Sunday, 1 March 2015

Nelson's day

So after decorating the Puddleford home a while back I wanted to do a story where I could show of the house a bit, and it was high time to have a quick look into the life of my "least" favorite character. I think you will get to see a different side of Nelson. Hope you enjoy it!

It was just another quiet morning in Sugarbush Valley and Nelson Puddleford, slave to his routine, enjoyed a peaceful morning in his secluded front garden.

Apart from enjoying his early morning cup of tea and croissant, Nelson also read the paper, but what Nelson most liked to do was to watch the passers by.

There were those who, from experience, knew Nelson was watching them, and turned to greet him.

Then there were those who knew Nelson was watching them, but just ignored him.

There were also those who were totally oblivious of the fact that Nelson was watching them, mostly because they were new to town.

And then, of course, there were those that were totally unaware of the fact that Nelson was sitting there, but were so relieved to see him there, as surely that must mean his shop is open.

Harley: Good morning Mr Puddleford. I'm impressed to see that here are some people in Sugarbush Valley who start there business early in the morning, as we really need some warmer blankets, last night was freezing. Good on you!
Nelson: Pffft... so much for peace and quiet.
Penny: Excuse me, I didn't get that?
Nelson: Oh nevermind, do come in.

Nelson was quite upset about this disturbance. Who in their right minds visit a shop at 7:30 in the morning. It must be city folk, then he remembered that Beth mentioned something about a new Dog Family, the Farthings, moving to the village. "More foreigners then", Nelson thought. Nelson was so caught up in his own thoughts that before he could tell the Farthings to wait outside, everyone piled into the small shop. Now Nelson was really upset.

He was wondering how he could help these people if they crowded his shop, but it didn't seem to bother them, and Nelson helped them as quickly as possible. At least they weren't fussy so the sale was done quickly.

After seeing the Farthings off, Nelson returned to his quiet spot. Surely there must be some time left before he must start his chores. He was, however, again interrupted. This time by Andy and little Marcus Woodbrook.

Nelson actually liked Andy and after a quick chat invited him to sit down and have a cup of tea with him. Andy and his family went for a walk and little Marcus got tired. So while Bethanie and Abigail continued their walk, Andy and Marcus needed a place to rest.

Nelson quickly went inside to fetch Andy a cup of tea, while Andy got comfortable.

The two friends had a nice chat. Mostly about Andy's farm, but also about all the new villagers. Andy had to smile while listening to Nelson complaining about all the "foreigners".

Some time later Bethanie and Abigail appeared and it was time for the Woodbrooks to move on and also start their day.

Nelson thanked Andy for the nice chat and waived them off.

Just as Nelson was about to return to his favorite spot, his wife Beth appeared in the doorway of their little cottage.
Beth (angrily): So will you never be coming in today?
Nelson: I'm so sorry Quackie, it his been a tremendously busy morning.
Beth: Busy? You mean watching people and reading your paper?
Nelson: No ... I served the Farthings, had tea with Andy and ...

Beth: Oh yes very busy indeed, try waking the triplets, getting them dressed and feeding them. And now they are finally ready for their playdate, which you will take them too.
Nelson: Of course, that is way worse. Come on you three lets go.

Nelson wasn't bargaining on taking the triplets to their playdate, but he knew better than to argue with Beth.

Upon returning to the cottage, he found that his paper and tea cup was missing. Beth must have taken it into the house, obviously a clear sign that the lingering has to end, and that the day must start.

Inside, Beth was already cutting the material for her next order of bedding. Nelson was hoping for another cup of tea, but new better than too suggest that.
Nelson: That is a petty fabric, for who is the order. 
Beth: Are you back, finally. It is for someone in Eaglewood, a new client. I want it to be perfect.
Nelson: Your work is always perfect, Quackie. Well, I'm gonna start with the stock take.

Nelson didn't like taking stock. It was a tedious job, but if you want to keep your fingers on things it was one of those tasks you just had to do.

Nelson diligently began the stock take, and was making good progress, when he was interrupted by Pete Petite. Nelson welcomed the break and invited Pete in.

Pete: Good morning Nelson, I have a parcel for you.
Nelson: It must be for Beth, she is working on a new order and has ordered some lace and fabrics for it. How is the little one.
Pete: You mean Halley? Oh she is good, we are still struggling at night with the sleeping, but that is apparently normal.

Nelson: Very normal indeed. Here have this blanket for her, you know, a small something from me and Beth to congratulate you on the new addition to your family.
Pete: Are you sure, wow, it is so pretty and so soft. She will love it.

When Pete has gone, Nelson continued his work, but could here Beth pottering in the kitchen. It was finally lunch time.

Nelson and Beth usually had lunch in the secluded front garden. While enjoying the delicious sandwiches Beth made for them, they chatted about the villagers, business and mostly about the triplets.
Beth: Nelson, I really think we should consider sending them to Delia's nursery.
Nelson: But why? They are clever beyond their years. I don't think they need it. You will do a better job than Delia and it will just be an unnecessary waste of money?
Beth: Oh Nelson, stop being such a fossil. Times change, and I have a full time job. I don't have the time to home school them. Tomorrow I'm taking them to the nursery for an hour or two, Delia will advise me of what to do. Then we will take it from there, and that is it!

Nelson was unhappy, their peaceful lunch, wasn't peaceful at all and it didn't end good. He just want the best for his little ducklings, and he really thought that Beth was more than qualified to teach them herself. Maybe he must consider home schooling them himself. Nelson got up, to go and fetch the children.

Upon returning he found Myriam Chantilly and her kids waiting for him.
Nelson: Hey Myriam, waiting for me?
Myriam: Yes sorry Nelson, but the colder weather was so quick upon us and I realised last night that I don't have enough baby blankets. Can you help?

Nelson: Sure, I have just the thing for you. Come in, but, let the kids play outside.
Myriam: Ok, thank you Nelson.

Myriam was a bit perplexed by the fact that the kids had to stay outside, but it sounds as if Nelson will be able to help her quickly so she lead the way into the tiny shop.

Nelson was glad he did the stock take that morning, this way he knew exactly what to offer Myriam. It was a polka dot blanket that could double as a wrap.
Myriam: Nelson, thank you! It is perfect, and now poor Jacques will be warm and cosy tonight.

Outside, Maurice, Myriam's husband where waiting for them. He just returned from his job at the school and when he saw the kids in the front garden, decided to wait for Myriam. Nelson thanked Myriam for her business and waved them off.

The rest of the afternoon Nelson spent playing with his children. He told them stories, taught them basic math and also how time works.

Soon it was time for the children's evening routing of dinner and bathing, and though he adored his kids, Nelson was very happy to know that he can finally get back on his favoured chair to have some peace and quiet.

And much like the mornings, the passers by acted the same...
Their were those who saw Nelson, and gave a quick wave, but walked on by.

Some stopped by for a quick hello and a chat.

And then there were those who were just to occupied to notice him, but Nelson didn't care about any of these behaviors, as long as he could sit in his chair and not talk much, the world may pass him by.


  1. Thank you for that great story! It made my day! :) Nelson is such a fascinating character! And I see he has a soft heart in his chest sometimes :D

    1. Yes he is not all bad! Thanks for the comment and glad I could brighten your day.

  2. What a nice story! The perfect medicine for a morning of sport at school!

  3. I just love the way you describe the sylvanian everyday life! So cute and easygoing!
    You make me feel relaxed! I also liked the way you started and ended your story with Nelson watching the passers by!<3 Very poetic!...

    1. Poetic! Me? I dont think so, but thank you for the compliment!

  4. Loved it you had me already at "slave to hi routine", So creat to see so many Critters and Nelson Character is so whole. Loved how Beth has him right under her shoe lol

    1. And there you are!!! Thx for the nice comment. And I knew you would love it! When I write something about Nelson I always think of how I can entertain you.

  5. A very funny story, I'm sure everyone knows someone a bit like Nelson in their lives... It's fab to have a diversity of characters, much more interesting to read a story about!

  6. Yes Nelson is probably eveywhere ;-) Thanks for the comment.

  7. Nelson is your least favourite character, oh no! He seems like an old grumpy man, hard to belive he has young triples and he plays with them too. I love how he calls Beth Quackie xD

    1. I thought Quakie was very original, but that she allows it, is sooooo funny, lol!