The Villager's jobs

The Maces Mouse Family
Father Spencer Maces owns and runs the Market store, while Mother Arvey serves tea in the tea room.

The inside of the shop.

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The Fielding Mouse Family
Father Darcy and Mother Bridget owns and runs the Hamburger Restaurant.

Father Darcy is happiest behind the grill.

The inside of the Restaurant.

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The Mulberry Raccoon family
Father Elmar is the village plumber. No job is ever too big or too small for him.

Mother Mae owns the Laundromat. The woman of the village worships her.

A closer look at the little Laundromat

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The Buttercup Cow Family

Father Hornbull is a proud Dairy Farmer. He supplies the village and surrounding areas with the freshest dairy products every day. He is so busy that he might need help soon, especially with the deliveries.

Mother Daisy owns an ice cream cart, which is parked in the village square. The ice cream she sells is exclusively produced on Highfields Farm.

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The Chocolate Rabbit Family

The Chocolate Family is the owners of the Pizza Parlour in Sugarbush Valley. Father Frasier who creates these fantastic pizzas are certain that his pizza dough is the best in the whole wide world.

During busy times the whole family helps out. Frasier does the delivers, Terri takes the orders, Freya serve the customers and little Cremé entertains the babies.

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The Henry-Lloyd Dalmatian Family

Pippa has a little delicatessen in the village square where she sells all kinds of sweet treats.

Ben is hoping to open a fishmonger in the village soon.

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The Patches Dog family

The Antonio and Dorothy Patches are the hairdressers of Sugarbush Valley.

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The Whiskers Cat family

Katrina own the village Florist and her husband Sebastiaan does the collections and deliveries for the Florist

They ensure that they sell a wide variety of flowers and seeds ...

... in order to keep everyone happy.

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The Trunk Elephant Family

Father Hugo is the Mayor of Sugarbush Valley

Mother Savannah is an accomplished Writer

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The Meadows Mouse Family

Father Jack work at Highfields Farm, mainly as the Milk Delivery Man

Mother Maisie helps out at the Ice Cream Cart in the village square

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The Corntop Rabbit Family

Hector and Christabel are the proud owners of the Deli

The offer a wide variety of ready made meals and freshly made items

Hector mans the till while Christabel makes most of the food on sale

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The Periwinkle Rabbit Family

Alex and Kate owns the Shoe Shop

Alex is the cobbler, while Kate takes care of the sales

The Periwinkle Shoe Shop

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The Puddleford Duck Family (The Puddlefords has since moved to another village and their shop has been closed, till further notice.)

Beth and Nelson own the shop, Nocturnal.

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