Monday, 16 March 2015

Daisy's visitors.

It was early evening on Highfields farm and Hornbull Buttercup's favorite time of day. His family was usually gathered downstairs in the living room or in the kitchen, where Daisy was preparing dinner.

Daisy (cautiously): Hornbull ... I was thinking of inviting Pansy Chestnut over for ... Cheddar! Sit down! ... some tea.
Hornbull (irritated): Why would you want to do that?
Daisy: Because I don't know anything about her, and I want to make her feel welcome. We on the outskirts of town need to be close, so that we can help each other, without thinking twice...

Hornbull disliked discussions like this especially at this time in the evening when he enjoys the company of his children and some rest after a hard day's work. He also knew that Daisy had a hidden agenda, she usually does.

Daisy: and ... I can't believe you are asking me that ... I have good relationships with all my fellow neighbours, like for instance...

Daisy: I buy my vegetables directly from the Woodbrooks, not because it is cheaper, but to cut out the middle man, so that all the profit goes to them directly.

Daisy: Everytime I go into town I go the Betty's juice bar, not because I'm thirsty, hungry or need something, but to stay in touch with her and to support her small business.

Daisy: The same applies to Mae Mulberry, I usually, do not take my laundry to her laundromat, but whenever I get the chance to tell someone new about her laundromat, I do that,

Daisy: ... and what about that one morning when the Dappledawns where just new to town? It was me who walked with Theodora to the clinic, to get the twins vaccinated,

Daisy: ... and the other day when Heidi was bemoaning her sorrows about Muddy that needs to get into a nursery, it was me who took her to Delia and suggested that Delia take him in on a trail basis.

Daisy: Oh and don't forget about Maisie, I offered her the assistant position at my ice cream cart, when I knew they needed the income.

Daisy (infuriated): So Hornbull, DO NOT ASK ME WHY I WANT to do this! I need her to like me so that I can help her, because sooner or later she will need my help and then she will be too shy to ask.
Hornbull (calmly): Ok Dasiy, calm down, I do understand that, but maybe she will not need your help, but invite her, please do, you know everyone is always welcome at Highfields farm.

A week has passed since Daisy's heated conversation with Hornbull, in which she had enough time to prepare her house for the visit, bake a cake, polish the china and extend an invitation to Pansy.

Daisy heard Ricky and Amy's chatter from afar and went outside to wait for Pansy and the two children.
Daisy: Pansy, lovely to see you and glad you could make it. Do come in.
Pansy: Thank you for having me Daisy.

Pansy tried to be friendly, but she felt extremely uncomfortable, and felt unsure about the reason for this invitation. She and Daisy have nothing in common, but Durwood, convinced her to accept the invitation. Pansy quickly looked around, trying not to make it too obvious, which just made her feel worse and more inadequate, as Daisy had a wonderful house.

Daisy: Have a seat? Can I offer you some coffee?
Pansy: Oh no thank you, I don't drink coffee, or tea for that matter, sorry.
Daisy: That is ok, not to worry, I have juice too, or maybe a piece of cake?
Pansy: Nothing for me now, thank you.

Now it was Daisy's turn to feel uncomfortable, never before has a guest of hers, turned down her cake, and isn't there an unspoken rule that a guest has to accept a drink when it is offered. Daisy calmed herself and took her place on the sofa.

Daisy (friendly: So Pansy, tell me, are you enjoying your stay here? Not regretting the move?
Pansy (matter-of-fact): Oh no not really. The villagers are quite nice, and the good think about living in a caravan is that we can pack up and leave anytime.

Once again Daisy was rattled, that sounded a bit rude.

Daisy got up again, this time she offered Pansy some tasty treats and inquired if she may give the children some too.

Pansy (apologetic): Not for me thank you, and my children doesn't eat sweets. We don't really have money for such luxuries so I try not to introduce them to it, you know it can be addictive.

This comment really threw Daisy and for the first time in her life she had nothing to say, she slowly turned around, set the plate of treats down and had a glance at the clock. 

Daisy (friendlier): Your children is so cute, and really well behaved, will you send them to Delia's nursery.
Pansy: I don't think so, I manage pretty well myself, and again maybe we will not be around by the time they need to go.

Thankfully, before Daisy could reply, there was a knock on the door. The friendly and familiar face of Rose Timbertop appeared on the threshold. Daisy sighed loudly, too loudly maybe, but she didn't care, Rose showing up was like a godsend, not only will she be able to help get the conversation going, but she was also Pansy's best, and probably only friend.

Daisy: Rose! I am so happy to see you, do come in.
Rose: Thank you Daisy, oh hi Pansy, I stopped by your caravan for a quick cup of tea but Durwood told me you were here. I hope I'm not interrupting.
Daisy: Not at all, I invited Pansy over for a visit, and I would be glad to serve you a cup of tea.
Rose: That will be lovely, thank you, Daisy. Pansy always complains when I stop by, as she then has to make tea especially for me.
Pansy: Oh don't lie, you know I don't mind.

Daisy was astonished at the change Pansy, underwent as soon as Rose joined them. She was now talkative, made jokes and not only with Rose. The 3 ladies spent a wonderful morning together, and though Daisy realised that maybe Pansy, will not be needing her help after all, she is still a nice lady, even if she acts a bit weird.


  1. :D that story is so realistic! It reminds me of a friend of my mum. She was exactly the same like Pansy. Thank you for entertaining me with this funny story! :)

    1. Glad I could entertain you like that! I think many people know someone like this.

  2. Love that each critter in SV has it's own personality and sometimes so different from each other. The story really told that very well, thanks for another great story:)))
    PS Poor Hornbull lol

    1. Thank you Sigrun! I try my best to have a few weirdos in there, not everyone can by cute and cuddly.

  3. I completely agree with the commends above! The villagers are all so unique and personalised, I love the stories you write!

  4. Lol! Daisy's reactions were so funny! You made my day! <3

  5. Your villagers are always so full of personality! Pansy is not an easy person to deal with! I am glad she has a least one friend LOL

    1. Thank you! Not everyone can be all sunny and nice ;-)