Tuesday, 3 March 2015

New profile pictures and updated bios for the Fisher, Hazelnut,Huckleberry, Slydale, Furbanks and Puddleford Families

So finally time for some more updates. I really should become more diligent with all these different series of posts I got going, maybe I have too many going as I do loose track too quickly. But for now I have six new profile pictures and just a quick bio for each family.

The Fisher Family

The Fisher family, surely doesn't feel like new comers to the village anymore and after two years they have settled in nicely. For mother Isabel it is sometimes still frustrating to contain her four very energetic children between the four walls of their Commune room, but she knows it is only temporary.

The Hazelnut Family

Mona can't believe how happy she is with the arrival of their new little baby boy, Joe. She was certain, she didn't want anymore children, and all the while didn't bother much with preparations, but now she is truly over the moon. Otto and Odette has come to terms with the little creature in their lives too, and is not nearly as affected by the sleepless nights as poor Sidney. Sidney is glad that their bedroom in the Commune double as his office, he often sneaks in a little map these days.

The Huckleberry Family

Hubert-Allan and his family lives in Cedar Terrace 3. They share the home with their best friends, the Slydale Family. Dennis and Esmé love sharing their room with Buster and Scarlett. Nothing much has changed in the Huckleberry family, except that mother Hatty might be even more nosier. It is becoming real difficult for Dennis and his friend, Buster, to be mischievous. 

The Slydale Family

As mentioned above they Slydale family share a house with the Huckleberry family. Slick and his best friend from school, Hubert Allan, bought the house a few years back, when Hubert Allan got a permanent position in Sugarbush Valley. It is a decision that they have never regretted, and even their wives love the arrangement. Slick is, however, getting real tired of all the Sugarbush Valley housing problems, but fortunately he is a realistic man, and understands that there is no quick fix. He just hopes that the villagers will stay patient, and not move away to greener pastures.

The Furbanks Family

The Furbanks permanently resides in the Commune. As both father Kenneth and mother Emma are extroverts, they love it. They are surrounded by their friends and they never experience a dull moment. Their son Douglas loves playing in the corridors of the Commune, while daughter Greta finds the quiet staircases ideal for writing her poetry. Adopted baby Alfie is also adjusting well. He just wishes he can one day see his "real" sister again, but he never shares this wish with his new family.

The Puddleford Family

Nelson and his family lives in Bramble cottage at the end of Valley road. Nelson and Beth has converted the front room into a little shop, Nocturnal, where they sell bed linen. Nelson prefers to have his shop right under his nose so that he can scare away impostors. Tom, Sammy and Maisie are very excited as they are finally allowed to attend Mrs Chiffon nursery school. Beth has a sister Wanda who is married to Mayor Bill Waddlington from Rooibosch Hill.

I hope you enjoyed the updates, and I will try my best to have the next installment ready by next week.


  1. Fantastic new photos and bios! :)

  2. Love your stories and all the characters personality quirks. Thank you for all the time you must spend on this.

    1. Thanks Tammy your comment means the world to me!