Wednesday, 25 March 2015

A day with the Woodbrooks

So finally time for a story. These picture were take over three different days, and to ad more diversity to them, some of it were also taken by Sigrun. One day I will buy a Copperbeech Cottage for my Woodbrooks, so I needed Sigrun's help with the breakfast pictures (2 of them) and the very last one where they are relaxing in front of their home. Thank you Sigrun, for again helping me out. Enjoy the story everyone!

Andy Woodbrook wiped the sweat from his brow, he was finally done loading all the produce onto the cart. Now just for a quick breakfast, then he can go and make the deliveries.

In the kitchen Bethanie has already set the table, she and the children where just waiting for Andy. Andy's stomach gave a growl when he saw the delicious food, he was raucously hungry. He gave his family each a good morning kiss.

Andy: Thanks dear for a delicious breakfast
Bethanie: It is my pleasure, are you all loaded?
Andy: Yes, and it is quite a load, I will probably be gone the whole day delivering it.
Abigail: Will I ride with you to school.
Andy: Yes Abi, you will.
Marcus: Want go too!
Bethanie: Maybe that is not a bad idea, I'm all done at home. I have a few things to do in the village and maybe I can see Tamsie.

Andy: Everyone ready?
Abigail: Yes daddy!

Andy was glad his family joined him, although the village wasn't far, he preferred company and this way he could always have a nice chat with Bethanie.

Andy: Are you thinking of taking Marcus to Penny?
Bethanie: I was thinking of trying out Penny, yes, he was rather fine the previous time, so I want to leave him a bit longer this time.
Andy: That is a good idea, he must get use to school, especially if he will join Delia's nursery next year.
Bethanie: That was my thoughts too.

Soon they arrived in the village and the first stop was Abi's school.
Bethanie: Look there is Frances, she is already waiting for you, enjoy your day my love.
Andy: Be good Abi and see you later.
Abigail: Bye mommy, daddy and Marci, love you all.
Marcus: Bye bye Abi.

Andy dropped his wife and little Marcus in-front of the commune. He blew Bethanie a kiss and waved to Marcus, and drove off. He can't wait to see everyone's faces when he delivers these beautiful fresh vegetable.

Bethanie was glad to find Penny in the kitchen,
Bethanie: Good morning Penny? Still alone?
Penny: Yes I am, I'm still struggling to get everyone around here, to trust me.
Bethanie: Don't worry that will soon change and I think it is more a matter of "trust you with their children, then trusting you".
Penny: I guess, at this point in time I'm more a glorified babysitter than a daycare mother, but I must be patient.
Bethanie: You must be, the villagers will come around, and on that note, do you mind looking after Marcus today? I know it is short notice, but I want him to get use to you.
Penny: Oh yes, of course! I would love to look after him. Just yesterday I saw these amazing crafts you can make from used toilet paper rolls, so we will try that our.

Bethanie left Marcus at Penny with a happy heart, and he was contend to stay too. Her first stop would be at Aaron's workshop.
Aaron: Good morning Bethanie, how are you?
Bethanie: I am fine thank you Aaron.
Aaron: What brings you by?
Bethanie: I would just like to find out how busy you are? Andy's uncle Roger, left a lot of old furniture in the cottage, some of it seems valuable and I would like you to have a look at it, and repair those that needs some attention.
Aaron: Aaaah that sounds very interesting, I will see when I have time, then I'll come by, I am not that busy at the moment.

Bethanie thanked Aaron and left. Next stop is the Country Market, she just want to fill up on some bathroom necessities.

Bethanie loved visiting the Country Market. Spencer was always friendly and ready for an interesting chat, and the items that he had on sale were glorious. While chatting to Spencer about a specific ointment her sister-in-law, Svetlana, told her about, she noticed her best friend, Tamsie, entering the Market. She immediately ended her conversation with Spencer and walked over to Tamsie.

The two friends were happy to see each other and decided to have a cup of tea in Arvey's Tea Room.
Tamsie: So what brings you to town? You never venture in here without letting me know, so I guess this was a "spur-of-the-moment" idea.
Bethanie (laughing): Oh you know me to well. For some reason I was up early, and got all the cleaning and chores done before breakfast. I just needed to see some people, so yes, I decided to come with Andy, on his delivery rounds, but it was my intention to go round the bakery to see you.
Tamsie: I believe you.

The friends had a lovely time and multiple cups of tea.

MEANWHILE not far from the Country Market, Andy stopped at the Deli, owned by the Corntops, for his first delivery, a case of deliciously sweet tomatoes.

Hector: Good morning Andy, thanks for the tomatoes, they look delicious, and so rosy and red.
Andy (proudly): I am quite proud of this crop, you must taste them. Will you sell them fresh or will Christabel make some magic and turn them into something special.
Hector (laughing): Oh I'm not really sure, maybe a tomato quiche. Tell me Andy, how is that garlic coming?
Andy (blushing): I'm really struggling with those Hector, I don't know why. You need some?
Hector: Yes, I want to cure some meat and make salami, but my garlic is running low.

With promises of delivering the garlic soon, Andy hurried off.

His next stop was Bob Blackberry's Fresh Produce Market in the square.
Andy: Good Morning, Bob. I see you are just waiting for me?
Bob: Indeed, yesterday afternoon Wilbur Redwood stopped by and bought all my vegetable for the Supermarket, luckily I had no customers yet, so I'm relieved to see you.

The men quickly unloaded the cart.
Bob: Wow Andy! Look at these pumpkins, they are amazing! Betty, I think we should keep these for ourselves, my mouth is now watering for some pumpkin pie.
Andy: Thank you Bob, but I'm more proud of these cauliflower. 

After some more "oohing" and "aahing" about Andy's wonderful vegetables, Andy said his goodbyes and went off. The last stop will be the Pizzeria. He arranged with Bethanie to meet her there for lunch and of course he has to make Frasier's delivery too.

When Andy arrived, he noticed that Bethanie was already waiting for him. She was deep in conversation with Wilbur Redwood, who owned the Supermarket.
Frasier: Morning Andy, here for a bite?
Andy: Yes, and of course for your delivery. I must say I am a bit mystified by your order of mealies and radishes, are you trying out something new?
Frasier: Yes, I actually want to, the mealies will be for the dough, and the radishes will be combined with some sausages and spinach leaves, I think it will be an amazing explosion of taste.

Andy tried his best to hide his disgust, as that really didn't sound like something he would eat, but he will not say that to Frasier. Frasier gets offended soon, and it was better to just smile.
Andy: Hey Beth? Had a lovely morning?
Bethanie: Yes, I had a nice visit with Tamsie, oh and I already ordered the pizza so we won't wait long.
Andy: That is great, thanks. So any news?
Bethanie: Oh not much, I went to Aaron, he told me he will come by some time and have a look at that lot of old furniture.
Andy: Good thinking, I think he will do a great job in restoring it.

After a delicious lunch, it was time for the Woodbrooks to head home. They stopped by the Commune to pick up the children. As arranged Abigail was waiting for there too.
Bethanie: Marci! How did it go Penny?
Penny: Great, he is such a delight and the cleverest thing!

Bethanie again thanked Penny for her time, and with that they went home. Nice as the outing into the village was, it was still great to ride home.

Later that evening, after dinner, the Woodbrooks enjoyed the last bit of daylight in the front garden. Andy again realised how happy he was and would never trade this live for anything.


  1. It was fantastic, looks like delivery alone is a full time job:) Really loved to see all the businesses, Aaron workshop being one of my favorite. I think I agree with Andy about that pizza though and will order something more traditional lol

    1. Thank you for the elaborate comment. Frasier really has weird taste.

  2. What a nice story to start the day! :) It was so much fun to follow the Woodbrooks into all the businesses. I really hope Andy can deliver the garlic soon ;), garlic salami is fantastic :D Thank you for this wonderful story!

    1. I'm sure Andy will find a way to deliver the garlic!

  3. Loved it all the way! Andy's day is so full and happy! I love life in your village!
    Oh,no, you made me want the Woodbrooks now too!...:D

  4. I loved this story! I lived the different perspectives you made, especially Bethanie's day :D