Thursday, 30 July 2015

Chocolate Grandparents: A short review!

It seems as there will be no time for a story this week. I have the pictures but I don't feel like story writing and I have learned that if I try to do that, when I am not in the mood. It is usually disastrous, and I'm never happy with the end result.

But as I have a motto of posting at least once a week, I decided on doing a very short review on my Chocolate grandparents. They are extremely gorgeous, and I will recommend buying them to anyone, even if they are Chocolate Rabbits.

I never thought of buying nay of the Grandparents sets, I just saw them as more residents I would have to accommodate somewhere in Sugarbush Valley. But a fellow collector send me the cute Periwinkle Grandparents as a birthday gift, and of course I was hooked. I like that they are a different size and the glasses gives them a different look too. 

But as Sylvania is so over populated with Chocolate Rabbits, I never gave the "old" Chocolate Grandparents a second glance, however when Epoch re-released them I was hooked. I think it is mainly because of Grandpa! The mustache, the sailor jacket the funky red rimmed glasses. He is the epitome of a modern classy Grandfather!

So, meet Caleb and Valerie Breeze (parents of Teri Chocolate of Sugarbush Valley and Flora Loffel of Marigold Creek)

I decided to take of their jackets and glasses just to get an idea of how they look without it, and still just as cute and fancy. What do you think?

Caleb's jacket is really fancy and have so much detail. It is double breasted (fastens with velcro), has gold cuffs and an anchor printed on the chest. 

Valerie's jacket is not as smart as her husband's, and not nearly as detailed or special, but it is the perfect item to round of her outfit.

I want to make a special mention of the glasses. I'm not sure of the colours of the previously released glasses, but I love the Caleb and Valerie's glasses. It suits them perfectly. The glasses it self is also a bit more detailed than the old ones. The frames has a little shell inset and no cheap elastic to keep it in place but "real" beaded strings. It looks so much better. 

I'm really happy with this purchase and though they are Chocolate Rabbits all the litlle detail makes them fantastic. Get a set! Today!

Also here is short bio:

Grandpa Caleb Breeze has been a sailor all his life. Now retired, he still loves the ocean, but sailing has become too exhausting for him. He still wears his smart sailor’s jacket with gold cuffs, which he loves dearly, so he still looks the part!

Grandma Valerie Breeze loves the ocean too, but from the shore. She used to sit for hours, accompanied by her two daughters Flora and Teri, staring out over the ocean waiting for Caleb to return from his trips. Valerie loves her grandchildren, and feel blessed for having Freya and Crème so close buy, but she miss her Löffel grandchildren, and whishes they could visit more often!

Monday, 20 July 2015

Edward and Bobby

"My pleasure, Hornbull. It only needed a bit of glue!" Edward was just helping another relieved parent and happy little boy, when he heard the familiar giggle of his own son. It always made his day.

"Hello daddy!" Pumpkin chimed happily. "Hello my boy, had a fun day?" Edward inquired as he hugged his son.

"Thank you for picking up Pumpkin from Nursery School, did he behave?" Edward turned his attention to PC Bobby Roberts, as single dads they often help each other out when it comes to their boys. "As always, and I think we had a fun time too!" Bobby assured Edward.

"The two rascals were waiting for me outside the school, luckily Delia was keeping an eye on them."

"Then we quickly went to check for any messages or distress signals, at the police box. Obviously there was nothing."

"At that point I was starving, and decided to grab a quick bite at the Hamburger Restaurant, and they demanded some french fries. Luckily, they forgot about the milkshake!"

Edward had a good laugh, and thank Bobby for the time he took to bring Pumpkin to him. While talking they decided to have a quick barbeque that evening. It was afterall Friday evening and Edward will be babysitting his brother's children. Elmar was taking Mae out for their anniversary.

Later that afternoon, after struggling to get Hugie bathed and fed, Bobby rode out to the Log Cabin of the Mulberries. Hughie loved riding on his dad's bicycle with him.

Edward too, was getting ready for the evening. Luckily Candy and her best friend, Freya, who was visiting for the evening, helped by bathing Pumpkin and his niece Cookie. He could quickly bake a bread for dinner and put out the dinner plates.

"Daddy," it was Pumpkin, looking extremely serious, "why don't I have a mommy? Did she really throw me away? Will she one day come for me again?"

Edward was shocked, not only by the harshness of the questions, but mostly by what must have been going through this little boy's head for the past few months. Yes, they still have sessions with Velvette Slydale, the social worker, but obviously he needed some confirmation from Edward. Edward took a deep breath and turned to his boy...

"My dearest little Pumpkin, I know that you feel confused, especially because most of your friends, have daddies AND mommies. But sometimes a daddy is enough. I'm sure your mommy loves you and I'm sure that she misses you a lot, but your mommy is a very ill woman, and she can't take care of you. That is why she send me to you, and I will do my best to take care of you forever and forever." Edward explained lovingly. The puzzled look on Pumpkin's face subsided "I love you, daddy! You are the best!" and with that Pumpkin jumped of the chair and quickly climbed the pole to the attic room. Edward was still in shock, but it looked as if Pumpkin was happy with the answer he got, for now anyway.

The crushing sound of bike wheels on dirt could be heard, and Edward went outside to welcome his guests.

It was a lovely evening outside. Bobby enjoyed the ride out of the village, and obviously Hughie did too, as he started to complain when they came to a halt.

However, as soon as he realised they were visiting his best friend, Pumpkin, he was satisfied.

The two adults enjoyed catching up outside work, and Edward shared the little situation that happened earlier with Bobby. "I think you handled it perfectly, Edward. The two boys must have been talking as Hughie asked me exactly the same questions last night. Unfortunately, I couldn't answer the question about his Mother, as I don't know where she is, but I managed to satisfy his curiosity too. For now that is."

After a hearty meal, everyone gathered around the fire. Edward decided to make his special 'campfire-hot-chocolate'. It was delicious and the children enjoyed it immensely.

Soon it was time to head back home. As arranged with her parents, Freya rode with Bobby into the village.

To Edward's relieve, the children was so tired that they went to bed without complaining, even Pumpkin was happy to sleep in the camping cot, and he could have a quiet moment on the couch, reliving his day.

Luckily Elmar and Mae didn't arrive to late, and he and Pumpkin could head home to their Treehouse. "Did the children behave?" Mae wanted to know immediately. "They are never any trouble, and this time not even Pumpkin and Cookie had any fights over any toys." Edward assured Mae. "And did you enjoy the barbeque with Bobby?" Elmar asked. "Yes, sure little brother, he is a great friend. But not to worry, you are still my favorite!" Edward teased!

Monday, 13 July 2015

Breaking the news!

So another new story, but more a continuation from an old one, so do refresh your memory if you need to.
"Oh no!" shrieked Dorothy. Antonio literally jumped, because of the fright he got. "What now, Dorothy? Did you see a spider?" he asked, frantically looking for a spider.

"Don't be silly, you know I'm not afraid of spiders!" Dorothy replied irritated. "I was just thinking about Pippa! How will she react to this?" Antonio looked even more puzzled, "I think she will be very happy for you, and us. Also being relieved to have her house to herself again? Don't you think?"

Heavyhearted Dorothy took one last look at her new home, and closed the door. What Antonio said is probably true, but she knows Pippa. Pippa might be offended and take it personally that they want to move out. Hopefully she will understand.

But before they could go home and share the wonderful news with their family, they had a few errands to run. The first of which was to stop at the Carpentry. "Good day Aaron, oh and hi to you too Sorrel. Good to see you here." Dorothy greeted the Cottontails, while Antonio had a quick word with Edward. " I would just like to thank you, Aaron, for the wonderful furniture you made for my new home! It surely are exquisite pieces!" Aaron blushed ever so slightly, "My pleasure Dorothy! I loved making them."

After they've finished their business in town, Antonio suggested that they go to the Pizzeria. He loved Frasier's deliciously strange pizza creations, and would eat them everyday if his wife will allow it.

They were lucky to find that they only table inside was not occupied and after seeing to it that Kyle was comfortable Dorothy took her place too.

As usual Frasier was with them in a second, to show them the menu and discuss the specials of the day with them. Deciding which pizza to order was always a hard decision for Antonio.

While Freya served them some apple cider, Frasier popped their pizza into the oven, while serving  Bridget Fielding and her children. The fragrant aromas of pepperoni and mushrooms was too much for Antonio's stomach and it growled loudly as Freya was serving the drinks.

Frasier couldn't serve the pizza soon enough and Antonio sighed with pleasure when he finally put the pizza in front of them. "Oh my goodness I am so hungry!" gasped Antonio. "Then, I hope that you will enjoy it very much." Frasier said with the proudest of smiles.

Antonio gobbled up his half of the pizza and while enjoying every bite he could understand why the Pizzeria was so busy. "Here, honey, have some more." Dorothy offered. "Oh no, I cant eat your half too." Antonio tried very hard to be a gentleman, but it was obvious that he would love to have the extra slices too.

After the delicious lunch, the Patches headed home. Kyle fell asleep instantly in his father's arms. As they walked up Forest lane, they could sense some excitement as they reached Cedar Terrace 5. Bertie Honeybear was outside talking to an unknown goat.

Introductions was made and it came to light that Gill Brightfield and his family has just arrived in Sugarbush Valley, as permanent residents. The Patches, just like the Honeybears, immediately welcomed Gill and his family to the village and congratulated him on an excellent decision. All worries that Gill had, vanished instantly.

With every step they took closer to CT 1 Dorothy's heart beat faster and faster. She couldn't understand why she felt so nervous, surely Pippa will understand. What made things worse was that the Deckers also just arrived. It came to light that Ben organised a barbeque on the spur of the moment.

The kitchen was a hub of activity. Kids playing on the floor and Pippa and Kaitlin doing preparations for dinner. "Hey Pips, and Kaitlin, anything I can help with?" Dorothy reluctantly asked. She didn't liked cooking much, especially for alot of people. "Would you mind terribly to bathe the babies, I know you would prefer that over helping with the food." Pippa winked at her sister. Dorothy smiled and nodded, and she knew this was also her chance to get Pippa alone. "But only if you help me to get them all upstairs." she slyly answered Pippa.

In the bedroom Dorothy took a huge breath, and without waiting for the right moment or thinking about it to much she blurted it all out to Pippa.

And Pippa's reaction was everything that Dorothy hoped for. " Dorothy! That is fantastic news! Congratulations!" Pippa squealed. "So you are not angry?" Dorothy inquired cautiously. "Angry? Why on earth would I be angry, I know how much you have wanted this. And yes, our home will be much quieter, too quiet almost, but I want this for you too!" Pippa reassured her sister.

When everyone was in the garden, enjoying the sultry evening, Ben called everyone to silence, and made a toast on the Patches and their first home. Dorothy felt like a weight was lifted from her shoulders and for the first time she could embrace the fact that she has her own home now.

Monday, 6 July 2015

Bronté's day off

So I tried a new style of writing, it was very difficult for me and I'm not sure if I would do it again. It took so much longer. But I hope you will still enjoy the story.
"Clare, stop moaning, this instance! I've had it with your constant whining! I said no, I will not buy the doll for you!" As soon as she uttered the words, Bronté regretted every single one of them. She doesn't usually speak to her children this way, not even to Clare who has tested her every minute of every single day for the past two years. Bronté's best friend, Margaux knew that Bronté was a caring and loving mother, and hearing her speak that way indicated that something else was wrong.

While Clare was having her tantrum in the corner, Margaux called Bronté over. "Bronny, honey, is everything okay?" she asked softly. "Clare has never before upset you like that?" Bronté swallowed hard at the lump in her throat, "Oh Margi, I'm just worried about Rosetti, he hasn't gotten any new work offers, and those that he is getting, he rejects, because he doesn't want to leave me alone with five children in a new village. Margaux looked puzzled, "He is such a silly man! Doesn't he know you have us, we share a house for heavens sake!" " Oh, I just think that he doesn't want to burden you, with our problems," Bronté tried to explain. 

After Clare was calm again, Bronté decided to go home. "See you at home later, and I hope you are in the mood for some stew, as that is what you are getting for dinner." Bronté said jokingly. "That sounds delicious, but listen, I just had a magnificent idea! Why don't you take the day off tomorrow, treat yourself, explore the village and I will look after the babies." Margaux was visibly excited about her plan. "Oh don't be silly, how will you handle five small children, and run a store?" Bronté asked. "It is a public holiday, we will be closed, and Innes will be here too, to help. Please think about it Bronny, you need the alone time!" Bronté just smiled and greeted her friend, but as she went along the idea became very enticing.

That evening after dinner, Bronté and Rosetti had a quiet moment outside in the garden, and Bronté told him about Margaux's suggestion. Rosetti obviously agreed with Marqaux and urged his wife to take Margaux up on her offer.

The next morning was quite a strange one for Bronté. When Dillon started crying for his morning feed, Rosetti jumped up and told her to return to bed. She drifted off, once more just to awake two hours later to a creepy silence. A silence she hasn't heard in 13 years. To her astonishment it was just before 9 'o clock. She quickly got dressed and rushed over to the Bercher's Toyshop.

For a third time that morning Bronté was astonished, because through the window of the Toyshop she could see her three little munchkins sitting quietly listening to a story that Margaux was reading. Even Clare was sitting still. "Maybe, I should then just treat myself to a few hours of 'me-time'." she thought out loudly.

Since the day they arrived in Sugarbush, Bronté longed to go for some retail therapy at the Country Market, especially the gifts department. There was also this quaint little Tea Room. So she headed over there straight away.

After admiring all the cute gifts, Arvey invited her into the Tea Room.

"So what can I offer you, Bronté?" Arvey enquired. "Oh I'm not sure! I've heard that you have an enormous selection of teas, what do you suggest?" Bronté said in reply. Arvey giggled and suggested that she surprise Bronté.

While Arvey made the tea, she watched the passersby, obviously going about their usual daily routine. She instantly felt guilty for having the luxury of sitting in a Tea Room, while others had to look after her children.

But just as she was about to jump up, and go back to the "real world" Arvey brought her, her tea as well as a petite little, delicious looking muffin. "So what did you pick for me?" Bronté inquired. "For you a very special one, I sensed that you needed some tlc so I brought you the jasmine-scented green tea with a subtle flavour of rose, but also a lemon poppy muffin, and here is list of MUST-DO-THINGS in Sugarbush valley." Bronté was a little scared off Arvey, it was as if this woman had an amazing 6th sense. How did she know Bronté needed some tlc, was hungry and that she had a whole day to herself to spent in the village.

Bronté soon forgot about her worries as she drank her tea, enjoyed the muffin and studied the list. Some of the things that was listed in the brochure made her laugh, but they all sounded fun, and there was some activities that they could do together as a family too.

She sat for a little while longer, watching passersby, and witnessing a very endearing event, which brought her to tears instantly. She thought back on Clare and decided to try even harder and be even more patient.

After finishing her third cup of tea and thanking Arvey for the delicious tea and muffin, she headed home. She wanted to clean their house as a surprise for Margaux and thanking her for watching the children. But as she approached the door she noticed another woman about to enter her house. "Excuse me, what are you doing?" Roxy turned around and when she saw the worried looking face of Bronté, she wanted to laugh, but decided against it. "It is my day to clean your house, it a standing arrangement I have with Margaux." Roxy answered. "Oh, interesting, okay. And I guess I will only be in your way, if I tried to help?" Bronté asked.

"Indeed you will!" and without another word Roxy turned around and entered the house. Bronte sighed, maybe she should just make peace with the fact that she has an off day and embrace it. She studied the list again, and the activity she chose to do next, kind of surprised her.

There was quite a crowd gathered in front of the Tourism and Realtor Centre. It was obvious that the first bicycle tour of the day was just about to start.

"Uhm, sorry, excuse me, where to I need to sign up for the bicycle tour?" Bronté asked a friendly looking bear lady. "It is with me, but unfortunately we are fully booked, I have a spot open for tomorrow though." Rose replied.

"Oh nonsense, and sorry for chipping in, but my daughter will not be joining us. She got an invite by her best friend to go horse riding, so we have a spot open." This time it was Suzette Simpkins. Bronté immediately liked her.

And just like that everyone hopped on their bikes and they were off. Bronté giggled by herself, they had to make for a funny picture.

After a wonderful tour, they returned to the starting point and Bronté couldn't thank Rose enough for the wonderful experience. Not only has she seen some pretty amazing spots, but she will find her way around the village much better now.

It was already past lunch and Bronté decided to stop by Pippa's delicatessen, as she was hungry and in the mood for something sweet.

Bronté was amazed by all the confectionery sold in the small shop. She inspected, every single item...

... till a point that Pippa was worried, that this lady was not a regular customer, but some kind of food critic, or even worse a health inspector.

To Pippa's relieve she quickly found out that Bronté was, much like herself, just a lover of all things sweet. The two ladies had a nice chat, talked about some of their favorite recipes, and Bronté, not only bought a treat for herself, but also for everyone at home.

As she stepped out of Pippa's shop she noticed the Periwinkle Shoe Shop, and she couldn't resist, not going in. Though the selection of shoes was small, she immediately noticed the remarkable craftsmanship that went into every single shoe.

Not wanting to be trouble, she rejected Alex's invitation to try on some of the shoes, as she couldn't afford any of it, but with his charming manner, Alex convinced her to try on a few pairs.

After having a fantastic time at the shoe shop, she was brought back to the real world, and on passing by Ben's Fishmonger, decided to get something for dinner. 

She also wanted to buy Margaux some flowers as a token of her appreciation. 

As Bronté made her way home, laden with parcels, she felt refreshed and ready for the challenges that this new life may bring. She sure does love living in this little village.