Monday, 27 October 2014

Monday Memories

So after a chaotic week of renovating a bathroom and contractors not delivering, the weekend came and flew past!

We had my husband's birtday celebration on Saturday night so the whole Saturday were spent cleaning up the house and the mess after the contractors left. Even though we only had work done in the bathroom, the whole house was dirty and dusty.

Then yesterday, ironically most of the day was spent again cleaning up after my guests. So when I finally managed to finish that, I was just too exhausted to keep my head up, and again like the previous weekend my Sylvanians were totally ignored.

So I thought of promoting a story that I did last year October - understand monday memories, now?

So enjoy the one about Mae Mulberry and hopefully by next week Monday I'll might have something new for you.

Then I would once again like to promote our SF forum, but this time more specifically a thread that a friend is currently updating regularly about her village, Mystique Valley. She took a weekend to set up her whole collection in the form of how she imagined her village should look like and then another forum member helped her to colour in the surroundings. Go here, it is totally amazing what they managed to do and worth looking at. She regularly post new photos so don't fall behind.

Hope that you will have a wonderful week and a blessed Monday!


P.S. Dont forget about my competition. Go her for more info.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Competition time

So after a hectic week and with another one ahead, I realised that I will, like the previous weekend, again not have time for my beloved Sylvanians this weekend. This got me thinking in how to entertain/engage my readers. ( I dislike long silences on other blogs I follow and want to avoid it at all cost on mine, even though it is sometimes really difficult to write something.)

Then I had an idea, and if I may say so myself I think it is kind of brilliant. I will run another COMPETITION! Yay!

This time however, it is a bit more complicated than usual and will need some effort from my readers.

You will need to do a review of any Sylvanian Families item and post it on the Sylvanian Families Review sub-forum. That sounds easy right!

And for your effort, the cute and a must have in any Sylvanian home EB Sylvanian Fridge are up for grabs!

Just a few rules to make things easier for the contestants and judges

  • You have to be a member of the Sylvanian Families Forum. Registration is quick and easy, and believe you me if you are not a member yet, you will want to be one.
  • Reviews must be done on a Sylvanian Families item
  • It can be any Sylvanian Families item, i.e. family, baby, carry case, room set, furniture set, ready to play set, house, shop, set with figure etc (do ask if you are unsure)
  • Sets with some items missing will be allowed, given that it is not the "main feature" of the set, i.e. if you are reviewing The Garden Barbeque set it will be of no use if Maurice (the figure) or the barbeque is missing, but if a plate or a glass is missing it will be okay. Up to a maximum of 2 missing items will be allowed, and entries will not be disqualified.
  • You may use a figure in the review, to demonstrate or better show off the items in the set (but be sure to mention the figure is NOT part of the set).
  • 3 entries per person.
  • Closing date: 23 November 2014 - it might seem a long way off, but putting a review or two together can be time consuming.
  • Have a look at the review section of the forum to get an idea how it is done, if you are unsure. Just keep in mind less words, more pictures! Here is an example of a good review.
Hope you all will enter! Would love to hear your comments about this and do feel free to ask some questions!

Happy reviewing!

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

An unexpected delivery!

So time for a new story, sorry for the delay, but I was just too busy Monday to do it and then the work got more and spilled over to Tuesday. Once again a BIG, no HUGE thank you to Sigrun for helping with the photos of the Chestnut campsite. I'm planning to get the small vintage caravan for the Chestnuts in the future, and she was kind enough to help me out for now. Also thanks Sigrun for letting me use your Village in my story.  I hope you enjoy it too!

So here we go! Enjoy it!

Amy: Mommy, mommy Ricky took Amy's doll.
Ricky: Mommy, mommy Amy is playing with my rings.
Pansy: Oh stop it you two rascals, are you bored?

It was a sunny, but cool Spring day in the Valley and ideal for playing outside, without worrying about sunburn and heat exhaustion. Pansy was busying herself with her morning chores, but with the kids constantly bickering it was difficult to get anything done!

Pansy loved the peacefulness of their campsite. At first she and Durwood were just passing through the small village, but something unexpected happened and a short stay turned into a year and six months, and though Pansy is not particularly content with living in the village, she is not entirely unhappy too.

Some of the villagers like Hatty Huckleberry and Nelson Puddleford can be a handful and a bit of a nuisance, but Pansy has learned that if she doesn't venture into the village, she will have the peace she has always longed for. She came from a large family, four sisters and three brothers, and she never knew what silence was, until Durwood saved her and took her on this wonderful adventure they are having.

She loves the fact that her time is her own and that she doesn't have to work. The main reason for this is that they are happy with what they have. They love their old vintage caravan. It is clean and in immaculate condition. Inside it is comfortably furnished with all they will ever need. Durwood basically has to earn money to provide food and pay the monthly rent for the stand in the Sugarbush Valley caravan park, which to say the least is actually laughable so little is it. Besides that they plant a tree around their campsite every month, which decreases their rent even more.

Pansy looked over to Durwood where he was chomping wood for the evening fire. He was such a strong man, but with the kindest of hearts. She loved him dearly and will do anything to keep him happy. And he is happy, that is why she is also more than happy to stay in this Village, but also live the way they are.

Pansy: Honey, I think I'm going to take a walk with the children, they are getting bored.
Durwood: That is a good idea, I'm also worried that a stray piece of wood will hit them on the head.
Pansy: Oh yes. I don't want that. Can I get you anything before I go?
Durwood: I would love a cup of coffee
Ricky and Amy (in unison): We want coolies, we want coolies.
Pansy sighed and got up. The two rascals are at their best today. One moment fighting, the next moment teaming up to aggravate her. She went into the caravan, and minutes later emerge again with a cup of coffee and two sippy cups.

Pansy: Ok, we are off, see you a little later.
Durwood: Enjoy the walk. Look for some mushrooms. And kids, be good for mommy!
Ricky and Amy (in unison): Ok daddy.

The change in the kids behavior, as soon as they left the camp site, was palpable. It became obvious to Pansy that they just needed a change of scenery. All of a sudden, they were communicating like a brother and sister who actually loved one another and everything they were seeing were just amazing. They literally stopped and smelled the flowers.

They were lucky enough to cross paths with some turtles, and Ricky lied down beside them just to get a better view of them.

Unlike many children, Ricky and Amy loved radishes, and they were beyond themselves when they came across a row of wild radishes, growing along the foot path. They had great fun pulling them of the ground and gobbling it up.

Their fun was however interrupted by a stranger, who was announced by Amy's shrill shriek. Amy disliked strangers and all strangers are received or announced in this manner.

Stranger (hesitantly): Good afternoon Ma'am. I am truly sorry for interrupting y'all, but I'm looking for a one Mrs Heidi Mcburrows.
Pansy: And your name, sir?
Stranger: Oh, yeah, of course, truly sorry, Ma'am. I'm Devon Dale.
Pansy: Please to meet you Devon. To answer your question, Heidi actually lives close by, but I'm almost certain that she will not be home. But why would you be looking for her?

Devon: You see, Ma'am, I have this delivery for her, from her cousin Mrs Mizu who lives in Mystique Valley, but due to the fragility of the package, it couldn't be mailed, so as I favor to Mrs Mizu I'm delivering it personally.
Pansy: Ok, I see. Do you want me to help you look for her. She might be in town somewhere?
Devon: Oh sure, please and thank you Ma'am, I would really appreciate that.

Pansy: But the only problem is I don't think my two babies will be able to walk that far, will you lift them in the basket, then I'll carry the plant.
Devon: Oh golly, I'm not too sure about that, Ma'am. You see that is a very rare kind of plant, indigenous to the woods of Mystique Valley, will you be careful with it.
Pansy: I don't know much about plants and gardening, but I do know that you should handle gifts with care, so don't worry, the plant will be safe in my hands.
And with that cleared, the odd looking foursome made their way along the footpath towards the Village.

As they turned the corner into Sugarbush Drive, they almost knocked over Andy and Bethanie Woodbrook.
Devon: Oh so sorry, Sir, Ma'am, are you alright?
Bethanie: Sure, sure. Don't worry we just got a bit of a fright, we didn't expect you. Hello Pansy.
Pansy: Hi Bethanie and Andy. 
Andy: Strange to see you in town Pansy, you don't usually venture in here.
Pansy: I know, but Devon here needed my help, and I needed to get the kids away from the campsite, they were getting bored.
Andy: Please to meet you Devon. Anything we can help you with. Pansy are you okay?
Devon: Likewise Mister Andy. No, Pansy is being a great help.
Pansy: I think I will be fine, thank you Andy. But you haven't by any chance see Heidi Mcburrows?
Bethanie: Yes, in fact we did. We just dropped the kids off at the Redwoods, so that we can enjoy a peaceful lunch at the Hamburger Restaurant, and I noticed Digger and Heidi were working in their Garden.
Devon: Oh joy, thank you so much.
Pansy: You have been a great help, thanks Bethanie and Andy. Enjoy your lunch!

Pansy and Devon rounded the corner and Devon was relieved to notice that Pansy stopped at the first house, as he was extremely tired from all the cycling. Just as Pansy knocked on the door, loud giggles could be heard from the side of the house. It was indeed Frances Redwood and her younger friend Molly Mcburrows.
Pansy: Good afternoon Frances and Molly, are your parents home.
Frances: Yes my mommy and daddy is inside and Molly's parents are doing our ... uhm ... scapelanding.
Pansy: You mean landscaping, sweetie pie? It is a big and hard word, but it is good that you try.
Frances (blushing): Yes, it is. Come with us.

Meantime in the Redwood garden ...

Digger Mcburrows were feeling extremely happy and content. He was pruning the bushes in the Redwood garden. He stopped a minute to take a breath. Landscaping and maintaining other's gardens were hard work, but he loved it. He was even happier that Heidi supported him and even helped him, as she was the one with the actual green fingers.

Digger (at Cali and Monty): Be careful you two.
Little Cali and Monty climbed onto a wooden table and was now considering jumping off again. He was glad too see that the children were enjoying themselves, even though it was somewhat disturbing at times.

Even little shy Molly was happy to be around the year older Frances, and it actually looked as if they enjoyed each others company. It was just Muddy who was not visible, but Digger just shrugged, he was probably getting mud all over his clothes somewhere. Digger heard the knock on the door, but didn't pay much attention to it, as he noticed that Wilbur got up to get it.

It turned out to be the Woodbrook family who just dropped off Abigail and Marcus for their play-date with Frances and Cali.
Fliss: Heidi, sorry to disturb you while you are so busy, but have you seen Frances.
Heidi (looking up): Sorry, unfortunately not. They have just been here.
Frances: The little rascal, she has been looking forward to Abigail's visit the whole morning, constantly asking me when she will be here, and now that Abigail is finally here, she has disappeared.

The mystery was however quickly solved as Frances and Molly, accompanied by Pansy and a stranger, appeared at the corner of the garden.

As expected Frances was glad to see her best friend and together with Molly they immediately went into the house. Pansy quickly introduced Devon to the Mcburrows and Redwoods and then gave him a chance to explain the reason for his visit.

Heidi: What? Mizu send me a Mystique flower. How on earth did she manage that? I'm sure that Mayor Bill Waddlington is unaware of this. As he did almost get a fit when he saw that Mizu has one her garden.
Devon: Uhm, I'm not too sure what to answer to that Ma'am. I don't really know anything about it, please I don't want to get into trouble or have my family kicked out of Mystique Valley because I did something wrong.
Digger: No, no, no Devon don't worry. I'm sure Heidi didn't mean it like that. And you know what Heidi, I'm sure Mizu got it from Graber that grew the flowers in Mystique Valley, so we need not worry.

Heidi (winking at Digger): I'm sure you are right Digger. All those Mcburrows up there are somehow connected and always owe one another favors so I'm sure that is how Mizu got her hand on this.
Heidi clutched the plant and almost hugged it, she was overjoyed with the prospect of finally having her own Mystique Flower.

Digger thanked Devon for his trouble of delivering this rare flower safely. Everyone was in awe of the magnificent flower and Molly had to tell the story of how she saw it for the first time in Mystique Valley while she was visiting her cousin, Mizu and her husband there.

Fliss refilled the lemonade for the adults and spoiled the younger kids with a big sundae. Their were many questions flying around and Pansy patiently relayed the events of earlier to everyone.

After a refreshing drink and nice chat, Devon was ready to continue his journey. Heidi once again thanked Devon for the wonderful gift and the Redwoods invited Pansy and her family for dinner one evening.
Pansy: Thank you for the invitation Fliss, I will speak to Durwood and will let you know what evening suits us.
Digger: Go well Devon and our love and greetings to the Critters in Mystique Valley.

And just like that everything was quiet again and the Mcburrows could continue their work. Heidi couldn't keep her eyes of her new plant and was dreaming of where to put it in her house, already making plans of how she could regrow it here in Sugarbush Valley.

After a hard day's work, Digger and Heidi felt content with what they accomplished and Wilbur and Fliss were very happy with the neat and perfect state of their garden.  
Wilbur: Thanks for the hard work Digger and Heidi, I will make an appointment when we need you again.
Digger: No problem, you know we are always available for your.
Fliss: You do magic, I never thought our garden will look this perfect.
Heidi: It is our pleasure, and do bring the children round for a playdate, if you and Wilbur need some quiet time.
Frances: Yes, please mommy I would love to visit Molly down at the Burrow.
Fliss: Well, then that is settled, I will be in touch Heidi, thank you!

Meanwhile Pansy also arrived back home safely. Durwood was nowhere to be seen. He was probably taking a nap, hopefully preparing dinner, which Pansy doubt. As she climbed the stairs into the caravan, she thought back on her day, smiled and realised that she does like living in Sugarbush Valley, and that she will tell Durwood tonight that she will be happy to stay here forever.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Photoweek pictures

Just a quick post this morning about something I want to show you!

First of all on the Sylvanian Families Forum we are running a photoweek every week for a different animal. Basically members can then post their photos of the particular animal up for the week.

So yesterday I quickly took two photos, on for the sheep and another for the dog photoweek. But I mainly wanted to try out the new greenery that I got.

I went into, what I suppose is a version of a "dollar store", here it is better known as a "china shop" though, and found something I've been looking for for ages. Some bushes/plants/foliage/greenery for my scenes. It was really cheap and I bought a few bunches, but will definitely go back for more. I love them and they give a 3-dimensional look to the photos.

So here is the photos.

Photo 1: A stranger just cycled into Sugarbush Valley. Who is he and what does he have in his basket.
This figure is actually my boy's. But I thought I will borrow him for the photoweek picture. I was unsure what to do with "it". As I only had about 10 minutes to shoot something. Well it ended up being a he on a vintage bicycle. I'm wondering if he must feature in my next story.

Photo 2:  Boys playing - David, Zac and Hector was unaware that they were being spied on.
Zac is my favorite favorite boy figure and I think Hector is a distant second. Isn't Zac just adorable. And those triplets got "trouble" written all over their faces. Poor Camilla I really feel for her.

Hope you found the photos entertaining. And feel free to offer any help with regards to arranging my plants so that it look more real.

Monday, 6 October 2014

A Day with Prissy Thistlethorn.

Prissy Thistlethorn sat bolt upright in her bed. She quickly looked around the room. Her brother and parents' beds were neatly made and they have obviously left for breakfast without her. Prissy really disliked mornings. She struggled to wake up and then it was even harder to get out of her warm and comfy bed. Prissy sighed and dragged herself out of bed.

She got dressed and went to the bathroom to wipe her face and brush her teeth. She could hear the chatter of her fellow Commune residents downstairs in the kitchen. Why does everyone sounds so chirpy and happy. Why can't mornings start later.

In the large Commune Kitchen some kind of organised chaos reigned, the kids were enjoying breakfast while the mother's were scurrying around to get everything to everyone's taste. For Prissy this was the best part of living in the Commune, one was always surrounded by lots of people and now that her best friend, Jasmine Bouquet, and her family was also temporarily living here, it was even better.

Lester (grinning): Morning Sis, late again I see.
Prissy (smirking): I'm not late, and for your information I was doing a bit of last minute studying for our class test.
Jasmine (worried): Test? What test?
Prissy (winking at Jasmine): Don't worry about it, you will do great, and you can always get your answers from me.

Willow: Pristine Constance Thistlethorn! I surely hope that what you just said was a joke, as if I should ever find out that you cheat during a class test you will be grounded for life.
Prissy detested her full names and even more so when her mother uses them like that. She could see her brother making fun of her behind her mother's back and vowed to get him back for this, but how she was unsure.

 Prissy quickly finished her breakfast, hurriedly kissed her mother goodbye and together with Jasmine rushed off to school.

On the playground at school, the children were gathered in their usual groups. 
The "babies",

the "cute" ones,

 the "popular" ones,

and the "senior" girls. 

If you didn't fall in one of those groups you weren't really that important, or that was how the "outsiders" felt, which was obviously not true.

Their first class for the morning was English with Mr Huckleberry. Though Mr Huckleberry is actually the senior class teacher, he does teach them English. English is one of Prissy's favorite subjects, and even if she dreams of being a singer one day, she would love to write books too.

In class she sits next to Willow. That morning she ends up sitting next to Geo Hawton too, which makes her very uncomfortable, as she really likes Geo and she knows that she is blushing scarlet red.

To worsen matters her brother, Lester, starts chanting "Prissy and Geo sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S KISS!" She wants to kill him, now he was two up against her. She will have to get him back, but HOW! But to her further dismay Geo turns around, looks his friend in the eyes and says ... "So what if Prissy and I sat in a tree kissing. At least I will be the envy of many others."

Prissy was sure, her whole body was now scarlet red, and her ribs felt very sore too, as Willow keeps hiting her with her elbow in the ribs. At least it was nice to hear Geo say that and for once someone could silence her brother.

After English class, which felt like ages, due to the Geo-factor, it is time for History with Mr Chiffon. It is a boring subject, but Prissy try her best to concentrate as her dad always urges her to do well in History, " it shows that you are a Patriot, my dear."

Finally Mr Huckleberry rings the bell to announce break time. Prissy and Jasmine goes outside and rushes over to one of the benches. Their friend Willow Cottontail is already sitting there. At first they don't notice anything out of the ordinary with Willow, but soon they realise that she is crying.

Prissy (sympathetically): Willow, what is the matter, why are you crying?
Willow (quickly drying the tears): Oh it is nothing.
Jasmine: Well, if you are crying it can't be nothing, you can tell us we are your friends.
Willow (crying even louder): That is exactly the point, you are not my friends, I have no one.
Prissy: No, no, but we are your friends. Look here is Jenna and Odette too.
Willow: It is just I miss having my own special friend too. Prissy you and Jasmine have each other and here is Jenna and Odette, inseparable as ever, look around the playground, though it is small groups of children, everyone has someone else.

Neither Prissy nor Jasmine or any of the others, had something to comfort Willow with and they were relieved that the bell rang at that precise moment. They walked beside Willow back to the classroom, and Prissy felt terrible for not being able to comfort her friend.

The rest of the school day passed without any incidents and as the bell rang to announce the end of the school day, Prissy and Jasmine said their goodbyes, maybe they will meet up again later, but for now they have to go their separate ways. Jasmine promised to help her mother in the restaurant to set the tables for the evening and Prissy has to help her mother in the Haberdashery.

Prissy dragged her feet along the street to her parent's shop. The shop was quiet for a Friday afternoon. Her mom was working behind the counter, counting some thread and she new that her dad went to The Big City to do some stock buying. Their was only two customers in the shop, who Prissy didn't recognise, a mother goat and her daughter looking at some curtain material in the corner.

Prissy: Hello mommy.
Willow: Hey Pris, how was your day?
Prissy: It was ok, English was fantastic, History very boring and mommy I sat next to Geo.
Willow: Geo? Oh you mean the Hawton boy? You like him?
Prissy: Yes, I do, but I'm too young for that nonsense, oh and something sad happened.

Willow immediately stopped working and looked at Prissy.
Willow (worried): What happened dear, are you okay?
Prissy: Yes I am fine, it has nothing to do with me. It is Willow Cottontail.
Willow: What is the matter?
Prissy: We found her during break all alone on a bench crying. She said she felt like she had no friends.
Willow (perplexed): Oh, but aren't you her friend.
Prissy: Yes I am, but she said I have Jasmine and Jenna has Odette and she is always the odd one out.
Willow: Poor girl, did you comfort her and assured her of your friendship?
Prissy: Not really, it was just a hard situation...

In the meantime the Goat Mother and her daughter came over to the counter, and Willow had to attend to them.
Willow: Will that be all Ma'am?
Goat: Yes thank you. And sorry for my rudeness I am Ellema Brightfield and this is my daughter Meshia.
Willow: Good to meet you I am Willow Thistlethorn and this is my daughter Prissy.
Ellema: You have a lovely store Willow, I will spend hours in here, but my husband, Gill and little girl Brie, are waiting in the Hamburger Restaurant opposite the street for us, and I don't want to keep them.
Willow: Thank you for the kind compliment. What brings you to our beautiful village? Passing through?
Ellema: No, we will actually be moving here shortly, or rather thinking about it. We went to see the estate agent this morning, but it seems that housing is a bit of a problem, so now we are unsure.

Being so outgoing Prissy immediately struck up a conversation with Meshia, who was much shyer.
Prissy: So, how old are you?
Meshia: I'm ten.
Prissy (excitedly): Really?! Me too! Are you excited about maybe moving here?
Meshia (shyly): I don't know. As long as mommy and daddy are with me I don't mind.
Prissy: We have a great school and I have a great friend Jasmine, oh and Willow.
Meshia: You sound lucky, I only have one friend in The Big City and she is not alwasy that nice.
Prissy: Well, Jasmine and Willow are fabulous.

Ellema: Sorry to interrupt your conversation girls, but Mesh we have to go. Brie will get impatient and give your father a hard time.
Meshia: Ok mommy, bye Prissy it was nice to meet you and maybe I can meet Jasmine and Willow soon too.
Willow and Prissy (in unison): Bye, go well

Prissy: Oh wow, what a sweet little girl. I hope they move here, we can be good friends.
Willow: ... and maybe she and Willow can become best friends like you and Jasmine:
Prissy: Oh mommy you are so clever. Can I go and tell Willow please.
Willow: Dear, I don't want to dampen your spirit, but I think you should hold off on telling her. We don't want to get her hopes up, what if they don't move here afterall? But I'm sure you can tell both of your friends of the girl you met in the store and how great she was.
Prissy (hugs her mother): Mommy, you give the best advice ever, thank you.

After getting some instructions from her mother, Prissy left the Haberdashery. Just outside the shop she quickly got the list out again to orientate herself where to start
  • bananas, apples and pumpkin (from fresh produce market)
  • toothpaste and cream (from Maces market)
  • flowers for shop (from florist)
  • shoe polish - black (from shoe shop)
  • tart for dessert (from delicatessen)

Prissy went in the direction of the Blackberries Market first, it was furtherst out of the way. On arrival at the Market she bumped into the twins. She never knew what to say to them. Ingrid was always friendly, but Yvette wasn't talkative at all and Prissy got the idea that since Yvette joined her family, Ingrid was less friendly too. She waived shyly to the older girls, placed her order with Mr Bob, paid and left as soon as possible.

With the basked of produce she went by the shoe shop next. Prissy, like most other girls loved the shoe shop, but she wished Mr Periwinkle will stock handbags, she loved those more than shoes. Rebecca was helping her father in the shop. Prissy liked Rebecca, who was always friendly. Rebecca will definitely be school president one day. Mr Periwinkle handed Prissy the requested shoe polish, asked about her parents and told her to send him his regards.

The Delicatessen was next to shoe shop, so Prissy went to get the tart her Mother ordered for dessert next. Abigail Woodbrook and her mother Bethanie were also buying some treats for the evening. Prissy always felt so inferior to some of these younger girls, especially Abigail and her friend Frances Redwood, who were quite big for their age. 

Pippa had the tart ready for Prissy. It looked delicious, and Prissy can barely wait for dinner, after she's seen it, but she knows better than to have a taste or even dip her finger into the cream.
Prissy: Thank you Mrs Henry-Lloyd. It looks delicious.
Pippa: It is one of my favorites too, to eat and to bake.
They had a quick giggle about the tiny joke and prissy greeted Mrs Henry-Lloyd and went off to the Florist.

Prissy was beginning to struggle with the heavy basked of fruit and carrying the tart. She wished a handsome knight in shiny armour, like Geo Hawton, would come to her rescue.

She barely made it to the florist, arms aching, but she quickly forgot about the inconvenience when she saw that Amelia Whiskers and her friend Kirsty Corntop were inside the florist. Prissy took a deep breath. She completely "heroed" Kirsty Corntop and if she had an oppurtunity to be and look like any other girl it would be Kirsty.
Amelia: Hello Prissy.
Kirsty: Poor you, you have way too much stuff to carry.
Prissy: No... uhm ... I think I'm fine.

Luckily they left without talking to much after that, and Prissy could compose herself and order the flowers from Mrs Whiskers. 

Outside the shop she bumped into Jasmine, who also had to come and buy some flowers for the Restaurant.
Prissy (surprised): Hey Jaz, what are you doing here?
Jasmine: My dear mother again forgot to get some fresh flowers for the Restaurant, and after she almost had an anxiety attack, I told her I will come and get some.
The girls had a quiet giggle about Mrs Bouquet's tendency to always overreact.
Prissy: Well I had an interesting afternoon, just after school I went to the shop and met a new girl.
Jasmine: New girl?
Prissy: Yes, Meshia Brightfield, she is our age and they might move to the Village soon.
Jasmine (teary): Will I loose you as friend then to her?
Prissy: No! Don't be silly, Silly! I was thinking maybe Willow and she might be friends.
Jasmine: Oh of course that is very clever.
Prissy: I know! Genius, but I guess there is a chance that they might not like each other.
Jasmine: What is she like then, if you say that?
Prissy: She is adorable, very sweet and a little shy.
Jasmine: Well that sounds exactly like Willow?
Prissy: I know! Listen Jaz, I must be off, my mom is waiting for me at the shop, see you later?
Jasmine: Bye Pris!

By now Prissy was exhausted and she was relieved to see that the Country Market wasn't too busy. It was just Odette and her mother Mona in the store, so she hoped she would be helped quickly. After a quick chat with Odette, she asked Mr Maces for the items she needed.

Mr Maces was as efficient as ever and Prissy was out of the store in no time.

But because she was too hurried and maybe tired too, she dropped the shopping basket just as she was going down the steps of the Country Market. Prissy wanted to cry, now she really really wished for a knight in shiny armour.

Unfortunately Prissy was not that lucky, but maybe even luckier, because by the time she reached the end of the steps Willow has already picked up everything for her.
Willow: Here you go Pris. Are you okay? Did you slip?
Prissy: Thank you so much Willow, no I didn't slip but the basked did slip from my hands.
Willow: I'm glad I could help, you have been so nice and understanding this morning at school and sorry if I upset you.
Prissy: Don't worry about that Willow, that's what friends are for.

Willow: I guess.
Prissy: Oh yes, and something interesting happened after school.
Willow: What?
Prissy: I met this girl, Meshia Brightfield, at my mother's store. She and her parents might move to the Village one of these days?
Willow: What? Really? Are you sure? Meshia Brightfield?
Prissy (puzzled): Yes! Why?
Willow: I met her last year when we went to the lake for our summer holiday and we played together the whole summer. It was really sad to say goodbye to her.
Prissy (dumbfounded): Seriously? That is the best news I've heard all day.
Willow (giddy): Yes it is, yes it is. See you later Pris, I want to go and tell mom.

Later that evening, after a wonderful dinner including the delicious dessert, Prissy went to bed early. She could hear her parents fussing around in the room and Lester complaining about being forced to sleep, when not being tired. But Prissy was exhausted, happy and content though. She was truly glad that Willow might soon have her own best friend too.

A heartfelt and warm thanks to Sigrun who once again assisted me with the photos for the scenes in the Haberdashery. Thank you so much "S" without you it wouldn't be possible!