Monday, 9 March 2015

A busy day at the Toyshop.

Innes Bercher took a sip of coffee and looked around, it was indeed another beautiful morning in Sugarbush Valley.

Further down the street he could see Darcy Fielding opening the Hamburger Restaurant too. Innes lift his paw and waved.
Innes: Good morning Darcy!

Darcy quickly looked up and immediately waved back.
Darcy (shyly): Good morning Innes, lovely day for business?
Innes: It sure is!

The streets were already getting busy, and Innes decided to go inside and help his wife, who was busy organising the shelves.
Innes: Need some help, Honey?
Margaux(frowning): Oh no, I'm just rearranging some items, you know, to keep it looking interesting.

The Berchers were interrupted by a friendly "good morning!"
Bobby: Good morning!
Innes: Aaah Bobby, good morning.
Margaux: Hey Bobby, what brings you to our little shop so early?

Bobby: It is Marie, I'm looking for a gift for her.
Margaux(puzzled): Marie?
Bobby(apologetic): Oh of course, it is my brother's daughter. The plan is to visit them in Marigold Creek, but otherwise I will just entrust Pete to send it to her.
Innes: Let's have a look? Any ideas what she might like?

Bobby: It is difficult to say as I've never met her, but I guess anything a little girl will like, will suffice.
Innes: What about this cute little elephant, it is my little daughter Karissa's favorite toy.
Bobby: Oh yes this is cute! I will take it. ... and... uhm... should I buy a card?
Margaux (smiling): Yes, I think so.

Bobby thanked the Berchers for their help and left in a hurry. The Berchers continued to tidy their shop, but was once again interrupted by more clients.

This time it was the Petite family.
Pete: Hello Margaux and Innes.
Margaux (excitedly): Hey.... oooh look at the baby, may I hold her.
Margaux loved kids and would have a dozen if she could just convince Innes.
Innes: How can we help you, Margaret, Pete?
Margaret: We want to spoil our little girl with something special, but also something that could be her comfort toy.
Innes: Oh yes, of course, lets see what we have.

So while Margaux gladly entertained little Halley, Innes showed Pete and Margaret around. They settled on a cute little bear with a pink ribbon, but had to wrap up the shopping quickly as Halley was becoming hungry and agitated.

In the distance the Berchers could hear the school bell ringing and instantly knew that they will soon be over run by school children. Many of the children just come in to have a look around and play with some of the toys. Innes loves to play with them and show them the features of each toy.
Margaux: Hello Fliss and little Frances, just looking?
Fliss: I'm so sorry, yes. She was bugging me all of yesterday evening, and to get her to go to bed I had to promise that I will bring her here. 

Innes: But that is not a problem, come Frances have a look. What do you like?
While Innes, helped Frances, Felicity and Margaux had a quick chat. Apparently Frances wanted to show her mother what she would like for her birthday, but that is only in two months time. The ladies had a good giggle about this.

Frances: Look mommy!
Fliss: I'm coming dear, what did you see.
Frances: Look at this cute teaset and, pots and pans. I would like that for my kitchen at home.
Fliss: But I thought you wanted the dollhouse and little sylvanians?

It was obvious that Frances had difficulty choosing, and with promises that they will visit again soon, the Redwoods were off, but not without being pushed aside by the terrible triplets, Dylan, Thomas and Gerard Hunter-Smyth, who came rushing into the shop.
Charles (screaming): Come here you rascals, wait for daddy.

Margaux (trying to stay calm): Good afternoon Charles, everything ok.
Charles (panting): I'm so sorry, I don't know what we will ever do with this three. They ran ahead and I tried to catch them, knowing exactly where they were heading ...
The next moment they where interupted by LOUD crying. It quickly came to light that Dylan feel out of the shopping trolley, flat on his nose. At the same time Thomas fell on the indoor slide and Gerard, of course, was laughing very loudly at his two brothers.

Angry, but concerned Charles hurried over to Dylan, while Margaux attended to Thomas and tried to get Gerard to stop laughing.

Charles quickly rounded the boys up, and after inspecting them from head to toe, apologised to the Berches for the disturbance.
Charles (strictly): Now your turn! 
Charles looked strictly at the triplets, and as if by magic, they apologisde in unison, and just like that Margaux's heart soften.
Margaux: Aaaaah aren't they adorable, do come again.
Charles (winking): Think again, Margaux, and next time I will send there mother with them.

Charles and the triplets left the shop and found he rest of their family waiting for them outside the shop. Loud protests were coming from Hector and Isabella who thought they could look around the shop, but their plans where obviously derailed by the their naughty siblings.

Innes: Wowweeeee, that was close, Dylan could have broke his nose!
Margaux: Yes, but you know those three is as tough as nails, even Ivor Trunk and Mark Maces are afraid of them, and they are four years older than the triplets.
Innes (laughing): You got that right? So are you leaving?
Margaux: Yes, we are quickly going to pick up Karissa from the nursery and then we will head home. 
Innes: Ok, see you later than, and kids be good for mommy.

Innes sighed a huge sigh of relief. Finally some peace, and as he knew from experience, that he wouldn't be bothered for at least for half an hour, he went over to the cupboard and took out his flask with coffee.

He made himself comfortable on the built in baby-slide and enjoyed his coffee. He could hear children passing by, laughing and screaming. He loved the sound of children playing and was not regretting their decision to move to this little village for one moment. Sugarbush Valley most certainly was one of the most happy places on earth.


  1. Aww, such a nice story! I really like this toy shop, especially the play area :D

    1. Thank you, will Evergreen be getting one soon?

    2. Evergreen has already got one! :) ;)

    3. Of course Evergreen has, one how did I miss that!

    4. Don't worry ;) It hasn't featured much in my stories so far :)

    5. So what is your problem! Get it in there, lol!!!!

  2. I adore this story! Every picture retells the story so nicely! The Berchers are such a cute couple, I love their interaction with their customers. Bobby is such a nice caring uncle - I'm sure Marie likes the elephant! :D. The photo of poor Dylan lying on the floor made me laugh :D. Thank you for that great story!

    1. My pleasure, glad you were entertained! Im sure the kids of Marigold would love a toyshop too!

    2. Indeed they do - but I heard that the Bamvoo family wants to open a toyshop as soon as they arrive :D

    3. Oh goody, the kids in Marigold will be so excited!

  3. Fantastic one, so cute to see Margaret with her purse and then to see Dylan standing in the mini shopping trolley was like ups, they sure are some rascals lol Great pictures and Innes having his coffee waving and Margaux rearranging made them so real somehow.

    1. Thank you, and thank you for noticing and commenting on all the detail.

  4. Thanks for the entertaining story once again! Those naughty triplets are a handful I see, poor parents.

  5. This is a lovely story! And Innes is a beautiful name! It was one of my teacher's name! And your Innes is just like him, so kind and considerate!

    I do enjoy your snippets of life in each store and with each family. Your village comes to life in such a great way!