Eaglewood is a small village (even smaller than Sugarbush Valley [SV]) located about two kilometers in a Northerly direction from SV, they could have and should have been one village, but the Pioneers of Subridens had plans to develop a nature reserve in the area. The proposals were never approved, though a few bungalows where built, and Eaglewood has been a ghost settlement for many years. It was Hugo Trunk, the Mayor of Sugarbush Valley who restarted the development of Eaglewood.

Today, in the the village square one will find a small general store, an orphanage and an old age home, with a few cottages dotted around it. The villagers are an eclectic mix of artists, blue collar workers and entrepreneurs.

Lets hope Eaglewood will be just as inviting as Sugarbush Valley.

Meet the Villagers

Walnut Squirrel Family
(Walnut baby gift from Carrie1972 - Oct '13; Walnut Sister trade with Sigrun - Apr '15)

(foto coming soon)

Sister: Alyssa Walnut (10)
Baby Brother: Alfie Walnut (2)

(Bios under construction)

Hawton Hamster Family
(Gift from Carrie 1972 - May 2013)

Father: Barry Hawton
Mother: Hildie Hawton
Brother: Geo Hawton (11)
Sister: Jenna Hawton (10)

Like many of their fellow villagers the Hawton family has their roots firmly planted in Sugarbush Valley. Both Barry and Hildie’s families before them have lived in Sugarbush Valley since the beginning of time, or rather since the origin of the Village. Unlike his sister, Hilda, Barry wanted to stay in they village they grew up in, but when she got the chance Hilda moved away to Mystique Valley, where she is now happily married.

Father Barry and Mother Hildie run the school lunch cart and tuck shop. Everyday around noon they set up the table at the school and serve the hungry kids delicious and nutritious food. Father Barry is responsible for preparing the main course and Mother Hildie just loves to spoil the kids with something sweet. Father Barry usually has his hands full to control all the hungry kids and to get them to stand in a queue while Mother Hildie plate and serve the food.

The Hawtons have two children, brother Geo and Sister Jenna. At first they were a bit embarrassed by their parent’s job until they realized just how popular their parents are. Geo is always getting into trouble! Not because he is bad or naughty, it's just that he is so terribly inquisitive. His mother has many times wished out loud that he should channel his curiosity towards his school work.

Jenna is very hard working. Her homework is always up to date, she helps her mother to prepare the following days school lunch and if he asks nicely she even helps Geo with his homework. Even her best friend Odette Hazelnut sometimes asks her help with homework.

Basset Dog Family
(Dad - bought on ebay - Mar '14)

Bachelor: Kelly Basset

Kelly Basset is a jolly chap. He is a bus driver, in the Subridens area of Sylvania and lives in Eaglewood. He loves his job, because not only does he get to drive around all day but also gets to partake in his favorite hobby which is gossiping with all his regular customers.

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