Thursday, 27 August 2015

Suzette and Marion

As Marion and her two daughters stepped out of the Music School, she sees Suzette Simpkins and her daughter. "Hey Suze, are you on your way home?" Suzette was pleased to see her friend too, "Hey Marion, yes we are. I just need to pick up Glynn."

As they made their way to the square, were Glynn is visiting with his best friend Simon Darwin, Marion told her friend about finally getting Rosetti to teach Charlotte her piano lessons, . Though Suzette was happy for Charlotte, she was a bit worried that Glynn might be hyperactive by now, as Simon's parents own the sweets cart.

As usual the square was crowded with children, and their happy giggles and excited cheers drowned out all the other usual village noises. While Suzette began her search for Glynn, Marion took the girls to the Darwin's sweets cart for some treats.

Suzette quickly located Glynn, and was relieved to see that he seemed fine. "Hey mommy, are we going home?" he yelled. "Yes we are, did you have a good time?" Suzette asked. "We had a great time, we played with Bobo and Bubbles. Thank you Simon for playing with me, see you tomorrow." Glynn waved his friend goodbye. Suzette felt proud of her son, he had such good manners, and never protested about anything. It is hard for Suzette to raise a boy without the help of a father, but for now she was sure she is doing ok.

Meanwhile Marion was chatting to Geoff Darwin, Marion made it a goal of hers to get to know all of her fellow villagers as soon as possible, and being an extrovert Marion finds it easy to chat to everyone, and because she talks so much, no one ever has the opportunity to ask her about herself, which suits Marion just perfectly.

Finally everyone was ready to go, the girls had their treats and to Suzette's relief, Glynn didn't ask for anything. "We need to get some groceries for the home, Marion. Can we quickly stop by the Deli?" Suzette reluctantly asks. "Yes, sure! I've noticed the eggs were finished, and we need some for our cake baking day tomorrow." Marion replied.

They quickly reached the Deli. Both Suzette and Marion loved looking around it, as Hector and Christabel always managed to have the most interesting produce in their shop.

Marion was ecstatic to see another unfamiliar face inside, and immediately went over to introduce herself, while Suzette got what they needed. "Hey Christabel, anything interesting today?" But before Christabel could even answer, Marion had already turned her attention to Isabel, "Sorry to intrude, but I'm sure we haven't met yet, I am Marion Brighteyes." Isabel Fisher was surprised by this woman's forwardness, but introduced herself. "Aah the Doctor's wife, of course, I had Olivia for her vaccination there last week, well good to meet you, and see you around." Marion replied before Isabel could ask her anything.

By now Suzette had all the groceries they needed. "Is that everything Suzette? How did you enjoy the quiche you bought the previous time?" Christabel inquired. "Yes that is all thank you. Oh, Christabel it was delicious, of course each of us only had a small piece, as Glynn ate more than half of it, that boy is going to eat me into bankruptcy!" Suzette laughed.

As they existed the Deli, Marion yelled "Oh my I totally forgot!" I promised clients of mine, from Grinpa, that I will post them their wedding album tomorrow! I have developed the pictures but I must still get a photo album! Oh my, where will I find one in this small village." Suzette could see her friend was really stressed, a very unfamiliar site. "Not to worry, I'm almost sure Spencer will have one in his shop, let's quickly walk by there." Suzette tried to calm Marion. 

By now the children started moaning, they were tired and wanted to get home, and Suzette mustered all her patience to keep everyone calm. This was typical Marion, not always as organised, but she had a lot on her plate since they moved to Sugarbush, so Suzette was trying hard not to get too irritated. But as luck would have it, another unfamiliar face emerged from the Market just as they approached it. Suzette sighed, another five minutes will be wasted with introductions, but it was obvious that Marion was eager to get that wedding album, as she almost walked over a bewildered Cassandra Macavity without even looking her way. Suzette greeted Cassandra friendly, and apologised for her friend's behaviour. "Don't worry about it, she is obviously in hurry, and I know that feeling too well." Cassandra replied.

Once inside Marion bombarded poor Spencer with her request, barely greeting him. "Aaah, let me think," Spencer is not the type of man who gets flustered easily, he was too used to difficult clients, form the days he had a big store in Grinpa, "aah yes that is right. I do have one!"

Spencer took his time to fetch the wedding album from the shelf, being very careful, not to damage its delicate cover. "Here you are, ma'am, is this what you were looking for?" 

Marion almost kissed Spencer, but being very nimble, Spencer quickly ducked out of that one. "It is perfect!" Marion squealed with delight, "and be sure to order some more as I will regularly buy these form you." Spencer assured Marion that he will order some more right away.

Finally they had everything they needed and they could go home. 

They climbed the stairs to their little attic apartment in the Commune. It was small and cramped but everything they needed. At first Sydney wasn't too excited about their request to have their own stove, but after explaining that they need to have their own space for baking, as that is where their income came from he understood.

"Let's make some coffee?" Suzette suggested. "That will be wonderful, thank you, Suze!" Marion replied and Suzette got the kettle on. "We are hungry." Charlotte and Gwendolynn moaned. "Me too", "...and me!" Glynn and Olivia answered too.

Marion quickly served some sandwiches to the girls, but Glynn and Olivia insisted on some cupcakes and doughnut,s and just because it was Friday evening, it was allowed. 

And while everyone was enjoying their treats, Suzette Simpkins turned away for a quiet moment, she quickly wiped the silly tear from her eye, it was a happy dear though. She was finally happy.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Rosetti's good fortune.

It took me a while to get motivated for this story, but I am happy I waited. I guess it is evident that I have watched to much Masterchef lately ;-) Enjoy!

So, will it be a tough job? Rosetti asked cautiously. "No not at all, I will have it done in no time. But I suggest you get the window built in first," Eric replied. "There will be no window, I want the music room to be soundproof, and I've found that windows distracts my proteges." Rosetti explained.

Rosetti left Eric in peace to continue his work. After a few hours he returned and was stunned by the transformation the dreary, impersonal room had undergone. It was clear that no job was to big or too small or even to simple for Eric.

A few days later, most of the instruments were unpacked, and Rosetti was meticulously cleaning each of them. He was, however feeling depressed and though he was surrounded by his beloved instruments he could feel the onset of a very dark mood. He has been advertising his services for more than three months now, and not even one person has responded to it. He is considering advertising in Blueberry Hill and Mountainside too, their savings is dwindling fast.

Just as he was about to start polishing the violin, he heard a knock on the door. In the door stood the prettiest little rabbit girl, accompanied by, obviously, her little sister, as she was just as pretty. "Yes?" Rosetti asked "how can I help?" The little girl was obviously very shy, and after taking some time to construe her sentence, she began "I'm sorry, sir, but are you the music teacher?" Rosetti smiled "Yes, I am, but tell me who are you?"

The girl blushed scarlet red, then answered "I am Charlotte and this is my little sister Olivia. "I am not little anymore" the little one replied furiously. "No you are not," Rosetti said looking at Olivia, "but tell me, how can I help you?"

"I saw the advertisement about the music teacher, but Mommy is so busy that she doesn't have time to inquire about it, so I decided to come myself. I took lessons while we lived in Grinpa, and I have to start my level 6 this year." Rosetti was surprised, as the next moment the shy little girl took her place in front of the piano and began to play. What surprised him even more was the sweet sound that she conjured. He was transfixed.

"Charlotte! Olivia!" There you are!" The girls playing was interrupted by a very distressed looking Rabbit woman. "I've searched all over for you!"

"Oh hi Mommy, look Charlotte is playing beautiful." Little Olivia excitedly greeted her mother. "I'm so sorry, Sir! I hope they are not bothering you!" the rabbit woman apoligised. "Oh no, not at all, your daughter is very talented." Rosetti calmly replied.

"I guess I should now apologise for my own behaviour, just barging in here, I am Marion Brighteyes, the mother of Charlotte an Olivia. I am terribly sorry for my behaviour." "Don't apologise Marion, your daughter has brighten my day, she said she is looking for a music teacher?" Rosetti inquired. "Yes, she is! I feel so bad, I should have done this the day we arrived in Sugarbush, but it has been so chaotic, with the move and everything, but if you are willing to take her, on such short notice, I will be so happy."

So it was decided that Charlotte will have her first lesson the next day after school. Rosetti was elated, finally he had a student and it seems that she is quite bright.

Outside the music school, Marion and her daughters bumped into Suzette and Gwendolyn Simpkins. Marion and Suzette has met at chef school, and has been best friends ever since. Even after their paths splits, the kept in touch, and about six months ago they met up again and began planning their move to Sugarbush Valley together.

"Hey Suze! Are you on your way home?" Marion was glad to see her friend. "Yes, I just quickly want to pick up Glynn, then we can head home." Suzette answered. "This way isn't it?" Marion directed them.

In the meantime Rosetti, felt elated! He finally had a student. He quickly buffed up the final instrument. He wanted to get his piano books out, to start preparing a lesson for Charlotte. He was, however, interrupted by his friend Innes Bercher.

"Innes! What brings you here?" Rosetti was glad to see his friend. "Innes, I heard a little bird whispering that your music room was completed, so I wanted to come and see for myself." Rosetti showed Innes around, and also excitedly told him about his first student. Innes immediately decided that this calls for a celebration at the Seaside Restaurant.

As the sun was setting over Sugarbush Valley, the Bercher and Keats families made their way to the Restaurant. 

At the door they were welcomed by the friendly hostess, Kaitlin Decker, and as everyone filed in, Rosetti took a moment to admire the view and to let his good fortune sink in.

It was quite busy in the Restaurant already. Frasier and Teri was there, with Teri's parents, and Brooklyn was cooking up a storm behind the grill. Bronté and Margaux took their places while the men went out on the boardwalk.

The friends discussed the past months of their lives while enjoying some wine and paella as a starter.

The food was delicious and packed with flavour, Margaux leaned over to inspect the prawns that Teri ordered, her stomach growled when the delicious smell drifted towards her.

Soon the Rabbit family left, and the friends had the whole Restaurant to themselves. 

They had a wonderful time! Laughing, eating, drinking and reminiscing over their student days, when life was carefree.

Too soon their main course arrived, and they ate in silence, realising how hungry they was. The lobster was perfectly cooked and Margaux enjoyed the sweet savoury taste of her beautifully grilled prawns.

After a delightfully tasty meal, it was unfortunately time to head home. They thanked Brooklyn and Kaitlin for the excellent food and service, promising that they will be back soon.

As they walked home Rosetti made a little speech, "Innes, Margaux, I would just like to thank you for luring us to this wonderful little village. We are glad we made the move, and with friends like you here, I know life will be good. Thank you!"

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Naughty triplets

Barry Hawton smears the last bit of icing onto the freshly baked cake, and stands back. "How does it look you two?" he asks his daughter and her friend. "Oh delicious, daddy! The children at school will love them."Jenna says. "We must try to be first in line, tomorrow, Jenna!" Her friend Odette Hazelnut replies.

While Barry wash the dishes the girls pack the cakes away. For lunch tomorrow, Barry has decided to treat the kids at school with cake. It is his birthday as well as the 5th year that he and Hildie is serving the school lunches, and he wanted to celebrate it in a special way.

"Thanks for your help, Sweetie!" And he plants a kiss on his daughter's forehead.  "Now off you go, you have worked hard enough for one day, I will pack the cake in its boxes later."  The two girls had one last look at the delicious cakes, Odette gave a huge sigh. It is going to be a long wait.

Later that afternoon, after their nap and looking for their mother, the Hunter-Smyth triplets enter the kitchen of the Commune. "MOMMY!" Dylan calls out. "She's not here ok, but look! CAKE!" Thomas screams. "It is for us, there is three, just like us!" Little Gerard replies.

And without thinking twice, Dylan climbs on top of the table, while Thomas struggles to push a chair towards the cake on the dresser. "Oh no, how will I reach mine?" Little Gerard starts moaning, "I'm too short!"

Seeing Dylan, take his first bite, is however enough motivation for Gerard and with all his strength he hauls the cake to the floor. 

The boys gobble the cake up, as if they have never tasted the delicious sweet taste of freshly baked cake before, but also because they are so afraid that someone might discover them and demand them to stop eating.

"I'm full", Dylan moans, clutching his stomach. "Me too", Thomas grumbles. "My tummy aches", Gerard started sobbing. "That is because you ate everything, silly!" Dylan scolded. "Let's go to the park, I want to plaaaaay!" Thomas whine, he was obviously not affected by eating so much.

Whistling a happy tune, Barry entered the kitchen. By now the cakes should be set, and ready to be packed into the boxes. But the happy tune changed into a loud yelp, when he noticed that his beautiful cakes has disappeared, with only a few crumbs remaining.

Ironically Camilla Hunter-Smyth passed the kitchen at that precise moment and hurried in. "Barry! What is the matter?" she asked. "Someone ate my cake!" he replied. Camilla immediately felt uneasy, but banished the scary thoughts from her mind.

"Oh no, who could do such a thing?" she asked, hoping above hope that the triplets were still asleep. "I don't know." Barry said. "What will I do, I wonder if Pippa has sold out already? I don't have the energy to bake another three cakes."

Meanwhile, near the park, the full effect of eating too much cake has set in. Dylan was howling with pain, and though Gerard was trying to calm his brother he was in a lot of pain as well. "Oh come on you too, it is not that bad, I'm sure if we played a bit you will get better." Only Thomas was not feeling sick.

The threesome was discovered by Diggory Honeybear and Gromwell Cottontail. "Look there, it is the triplets." Diggory pointed. "Yes, and something doesn't seem right." Gromwell replied.

A worried Gromwell and Diggory approached the triplets  and tried to comfort the crying Gerard. He was complaining about his stomach hurting, "Did you eat something?" Diggory inquired. He really hope they didn't eat some of the berries on the hedgerow. They are not really poisonous, but eating them does give one an awful tummy ache.

Hearing the commotion, PC Bobby Roberts called Gromwell over. "What is going on?" Gromwell, always intimidated by Bobby, started whimpering slightly "I'm not sure, sir. We just found the triplets under the bushes crying and moaning, holding their stomachs."

Not wanting to take any chances, and delighted to finally be of help, Bobby rushed the boys to the clinic.

At the clinic the triplets ran into the inviting arms of Nurse Myriam. They were afraid of the Doctor and the presence of PC Roberts didn't help. She comforted them, and explained to them that the Doctor will not hurt them.

Finally Schroeder Fisher, managed to examine the triplets. It was evident that they ate something unhealthy, but none of them will tell him what. He gave them each a spoonful of castor oil, that they only drank because PC Roberts was watching them closely. Hector and Isabella arrived at the clinic, just in time to take the triplets home.

Later that evening just after dinner, and while the triplets was having a bath, Isabella approached her dad, "Daddy?" she began. "Yes my darling?" Charles replied, "If I know something, and has promised someone that I won't tell, but the secret has hurt someone else, what must I do?" Isabella asked. Charles thought a while and then told his daughter, that she must decide for herself. She is the one that made the promise, but she is obviously smart enough to appreciate the seriousness of a bad secret.

In the end Isabella told her father, what she knew the triplets did. She felt really bad and midway through the story, she began to cry. Her father assured her that she did the right thing. Charles however, now had a  conundrum of his own to solve. He want to be a good example to his daughter, but he feared telling his wife.

In the end Charles told his wife and as expected she exploded with anger, and regardless of Charles best efforts to calm Camilla, she stormed out of the room into the bathroom.

With the help of their brother the triplets were already dressed and was just on their way to PC Roberts room for a bedtime story, when their mother stormed into the bathroom. She looked at them, narrowed her eyes and in her most scariest voice said, "I know what you boys did, I'm really saddened by this behaviour and I know exactly how to deal with you, but first of all you will go and apologise to Mr Hawton."

For the first time that day, the triplets was scared. They know their mom and she is the best mommy in the whole world, and they would not want another, but they also know that she will never joke about naughty behaviour, so without a word, they marched into the Hawton's bedroom. Barry was a bit caught off guard when the boys suddenly appeared in his room, but when he saw Camilla's face, he suddenly knew what it was all about. "Boys! Camilla?" he said. "Go on now you three!" Camilla encouraged the boys. The three boys immediately stared apologising for eating the cake, promised that they will never eat food that were not given to them, and offered all the money in their piggy banks, so that Mr Hawton can buy some more cake.

It was hard for Barry not to laugh, he has already forgotten about the cake and was lucky enough to buy some from Pippa, but he knew Camilla better than to laugh and let the triplets of the hook easily. "I appreciate the apology boys, but please do not eat my food again, it was very naughty!" Camilla also apologised again, and Barry assured her that all was alright and already forgiven.