautiful restaurant.

The Deckers and the Cottontails had a wonderful evening. The ladies enjoyed a chilled glass of white wine, while Sorrel shared stories of the village with Kaitlin. Willow had a great time playing with the babies, and Gromwell spent most of the night out on the little pier. Brooklyn was impressed with the grill and cooked the fish and other seafood to perfection. It was obvious that the Restaurant will be a great success.


  1. What a great way to start a day! I really love the fish restaurant - it has such a special way of design. And you presented it so well! It was a heartwarming story- good that Sugarbush's villagers are so fast in working. Also I hope that they fishmonger can open soon.

    1. Thank you for the kind comment. Im sure Ben will now have new motivation to get that fishmonger up!

  2. I just love this Restaurant! I would get it, only I fear I don't have the space... I agree that the stickers really add to the building and little features like the design of the door just adds to the awesome effect :) I also really liked the story, but I feel sorry for Ben - let's hope he can open his fishmongers soon!

    1. You know that a cottage and Cedar terrace fits on top ;-). I love the door too.

    2. Really?! That's very good, space-wise!

    3. Exactly there is pictures on the box, and Ive tried the CT, so no excuses!

    4. Hahaha! I'll put it on my Wishlist ;)

  3. Thank you for a new great story! We have been spoilt with many and beautiful stories lately from you!
    The restaurant is wonderful and the colors and style really reminds me of Greek islands like Santorini or Mykonos! Maybe they had this in mind when they made it, that's why the walls are not smooth (I wouldn't have know if you didn't tell)!

    1. Thanks for confirming that the houses on some Greek Islands do look like that. Im going to Ireland soon and Im just worried that for 3, maybe four weekend I wont be able to post anything.

  4. Thank-you for brightening my day with another great story! The seafood restaurant looks very nice, it’s on my wishlist!
    I’m curious about the Chesnuts and their anti-social behaviour...

    1. I hope it is on the top of your list after this, it is a great set!!!

  5. This is just how to end a good day, wonderful story and the Restaurant is so pretty. Good eye about the Greek style. Poor Ben I'm sure he'l be opening very soon. Great news to hear that the Thistlethorn will visit soon:)))

    1. At least Ben is not jealous. It looks like MV will soon be overrun with SV visitors!

  6. Your story is adorable! I like how it comes to life in your photos: those critters moving the furniture in are just too cute!!!

    This is a beautiful set! I love how it's quite different from the other restaurants. The balcony is a nice addition although small like you said. Oh I can totally understand how difficult it is to take photos when your little one wants to play with the items!!!!

    You are going on vacation soon? Have a wonderful time :D

    1. Thx for the comment, I always appreciate those! Yes Im going to Dublin, with my husband, totally excited!