Wednesday, 7 December 2016

An SV update and a GIVEAWAY

Dear Sylvanian fans, I can't believe it has been more than a month since I last blogged. Time has flown by, just like it usually does this time of the year. 

Sylvanian wise not much has happened in Sugarbush Valley. The villagers go about their daily tasks and I'm trying to get my motivation back to play with them and tell new stories. Unfortunately, nothing! Very frustrating, I know!

So as I'm not one for just giving up and ending a hobby out of the blue, I started to let my head go about just exactly how I'm gonna get my (Sylvanian) groove back. As I got thinking, one thing was VERY clear - "I'm not going to end collecting!" Then I took a hard unbiased (if that is possible) look at my families and collection, and I came to the realisation, some things need to go! And then I remembered that a year ago I was exactly at this point, and strangely, the same items I wanted to get rid of them came to mind again. It was the exact same three families and an extra one. They were
  • The Hazelwood Mouse Family
  • The Chestnut Raccoon Family
  • The Furbanks Squirrel Family
  • The Puddleford Duck family
Some would think me mad to choose families as the first step in getting my motivation back, but I'm standing by my original collecting objective of giving a home to each family living in SV, and that is just too difficult with 50+ families. Even the approach that I tried a few months ago of giving fictional houses to families, still didn't satisfy me, so with this four families moving away I have three less 'house-less' families and an extra house.

After deciding on the families, the tough process of getting new homes in other villages for them started. Three of the families were easy, but the last one remains a challenge (more about that in a minute).

The first family that were picked up were the Hazelwoods, Basil and his family, is already off to the wonderful magical village of Marigold Creek. They are still in 'transit', but I hope to hear from them soon.

Finding a new village for the Chestnuts was a no brainer, I knew that Rooibosch Hill would be perfect for them, so they were off. As Rooibosch Hill is very close to Sugarbush Valley, I'm happy to tell you that they already arrived safely, and are settling in nicely.

 The final 2 families that will be leaving Sugarbush Valley is the Puddleford family and the Furbanks family. The only problem is I don't know where to send them. So I have came up with a brilliant idea... "A GIVEAWAY"

I think it is perfect timing with Christmas just around the corner. So this is how it will work: in the comment section of this post (or reply to the post in the forum) write a short paragraph of why the Puddlefords or Furbanks should come and live in your village. Entries will close Sunday 11 December 2016 and I will announce the winner on Monday.

Though the Puddlefords and Furbanks (FYI - little Alfie will remain in my collection and I have a plan for him and big sister Alyssa already) were never two of my favorite families, I still like them very much and they are very close to my heart, so I will be biased as to were they will go. So the better your motivation, the bigger chance you have of convincing me. 

That is all for today, and I'm still hoping for a story before the end of 2016.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

A barbeque at the Meadows' stable

Hi all, I'm back with a new story. I'm not even going to apologise for my absence or make excuses for it. Just life! And I have realise no matter how busy I get I will always come back to my Sylvanians!

It was a normal Saturday morning in the Meadows household. Maisie was washing the breakfast dishes, Jack was packing his wagon for the morning deliveries and the babies quietly played on the see-saw.

"Oh Jack, I'm so bored, can't we have an informal dinner party tonight, something like a barbeque?" Maisie sighed. Jack was taken aback by his wife's suggestion. She was usually the one who preferred a quiet night in.

"I'm sure that can be arranged, but are you sure? And who would you like to invite?" Jack replied. "Well, I really miss Heidi, so definitely the Mcburrows and what about the Chestnut family?" Maisie suggested. "Seriously? Pansy? I thought you didn't like her?" Jack said surprisingly. "Maybe she just has a hard time fitting in, I would like to get to know her?' Maisie smiled.

With promises of extending the invitation to the two families, Jack left on his mourning route, still surprised by Maisie's new lust for life and parties.

Meanwhile a few kilometers away, the Chestnut family were spending their Saturday morning a bit differently. They decided to have a breakfast picnic to the delight of the little ones. "Durwood, I think it is time to move on?" Pansy suddenly broke the silence. "Move on, what you mean move on? Like leave Sugarbush?" Durwood couldn't hide his surprise. 

"Yes, that is exactly what I mean, we are struggling to fit in, here is never enough jobs for you and I'm ready for a new adventure?" Pansy explained. "But Flower, I thought we decided on settling here, you know, for the kids sake?" Durwood hit back. "Oh the kids will adapt, and we are born nomads, aren't we?" It was obvious that Pansy had made up her mind, and not in the mood for a fight, Durwood packed up the picnic stuff and suggested that they leave, as it was getting to hot.  

To their surprise they ran into Jack Meadows. "Good morning, Pansy, Durwood? Enjoying some fresh air?" Jack greeted. Durwood always liked Jack and quickly replied before Pansy could say something sarcastic. "Yes, it was such a lovely morning. How are you, Jack? Durwood asked. "I'm mighty fine, and I was just on may way to your stand. Maisie and I would like to invite you over for dinner tonight? Will you come? I've already invited the Mcburrows too." Jack inquired.

Durwood excitedly accept the invitation and after a time was set, Jack went on his way to make the final few deliveries. "Isn't that fantastic, Pansy? I'm really looking forward to this!" Durwood exclaimed. "I don't understand your excitement, it is just dinner and why after all this time only invite us now?" Pansy sourly replied and cycled off. Durwood couldn't help  but roll his eyes at his wife.

Jack was surprised to also meet Mrs Bramble, along the way, but then he realised that she was also 'living' on the campsite. "Good morning, Mrs Bramble." Jack greeted friendly. "It is actually Ms Bramble, but I much more prefer Livvy." The hedgehog replied smiling.

"I'm sorry, Livvy, can I make my inconsideration up to you by inviting you to dinner tonight, we are having a few people over, and it will be good to have you there as well." Jack hastily replied. Livvy was truly surprised by the invitation, but as she desperately wanted to make more friends, she gladly accepted.

With a song in his heart Jack returned home. He was kind of looking forward to the gathering. On his arrival he was extremely surprised with what he found.

"Maisie!" Jack exclaimed, "You must be exhausted? Everything is already set up for tonight!" Maisie smiled, "Well I had the time, and now we can spend the afternoon relaxing before the guests arrive."

After a relaxing afternoon, it was time for the guests to arrive. The Mcburrows arrived first, and Maisie was grateful, as this meant a few alone minutes with her best friend.

They greeted each other excitedly and the chatter immediately begin.

While the two friends settled in for a quick chat, the men decided it is saver to move away.

After some time Livvy Bramble also arrived. Maisie was glad that Jack had the idea to invite her and true to herself Maisie greeted her with open arms and a wide smile, "Livvy, I'm so glad you came, you will have a good time with us!" Livvy smiled shyly, "Thank you Maisie, I know I will."

Heidi and Livvy also quickly became acquainted, and the two friends listen in awe about all the weird turns Livvy's life had made.

Just then Durwood and his family arrived as well, Maisie took a deep breath and promised herself to like Pansy. 

"Durwood, Pansy! Welcome, I'm so glad you are here!" Maisie smiled. "Thank you for inviting us." Pansy smiled. And it was then that Maisie knew she was right about Pansy!

True to their nature, the men gathered around the barbeque fire, beer in hand...

... while the women chattered like little birds around the dining table.

Little Molly enjoyed herself immensely, as she had five little learners in her nursery school, and to her surprise her little brother Monty was still the naughtiest baby.

"So Pansy, still enjoying Sugarbush?" Maisie asked. True to her nature, Pansy's answer was very honest, "Sometimes, but some of the villagers are quite snobbish and I don't think they like me very much." Maisie smiled sincerely, "I get what you mean, but believe me there is only one snob in Sugarbush, and that is Hatty, and let me ad to that, that even though she is one, she is also the one you should least allow to upset you." Pansy smiled understandably, "Yes, you are right she is actually the only one."

Incidentally Jack asked Durwood the same question. "Yes, we are. Pansy sometime struggle to make friends, but frankly that is just her personality, people don't always get her. But I think we will stay." Durwood replied.

Soon the food was ready, and while the women and children sat at the table, the men gathered around the fire and ate with their hands.

It was getting late, and the babies quickly settled in for the night. Luckily it went without tantrums.

Maisie quickly served coffee to everyone. "Wow Maisie you have the sweetest obeying babies!" Pansy remarked. "Thank you, Pansy. Yes, I'm quite lucky, but it is not always easy, I think they are just exhausted." Maisie explained.

Jack and his friends declined the coffee and had a last beer. "Thanks for the nice barbeque Jack!" Durwood said thankfully. "It is our pleasure, maybe we can next time have it at your stand?" Jack suggested.

And just like that a wonderful evening came to an end, the guests thanked the hosts for a relaxing evening and Jack and Maisie bide their guests a safe walk back. 

"What a lovely evening! I'm so glad we did this! And Pansy is actually very nice, just misunderstood." Maisie explained.

The Chestnuts walked in silence, both wanting to speak, but neither having the courage...

"Maybe it is not a bad idea to stay afterall!" they both said together.

Monday, 19 September 2016

Myriam's day.

So after a month's absence I'm back with another story. The past month was just so busy, which included a few personal struggles, but hopefully all is under control now and I will get back to focusing on my favorite hobby. Hope you enjoy the short, simple story.
Nurse Myriam felt both excited and stressed about the day ahead. Today she will administer the vaccines to the babies of the village. Dr Fisher felt she was more than capable to do it alone, so he will only be in later.

Though she felt proud that he had so much faith in her abilities, it will be the first time that she will carry such a huge responsibility on her own. She picked up the list of babies scheduled for today ...

...but before she could finish reading, she heard someone approaching. "Aah yes perfect!" Myriam thought. "Of course I will get the most difficult client first." as she noticed Hatty Huckleberry approaching with the twins.

"Good Morning, Hatty! All set for the vaccination?" she asked as friendly as she could. "Yes, we are, but I notice Dr Fisher is not here, is he running late?" Hatty inquired. Myriam sighed, "No he is not coming in, I will be administering the vaccines on my own." Hatty frowned, "Is that a good idea? Maybe I should rather return later when he is available." 

Luckily the conversation was interrupted by the cheery chatter of Margaux Bercher and her youngest, Ciska.

"Good morning, Margaux and little Cissy!" Myriam greeted friendly. "Morning Myriam, I'm so nervous, can we just get this over and done with as quickly as possible." Margaux greeted.

"Well, you are in luck. You are the first, and we can start immediately." Myriam replied, ignoring Hatty. "That is great, Myriam, and I'm so glad that it is you who will be doing it, nothing against Dr Fisher, but men isn't always as sympathetic." Margaux replied.

"Uhm, excuse me, but I arrived first!" Hatty chipped in. "Oh, sorry Hatty, but I thought you wanted to wait for Dr Fisher." Myriam answered sweetly. "No harm in just getting it done as quickly as possible, can we get a move on, I will be late for my meeting." Hatty said.

Though frustrated with Hatty's behaviour, Myriam stayed calm and quickly gave Jethro his shot, who didn't cry at all.

Luckily, Blanka Buttermilk also arrived and the two friends occupied there little ones while Cordelia got her shot. She wasn't as unfazed about the small prick as Jethro and literally almost made Myriam's eardrums burst with her screaming. Hatty gave Myriam an unpleasant look and scrambled off with the two, trying her best to calm Cordelia.

Myriam greeted her best friend, Blanka, with a look of relief. Things can only get better after her most difficult patient has gone. "Oh, Myriam, don't worry about Hatty too much, remember babies cry and I'm sure Cordelia, would've cried even if Dr Fisher has given her the shot." Myriam just smiled, she wanted to believe that so bad. 

While Blanka occupied little Heike, Myriam gave Ciska her shots. 

Again there was a lot of tears, but unlike Hatty Margaux didn't fuss about it. Ciska was her fourth child and she understood that babies cried when given a shot.

Next it was the turn of little Heike, by now Myriam was a bit rattled, she know it was inevitable for the babies to cry, but she felt so helpless.

"Let's try something different," Blanka suggested, "let her face me, I will distract her with songs and funny faces, while you quickly administer the shot?" Myriam smiled thankfully to her friend, "What a fantastic idea, thank you!"

Blanka's idea worked like magic, and though there were tears it was very few!

Myriam used the same tactic with the Decker triplets, and again very few tears were shed.

Kaitlin was so impressed with Myriam's manner, that she made various comments about how wonderful Myriam treated her babies. Slowly but surely Myriam's confidence was growing again.

The confidence didn't last long however. After the Deckers left, Myriam finally had a chance to check the list of babies she had to vaccinate that morning. She checked off every name ...

...but then she saw the last name on the list 'Jacques Chantilly'. She got such a fright that she dropped the clipboard, "Oh no, I can't do that! I can't inject my own little baby with a syringe."

It was at that exact moment that her husband arrived with little Jacques. "No, no, no I can't do it!" she shrieked.

Not sure what was going on, Maurice quickly put Jacques down and tried to calm Myriam down. 

After listening patiently to her, he draw her closer for a hug, "It will be ok, I will be here to talk you through it, I know you can do this!" he assured her.

With one hand on Myriam's back to calm her and the other on Jacques to distract him, Myriam was ready to vaccinate Jacques. She tried her best to keep a steady hand and quickly gave the shot. She let out a huge sigh of relief when it was over.

To her surprise Jacques didn't cry and immediately, called out "mommy" when she was done.

"You did it, Honey!" Maurice congratulated her, "and see Jacques didn't even blink." Myriam felt really proud of herself.

Just then Dr Fisher appeared, "So how did it go, Myriam?" he inquired. "It was ok, it took a while to get used to it and the crying babies, but next time I will be more confident." she replied.

"Wonderful, Myriam. Congratulations! Now take a quick break, which I'm sure you need and then come back so that we can continue our busy day." Dr Fisher advised.