Monday, 25 May 2015

Ben's Fishmonger finally opens!

I have some exciting news! I've finally completed the Fishmonger, and Ben is so excited to open his little shop. As you might remember, I got a parcel from Kyraja a week ago and in it was all the items she made for my Fishmonger, which I needed to complete this little project.

So what do you think? I really like how it turned out. 

A close up.

And what better way to celebrate this accomplishment than with a story.
Ben Henry-Lloyd got up very early. He was so nervous, and just couldn't sleep. He decided to get up and prepare breakfast.

Pippa: Ben? What are you doing up so early.
Ben: I couldn't sleep, you know because of the opening.
Pippa: Oh Ben, don't worry, you will do great!
Ben: But I've talked about this for so long, and has been promising the opening of it for so long, that I'm starting to feel like the boy who cried wolf.
Pippa: Oh nonsense! What are we having for breakfast.
Ben: I'm not hungry, but I baked fresh bread and already sliced a piece for you and of course your usual strawberry milk.
Pippa: Ok Ben, I'm not even going to try and argue with you. Why don't you just go and I will see you later.
Ben: Oh Pippa, you are the best, thanks for understanding.

On arrival at his shop, he proudly admired it again. Ben secretly hoped that the business would make it. He doesn't mind three or even six month of being patient and waiting for business to pick up. He really just hoped that it wouldn't be necessary to close shop after a month.

He spent the extra hours to double check everything, was the fish still fresh with no awkward smells, was there enough sauce and butter on the shelf. Around him the other shops were starting to open too. He could hear Katrina watering the plants in her Florist and Mae starting the wasing machines in her Laundromat.

As Ben was inspecting the basket of lemons, his first customers arrived. Ben was extremely surprised!
Wilbur: Ben! Congratulations! Finally you have opened the Fishmonger!
Fliss: We are so excited, we've been having cravings for fresh fish for months now.
Ben: Oh, hello... welcome... I'm so glad you are here. How can I assist?

Ben showed the Redwoods his produce, and they were truly surprised by the array of items he had, and made positive comments about all his produce.

The Redwoods left, with a basket filled of, what they called "goodies". Ben was felt so lucky, if they were his only customers for the day, he would be satisfied. He started to rearrange his shelves so that it didn't look empty, while softly whistling an upbeat tune.

Again he was interrupted, this time it was Barry and Hildie Hawton.
Barry: Ben a very, very big congratulations to you! 
Hildie: We are so glad you didn't give up on your dream.
Ben: What? Oh, thanks!

Barry: We want to see if here is anything nice for the school lunches. 
Hildie: We are always serving chicken or beef, and I think it is time for a change.
Ben: Ok, come in and see for yourselves.

While Hildie had a look a the fish, Ben and Barry had a chat.
Barry: So how long did it take you to open you shop.
Ben: Barry, my friend, you won't believe me, but I think it was 2 years.
Barry: And in the end you got all the papers and approvals you needed?
Ben: Yes, it was such a process, I really almost lost faith.
Barry: Well, everyone is glad you didn't!

The Hawtons also left with some fish, and Ben felt even happier. He was filling his shelves with the surplus of fish he caught the previous day, when he noticed PC Bobby Roberts approaching.

Bobby: Morning Ben, I thought I just stop by quickly to congratulate you on your very fine establishment.
Ben: Thank you PC Roberts.
Bobby: I know you will make a huge success out of it!
Ben: Thank you, thank you I really appreciate that.

Bobby left in hurry, obviously he had some urgent matters to attend to, and just as Ben thought nothing could spoil his day, he saw Beth Puddleford, and Pansy Chestnut approaching. He sighed, and offered his help.
Ben: Beth, Pansy, welcome. How can I help you?
Beth: I don't know, can we have a look around first?
Pansy: Yes, I will only look too.
Ben: Sure, have a look

Not sure what they wanted to look at, Ben first wanted to act annoyed, but was saved by Sebastiaan Whiskers, who waved him outside.
Sebastiaan: You must have heard it a thousand times this morning, but we are sure happy that you have finally opened your Fishmonger.
Ben: Thank you Sebastiaan. Sometimes I wonder if I would've started it, if I knew it was going to be so hard?
Sebastiaan: But what exactly was the problem?
Ben: Red tape. Sylvania laws are very strict with regards to the selling of fish, one has to have a permit for every fish you want to sell.
Sebastiaan: Really? 
Ben: Yes, and the hardest part was, that no one else have opened a fishmonger in the Subridens province before, so there was no laws on that. So laws had to be written, then passed through parliament and only then we could start the actual procedure of application.
Sebastiaan: That is really interesting, Ben. Glad you stuck it out and good luck!

Sebastiaan had to get back to work and so did Ben. He was surprised that Beth actually bought some fish, and added a compliment to that. Pansy of course, didn't buy anything, or offered her approval.

After they left, Ben was sure he was done for the day. His first day went much better than anticipated and he felt very satisfied, but just then he heard someone approaching.

It was Bethanie Woodbrook and little Marcus.
Ben: Bethanie, welcome!
Bethanie: Hi Ben, Fliss just told me that you have opened your shop. I wouldn't believe her so I had to come and look for myself. I am so happy. 
Ben: Oh, yes, and what do you think. Surprised?
Bethanie: Ben, this is wonderful, we haven't had fresh fish in months, and as you might know fish is our staple food.
Ben: Oh, ok. I guess.
Bethanie: Can I please have all the rest of you produce?

And true to her word, Bethanie bought everything that was left, but for a bottle of sauce and some lemons. Ben was ecstatic, of course he didn't expect this to happen everyday, but not in his wildest dreams has he expected this.

As he was clearing out the ice, Pippa came by.
Pippa: Hey Ben, how was you day.
Ben: Oh honey, LOOK! I'm sold out.
Pippa: That is wonderful news! Congratulations, but I knew and please don't ever doubt yourself again.
Ben: I wouldn't and you know what is the best part? Now I have an excuse to go fishing again.

The Henry-Lloyds walked home, hand in hand, as happy as can be.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

New families in Sugarbush Valley

So another post today... I would like to introduce you to all my new families. Some of them are already familiar with you like the Hazelwoods, Suzette Simpkins and of course the Furbanks, but I have a few very special new additions too. As it turns out I now have all the families I ever wanted, and will not acquire any "old" families. When I started my collection I made my top 50 list and that is what I stuck to. I have them all now, but I will ad a few family members to these existing families in the near future. There is, however, one relatively new family that I am considring but only time will tell if I will get them!

So congratulations to me with this huge milestone!

Hazelwood Mouse Family

Basil and Betty Hazelwood are the proprietors of the Orhanage in Eaglewood. They have big hearts and are always loved by the children. They teach the children that though live wasn't fair to them, life doesn't owe them anything and that success comes from hard work.

Basil is a diligent worker, ensuring that all the orphans are taken care of and that all their paper work are in order, but he is also very good at taking little naps in his various chairs around the Orphanage.

Betty is a real ray of sunlight, and the orphans that are in her care loves her very much, but Betty is also very strict, although fair. Good manners are everything to Betty, something she insists on at the table and in life itself! While a child is in her care, she wants him or her to get the best education ever and that includes being disciplined correctly.

The Hazelwoods have one daughter, Evie, who is currently on an student exchange camping trip.

Keats Cat Family

Rosetti Longfellow is a music teacher. He is actually thé famous Rosetti Longfellow, conductor extraordinaire, who has conducted many orchestras at famous performances. But with the birth of each of his children it got more and more difficult for him to leave them to go on month long tours with an orchestra. It was with the birth of little Clare that he decided to hang up his baton, and rather teach music, which had more normal hours. Rosetti plays many instruments of which the grand piano is his favorite, but he is also proficient in the violin, saxophone, harp and many of the different types of flutes. He hopes to establish a love for classical music in the students of Sugarbush Valley and is really happy to see the interest that many has shown in taking up music lessons. Rosetti has a sister, Diana Keats, who live in Glen Fallow with her three children.

Bronte has never been this happy in her life. Finally they have a “normal” life. Her husband has a full time job with normal working hours, they have five beautiful, healthy and sometimes naughty children and she even has a job of her own as the junior teacher of Sugarbush Valley. She thanks her best friend, Margaux Bercher, every day for convincing her husband to move to this peaceful, little village.

The couple has five children, T S Elliot, Shelley, Larkin, Clare and Dylan. Elliot likes village life, and together with Zander, they roam the area, always hiking, climbing or planning a big adventure. Shelley is a sweet little girl and though she misses the shops from her home town, she has realized that the shops in Sugarbush Valley is just as wonderful.

The babies are a handful, all of them born in the course of 3 years. At the moment Larkin, 3, is the easiest of them all. He has a charming personality and though he would probably be able to get away with a lot because of this, he never causes his parents any trouble. At the moment Clare is the naughtiest with her terrible two tantrums that even her father can’t handle. It is often so bad that she cries herself to sleep. Little Dylan is only one, and confused. He is very unsure if he should be like his little brother or sister. Clare’s behavior is much more exciting but he realizes that Larkin is more popular

Brightfields Goat Family 

Gill and his wife, Ellema, finally took the plunge and decided to move to Sugarbush Valley. It was a decision that they have fretted over for very long, and being very cautious by nature, they were worried if they would be successful and happy in the little village. When Mayor Bill lured another ice cream maker to Mystique Valley, it was the final straw, and they packed up their belongings, and left behind life as they know it and their family. Gill's brother Andrew lives in Mystique Valley.

The wonderful villagers of Sugarbush Valley has helped them to settle in nicely. Kenneth Furbanks found them a home and Mayor Trunk provided them with a prime spot for their soft serve ice cream stall. Though it is just opposite the square from the Buttercup ice cream cart, they have quickly learned that there is a market for both soft serve and scooped ice cream.

The Brightfields have two children, Meshia and Briel. They are relieved to notice that Meshia has already made a new friend in Willow Cottontail and little Briel is adjusting just fine in Mrs Chiffon’s nursery school.

Meshia likes arts and crafts. She can spend the day coloring with crayons and markers and she loves to decorate her room with glow in the dark stickers. Her favorite thing to do is make jewelry out of ribbons and beads.

Little Briel loves ice cream, but are yet to decide, which her favorite flavours are. This gives Briel the perfect excuse to sample the hundreds of different flavours available again and again!

Buttermilk Rabbit Family

Andrey is the dentist of Sugarbush Valley. He is newly qualified and Sugarbush Valley will be the first place where he will practice his trade. Andrey is a fun loving guy who loves life and now even more so, now that he has met the woman of his dreams, Blanka.

Blanka Buttermilk (formerly Periwinkle, she is the younger sister of Alex) is a tough one to get to know. She is never the same and due to the fact that she has a sharp mind and always ready with something quirky and even sarcastic to say, many people misunderstand her. But under the tough exterior is a shy girl who just want to be happy and cared for. Blanka feels lucky that she has found someone like Andrey, and she just knows that they will be very happy.

Heike is a sweet baby who often climbs into her father's lap when he is reading a book and holds her mother's leg while she is cooking dinner. She is very fond of her grandfather, Mack Periwinkle, but she has hard time fighting off her cousin, Hannah Periwinkle, for his sole attention.

Andrey has a brother Boris who lives in Mystique Valley.

Furbanks-Walnut Squirrel Family

Kenneth and Emma recently welcomed a new member to their family, Alyssa Walnut. She is the sister of their adopted son, Alfie Walnut, and for now they are her foster parents.

Alyssa lost her parents in a tragic accident a few years ago. Ever since she went in search of her little brother, Alfie. And now that she has been reunited with him she is as happy as she could ever be.
Mulberry Raccoon Family

Edward Charles Mulberry, or better known as Pumpkin is a happy-go-lucky little boy, who will smile at anyone as long as you keep him supplied with lots of sweets! Despite his recent circumstances, his father Edward Mulberry is relieved to notice that he is adjusting well.

Simpkins Cat Family

After a terribly sad life Suzette Simpkins has found some happiness in Sugarbush Valley, although she is always smiling she is a stranger to most and that is exactly how Suzette prefers it. The only person that knows her true life story is her brother, Maurice, who is also the only person that Suzette trusts. Many stories has been spread about the early death of her husband OR that the twins have been left on her porch by a stranger when she was a youngster herself, but none of these have been verified, and will probably never be.

Suzette tries to forget about her past life by organising the most amazing kids parties in the region. Every last detail is important to her and nothing gets overlooked. But though she loves her small business, the most important thing in her life is her two children, the twins Glynn and Gwendolynn, for whom she would do anything.

Glynn and Gwendolyn Simpkins are two adorably sweet kittens who have exceptional manners. They live for Saturdays when they usually help their mother to organize some friend’s birthday party and love to dress up in their best party outfits. It’s the thought of the delicious birthday cake, the brightly coloured balloons, party hats, the beautifully wrapped presents, and sending and receiving of birthday cards which make them love birthday parties so much.

Beaman Ginger Cat Family

Helly Beaman is an orphan, and even sadder is that no one knows anything about her. She was found by Mae Mulberry in the forest on the edge of Sugarbush Valley. As the proprietors of the Eaglewood Orphanage, Betty and Basil took her into their house, and have looked after her ever since. Helly is a sweet girl and though she longs for a mommy, she is happy in Betty and Basil’s care.

Brighteyes Rabbit Family 

Marion Brighteyes is a highly acclaimed wedding planner, known for her unprecedented style and innovation. No detail is too small when planning her clients most important day. Her business slogan even is "It must be a dream come true!" Marion’s meticulous organisational skills, dedication, and a love of her work are only a few of the traits that suggest to the bride-to-be that Marion will handle everything, and that she may relax.

Due to her great success Marion gets a lot of requests and because she struggles to say no to potential clients, she has decided to leave Grinpa in search of a quitter more peaceful life, she still handles one wedding a month, but the rest of the time are spent with her girls, Charlotte and Olivia. Marion misses her brother, Peter, who lives in Evergreen Village, but he has Belinda now and she makes him happy. She just wishes she could say the same about their sister.

Charlotte would like to be a wedding planner like her mother when she is older, so she likes spending time helping her mother at work. In the evenings she likes to design and create new ideas for wedding dresses, cakes and flower decorations! Though only eight years old she comes up with amazing ideas of which her mother has even used a few of.

Olivia is a ballerina, or rather she dreams of being one. She is up early every morning, practicing steps which means Marion can never have a lay in. Olivia is still small and obviously not as nimble as a true ballerina should be, but she is very cute to look at, so her mother doesn't mind waking up early.

Bearbury Bear Family

Bruno Bearbury is a honey farmer, who have learned the trade from Horace Honeybear of Mystique Valley, where he has worked the past 10 years. Recently, he received a very lucrative and appealing offer from Mayor Hugo Trunk to come and farm with bees on Highfields farm, on the outskirts of Sugarbush Valley.

Both Bruno and Irene loved the idea and accepted the offer immediately. Bruno is a very shy man and prefers to hide under his honey-farmer uniform and be kept company by his bees. Irene is not shy at all, and can’t wait to spent time with her best friend Sorrel Cottontail, who she has knew from their school days in Mystique Valley. She will however miss her sister, Olive Butler dearly. They have two children, Owen and Harriet. Owen is already a familiar face in Sugarbush Valley as he has visited the Timbertops a few times in the past. The family will live in an old refurbished stable on Highfields farm.

Owen is an energetic little boy, and always up to some mischief! Together with his best friend Bud Timbertop, they have done a lot of things that gave their mothers a few grey hairs, but they are never nasty to anyone, and Owen will always do something good to make up for his mischievous nature.

Baby Harriet is a shy little girl just like her father, but she loves her brother and follows him everywhere, even though it frustrates her, as crawling is not as fast as running.!

Basset Dog Family

Kelly Basset is a jolly chap. He is a bus driver, in the Subridens area of Sylvania and lives in Eaglewood. He loves his job, because not only does he get to drive around all day but also gets to partake in his favorite hobby which is gossiping with all his regular customers.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The orphans - Part 3: Pumpkin and Helly

So time for the last part, and I really think it is the final one!

Mae was ironing the mountain of washing she had left over from the previous day, but she was unable to concentrate, her mind constantly wondering to little Pumpkin, and the question if Edward really is his father.

Pete: Good morning, Mae. Busy as always I see.
Mae: Heya Pete, what a fright you gave me. Yes, yes busy as always
Pete: Terribly sorry about that, didn't mean it.
Mae: No, no, don't feel bad. Do you have something for me?

Pete: Yes, from Mayor Hugo. It is not an official one, he just gave it to me just now when I delivered his mail.
Mae: Oh my, I hope it isn't any problems.

Pete left Mae to read her letter in peace, and Mae was glad he did, as she gave a huge yelp when she did. "Oh no, I don't have the energy for this." Mae thought.

She hurried along to Edward and Aaron's workshop. She was relieved to find Edward there, mending a little wooden toy train. Without giving away too much infront of Aaron, she convinced Edward to come with her to the Mayor's residence, because of an urgent matter.

On there way over Mae tried to prepare Edward the best she can, for what was probably waiting for him. Of course Edward was shocked, and didn't believe a word of it, as how was it possible that he could have another child. His wife died years ago, and his only child, Martha is living with her grandparents. But nothing could prepare Edward for what he was about to see.

On entering the living room of the Mayor's house, Edward greeted those around and then he saw the cutest little boy playing on the carpet. He was the spitting image of Edward. 

Edward: Basil, is this really true?
Basil: You should know Edward, shouldn't you? And that is what his birth certificate says.
Edward: Birth certificate? You have a birth certificate? May I see it?

Basil produced the certificate. Ed studied it carefully, and then it all made sense and it all came back to him. Yes he was indeed little Pumpkin's father.

Edward: Mae, I'm so sorry. Will you ever be able to forgive me? Please know that if I knew about Pumpkin's existence he would never have been in an orphanage.
Mae: Edward! Of course. You are a great father, just look at Martha, and I see how you handle my children, you are an amazing uncle. I'm just glad that Pumpkin now finally have found you.

Edward rushed over to Pumpkin, picked him up and hugged him tight.
Pumpkin: Daddy?
Edward: Yes my darling son, I am your daddy, and I will never ever leave you again.

After the Mulberries left with little Pumpkin, Basil sighed loudly. 
Basil: I'm so relieved that all ended well for Alyssa and Pumpkin. Thank you Velvette for your help and Mayor Hugo you too.
Hugo: No Basil thank you for your great work. And always having these kids best interest at heart.
Velvette: My heart just goes out to little Helly. What will happen with her?
Basil: Yes it is sad, but Betty and me will take great care of her. Betty has just the other day mentioned how alone it gets with Evie on her camping trip.


While Basil took care of Pumpkin and his adoption procedure, Betty took little Helly to the square for an ice cream. Betty felt the little one needed a treat, and lucky for her the Darwin twins where around too, so she had some friends to play with.

Suzette: Excuse me, sorry to interrupt, but what a cute little baby you have. By the way I am Suzette Simpkins, sister of Maurice Chantilly,
Betty: Hi Suzette, yes she is cute isn't she, but unfortunately I'm not her mother. We are in charge of the orphanage in Eaglewood and Helly lives with us.

Suzette: Oh no that is terrible, poor poor baby. What happened to her parents?
Betty: That is the sad part, no one knows, she came to us without any papers or even a birth certificate.
Suzette: Maybe she gets lucky soon.
Betty: I really hope so for her sake.
Suzette: I have to go, see you around Betty, and enjoy little Helly.

Suzette's heart went out to the poor little girl, she was so cute, and before Suzette was off to meet her brother, she turned around to have one last glance at little Helly.

Monday, 18 May 2015

The orphans - Part 2: Alyssa's new family

So time for part 2 of the orphan story. I took all the picture for part 2 during the weekend. But as I finished the Alyssa part I realised that it will just be wrong to continue on to Edward and Pumpkin. I think we all will need a moment to process this. So in the end the Orphan story will have 3 parts with the last part up tomorrow morning.


Alfie: I want my Sissy, I want my Sissy, don't want you, go away!
Emma: Oh honey, you don't mean that.

Emma Furbanks was close to tears. The sweet little boy they have adopted more than a year ago has suddenly turned into a little monster, and regardless of what she or Kenneth did, he only wanted his "Sissy".
Emma: Oh Kenneth, I don't know what to do anymore.
Kenneth: Me neither, should we try and track down his "Sissy". Sure Velvette might be able to help.

Before Emma could reply they were interrupted by a knock on the door. It was Hector Hunter-Smyth.
Hector: Sorry to interrupt Mr and Mrs Furbanks, but their is a call for you from Mayor Trunk in Uncle Bobby's room. 
Kenneth: I will go and take it, or should I try to calm Alfie down and you go?
Emma: No, no, no I'm in no state to talk to anyone.

Kenneth rushed upstairs, wondering what this could be about. Sure it wasn't about a realtor issue, as then the Mayor would have precisely asked for him.
Bobby: Morning Kenneth, come in. Hope it is not bad news.
Kenneth: Sorry for disturbing you like this Bobby, thank you.

Bobby left the room to give Kenneth some privacy.

Kenneth slowly put the phone down. He was a bit shocked, and not sure how he will convey this news to poor Emma, but maybe this is exactly what she will need to feel a bit better.

Kenneth rushed back to their room, he was relieved to see that Alfie stopped crying and was rocking on his play horse. He quickly told Emma about his telephone conversation with Mayor Hugo.
Emma: No way, really!? This is great news for Alfie, but what does it mean for us?
Kenneth: I'm not sure Em, but don't get ahead of yourselves. Remember we are Alfie's legal parents now and we must do what is best for him.
Emma: You are right, let's go, I will just quickly tell Mona to watch Greta and Douglas.

Emma found Mona in the kitchen preparing lunch, who indicated that she will keep an eye on the two Furbanks children.

On entering the living room of the Trunk's residence, Emma yelped loudly, but it was Alfie who was besides himself.
Alfie: Sissy, Sissy, Sissy! 
Alyssa: Oh my, Alfie!

The two siblings rushed to each other and gave each other a tight hug. They didn't let go of each other for quite some time. Emma too stepped closer. Alyssa looked like a lovely girl, and it was obvious that they were brother and sister.

Velvette suggested that Alfie and Alyssa go and play in the bedroom to give the adults time to discuss a few issues.

Basil: Emma, I am so sorry for putting you through this, but legally Alyssa had a right to see her brother. She was asking so much about him since we met her yesterday afternoon, that I just couldn't keep him from her anymore.
Emma: I totally understand Basil. Alfie was calling out for his sister too, I'm so glad he could finally see her, but whereto from here?
Basil: Well, obviously Emma is an orphan too, so she will stay with me and Betty at the Orphanage in Eaglewood, but I'm sure you would allow her to visit Alfie as often as she would like?

Emma interupted Basil and said to give her a chance to speak with Kenneth. Emma had an idea, but she was unsure if she might be turning crazy.

Emma: Basil, me and Kenneth agrees that we will take Alyssa in as our foster child. This way we can get to know her and she will be with Alfie. Hopefully Alfie will become a happier boy again and Alyssa will have a family. Then of course if everything goes well, and that is what we are hoping for, we can legally adopt her too?
Basil: Emma? Kenneth? This is wonderful, but are you sure?
Kenneth: Yes, we are. We have always wanted more children, but with Emma's condition it was not possible.

Just like that the matter was settled. Though Alfie didn't understand the term foster parents, he understood very well that his "Sissy" will be living with him again, and Alyssa was ecstatic to have a family again.

Emma and Kenneth took Alyssa home with them. They introduced her to Greta and Douglas, who were both excited to have another sister. 

Later that evening when it was time for bed, Alyssa grabbed Emma around her waist.
Alyssa: Thank you for looking after me, I will be a good girl, because I want a mommy and daddy again, and you will be the perfect mommy, I can see that Alfie loves you.
Emma: That is fine my dear little sweetpea. I know you will be. Get some sleep now.

Emma quickly wiped the tears from her eyes, she already loved Alyssa. And she just knew that this will turn out for the best.