Monday, 9 March 2015

New profile pictures and updated bios for the Petite, Hawton, PC Roberts, Hunter-Smyth and Bercher Families

I thought it a good idea doing another installment of this series before I publish my next story. Mostly because the Petite family has grown and I need to explain that before I can do the story. And as PC Roberts, the Berchers and Hunter-Smyths will feature in the next story and the Hawtons made an appearance in the previous one, I thought they all needed a re-introduction.

The Petite Family
Pete and Margaret are ecstatic about the arrival of their baby daughter, Halley. What Margaret is less happy about is that they are still living in the small spare room of the Trunks, which doubles as an office to Mayor Hugo. Luckily Mayor Hugo moved his office downstairs to the dining room table, but Margaret is not sure how long Savannah will be happy with this arrangement.

Pete and Margaret hopes to undertake a trip to Mystique Valley soon where they will visit, Pete's cousin, Pete, and his family.

The Hawton Family
The Hawtons are still happily living in the Commune, and though Father Barry and Mother Hildie have many times considered the fact of renovating one of the old homesteads they inherited from their parents, both had come to the realisation that they prefer living in the Commune, surrounded by their friends. This is something that Barry's sister, Hilda, who lives in Mystique Valley, will never understand, as she wished she inherited the house!

PC Bobby Roberts
At first Bobby wasn't happy with the room he occupied in the Commune, it was to small, on the third floor and there were kids everywhere. He has however changed his outlook and some of the smaller kids, especially the triplets, Dylan, Thomas and Gerard, are now very dear to him. He loves to tell them stories, and ensures that every story has a little lesson on how to be a good child.

Bobby misses his twin brother, Bobby, who lives in Marigold Creek. He desperately wants to visit him and meet Bobby's daughter Marie.

The Hunter-Smyth Family

Charles and his family have settled nicely into Sugarbush Valley, and even though they do not have a permanent residence yet, they don't mind. Living in the Commune has made the transition easier and the children has already made their best friends. Camilla is also very thankful that their room is next to PC Bobby's room, as he is teaching the triplets important lessons with the wonderful stories he tells them.

The Bercher Family
Innes and Margaux can't believe how well their business is doing, but on the other hand it is a toyshop, and with so many children in their new Village it was bound to be a success. On the downside, they are quite lonely, they miss their family in Mystique Valley terribly, Innes has a brother who lives there, and also their best friends, the Keats family. It is not that they feel unwelcome in the village though, they have met great people and everyone is very friendly and helpful.

I hoped you enjoyed the new introductions. A quick thank you to Sigrun and Kyra for letting me have relatives in your villages. Do go here, for bios on all my families.

Look out for the new story, that will follow soon.


  1. :D our lovely two Bobby brothers! I love his new bio! I'm curious about the coming story! :)

  2. They are great and so real:)))

  3. I love Bobby's bio! He is such a sweetie! :) He really has a heart of gold :D

  4. Thanks for the introductions :) Nice to see how the new residents have relatives all over Sylvania.

    I read your blog on Sunday night right before going to blog. On Monday morning I had a dream of Sugarbush Valley :D It was something about resolving the housing problems - new residents were coming to look for houses!

    1. That is funny, but in a good heartwarming way, I'm honoured to be in your dreams!!!