Wednesday, 18 March 2015

New profile pictures and updated bios for the Mcburrows, Renard,Chestnut, Dappledawn and Meadows Families

So again time for some more updated pictures and bios. Thank you to those who have noticed the relatives in the other villages. I love that my Sylvanians have families elsewhere and are always open for suggestions, so feel free to contact me should you wish to have relatives in Sugarbush Valley.

The Mcburrows Family

Both Digger and Heidi are glad that they moved to Sugarbush Valley, but for different reasons. Digger loves his new job and the fact that he is his own boss, although running your own business is hard work. Heidi loves being surrounded by so many friendly people and has already made many new friends, as well as a best friend in Maisie Meadows. It also seems as if the twins are becoming more social and finding it easier to make new friends. Like  her sister, Molly, who lives in Marigold creek, Heidi and her family has find happiness, she just wishes her brother Graber, who lives in Mystique Valley could come for a visit to appreciate their new business and home.

The Renard Family

Not much has changed for the Renards over the past years. They still love life, love their jobs and are proud of executing it. They share a house (Cedar Terrace 4) with the Cottontail family, with whom they are very close, though Roxy still treasure the special visits she shares with her best friend Mae Mulberry. 

The Dappledawn Family
(old picture)

Now that they have finally renovated their Tournfo and Realtor shop, the Dappledawns are as busy as ever. Herbage is scouring the hills and forest around the village for hidden gems to attract tourists with, and Theodora is carefully noting all the findings. 

The Chestnut Family

For many in the village of Sugarbush Valley, the Chestnut family are strange(rs). The biggest reason for this confusion is the fact that they don't like to mingle, especially Pansy. Durwood, will still from time to time have a beer with Taylor or Jack or even Bob at the Hamburger restaurant, but they never attend any social gatherings. It is not that they are anti-social or strange, they just prefer their own company.

The Meadows Family

Not everyone who lives in Sugarbush Valley have a happy story about ending up here, and that surely applies to the Meadows, but they have had enough time to put the whole terrible incident behind them, and they are slowly starting to enjoy life. They are happily living on Highfields farm, and they would be forever thankful to the Buttercup family who have given them so much.

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  1. They are so cute and each has a different story, wonder why the Chestnuts are so withdrawn mostly Patsy

    1. I must admit it is hard to make it so different for each. Well about the Chestnuts, I guess not all people like company.

  2. It's amazing how you come up with so much details for each of your family. I have a few only but I don't have as much imagination to give them a full bio!!! Great little stories going on with each of them!

    1. thank you Jane. I realy believe int he fact that they "talk" to you, you just have to listen.

  3. The McBurrows new profile picture is fantastic! It shows Diggers profession perfectly! :) And a loud "Aww" to the Meadows!