Sunday, 8 November 2015

Delia's day!

Delia wasn't ready for this day. She had no energy and wondered how will she keep more than 20 toddlers occupied and interested feeling like this. She decided to have a look in her diary what she has planned for the day.

However, just as she was about to open it to the particular day, there was a soft knock on the door. It was Camilla Hunter-Smyth, "Good morning, Delia, sorry to bother you this early. Delia surprised herself with a smile and greeted Camilla friendly, "Good morning Cami, but why so early I really hope everything is ok with the triplets?"

"Oh yes, they are just fine, more energy than ever. I just have to be in Blueberry Hill for some business and I wanted to leave early." Camilla explained. 

The two friends chatted some more, before Camilla left. Delia sighed, and thought to herself 'let the day begin'.

Soon after that the little ones began arriving. That morning it was Teri's turn to bring Creme and her best friend, Briel to school. "Morning Delia!" Teri chirped. 'How can anyone be so upbeat in the morning", Delia thought to herself, before greeting Teri. "Morning Teri, how are you?"

Too soon all the children have arrived and Delia was alone with them. Luckily they began each morning with story time and some singing. Reading the story was a bit of a challenge, but when they came to the singing, Delia only played a note on the little piano here and there, but the children didn't seem to mind.

As they were about to finish the last song, a familiar head appeared in the door way. It was that of Andrey Buttermilk, the resident Dentist. 'Oh no', Delia thought, 'I don't have the energy for any new enrollments today! Why can't people just wait till the open day.'

She quickly went outside just to be met by Blanka too. "Heya Andrey, how can I help?" Delia greeted almost grumpily. "Morning Delia, are we to early?" Andrey inquired. "Too early for what?" Delia asked hesitantly. "Have you forgotten, Delia? Oh no, or do we have the date wrong? You said something about a wellness and health day at school, and that you wanted us to come and speak to the children about dental health?" Then it daunt on Delia, and it all came rushing back. "Oh of course, of course, come in come in, I just thought it was someone else first!" Delia quickly recovered.

Andrey and Blanka quickly set up their dental equipment and the little ones gathered round excitedly. None of them have ever been to the dentist.

Some of the older boys were relieved to be allowed to sit on the roof.

After a very informative, yet simple explanation of the importance of dental care, the children were allowed to touch the instruments and Andrey patiently explained the use of each item. Blanka answered some difficult questions, with which the little girls peppered her.

Delia accompanied the Buttermilks outside and thanked them for the excellent lecture, hoping that she was clever enough to organised some more lectures for the kids.

Just as she was about to go inside she was relieved to see Betty and Bob Blackberry approaching. She was, however, reluctant to make a fool of herself again, as she was unsure if she did asked them to attend the wellness day too. "Morning Bob, Betty!" she called out. "Morning Delia, I must admit this wellness day initiative of you is a wonderful one!" And just like that Betty answered her question.

Bob and Betty quickly arranged their fruit and vegetables display, and had a very interactive session with the kids. Delia was quite proud of them, as they knew the name and color of each product.

Afterwards Bob and Betty also allowed them to taste the different products. The raw fruit was very popular but it took some convincing to have them taste raw cauliflower and carrots.

Delia thanked the Blackberries for taking the time to teach the children about the importance of eating fruit and vegetables, and waved them goodbye.

While the kids played outside, she took the opportunity to quickly reorgnise the nursery. Already thinking that the kids must maybe draw their favorite fruit and vegetable when they come in form playtime.

Just as she was about to call them in, another knock came on the nursery door. It was Shelley Darwin. 'Could it be that, I arranged another lecture for the children", Delia smiled at herself.

"Morning Delia, are you ready for us?" Shelley asked. "Indeed we are! What do you have in mind? Delia smiled. "Well, we brought the popcorn cart, you asked about healthy snacks and sweets?" Geoff said. "Perfect", Delia agreed, "I think it is best if we have this lecture outside?"

Geoff started the lecture by talking about healthy eating, but that once in a while one needs a treat and what better way than a sweet treat. The children all clapped when they heard this.

"Popcorn is an ideal snack, especially if it is air-popped, like we do at our cart." Shelley explained, "because no oil or butter is used!"

"Another alternative is fruit and candy combined, or fruit and chocolate." Geoff suggested.

The highlight of the day for the kids, was of course to sample some of the Darwin's delicious healthy sweet treats. The kids all agreed that even if chocolate dipped bananas were strange it was still good.

"Thank you so much for surprising me with just a wonderful and smart lecture", Delia thanked the Darwins. "It was only our pleasure", Geoff replied.

Delia couldn't believe the day has come to and end, and she felt less tired. All the children left, excitedly informing their parents about healthy eating and healthy snacks.

"Hello Honey!" It was Gordon, with the twins, coming to walk her and little Jocelyn home. "How was your day?" Gordon asked.

Delia thought for awhile, wanting to complain about not having any energy, then she realised that it actually was a wonderful day!