Thursday, 26 February 2015

The Puddleford Duck Family

So today we celebrate the 10th installment of "The houses and jobs in my village"-series. The previous one was done in September so I think it is high time for another one. I'm quite proud of the fact that I've got 41 families and 10 of these families have their own house and a workplace. Hopefully 3 more will follow soon and that is not even including the five families that permanently live in the Commune that have a workplace too.

Today it is the Puddleford Duck family's turn, they were the 18th family I got. I must admit this is NOT a favorite family of mine. I only got them because a collector friend had two sets and was willing to trade them for an EB family (Thank you Carrie). They have however grown on me, like that "blacksheep" uncle that one has in a family, and you can't help but like him, even though he is not really likeable. And like the family I also got their house, Bramble Cottage, by chance. I actually ordered the Orchard cottage form an ebay-seller/friend and she by accident sent me this one.

I instantly knew I will give it to the Puddlefords, but then I also surprised myself with an idea for their shop. They have a little shop "Nocturnal", where they sell luxurious hand made linen,quilts, pillows etc. They mainly work by order, but they do have a few stock items for walk in customers. Therefore I didn't need a big shop...

A bit more about the family then ... Nelson has lived in Sugarbush Valley all his life. He loves the quaintness of the village and more so the quietness. These days he does however feel that the village is becoming to popular with all the "foreigners" moving here. His darling wife Beth originates form a neighbouring village, Rooibosch Hill. She misses her sister, Wanda, who is married to Mayor Bill Waddlington, very much, but she has found a good friend in Willow Thistlethorn. They have 3 little duckling children, Tom, Maisie and Sammy.

So lets take a look at their house and little shop.

Upstairs: Parent's bedroom.

In the other corner is the children's beds and the "bathroom".

Downstairs is the kitchen and dining area. Beth spends most of her time, making the quilts and bedding at the table.

Kitchen form another angle.

Adjacent to the kitchen is the little shop ... Nocturnal. 

The shop is extremely small, and Bill prefers serving one client at a time, or even better to have appointments made. Unfortunately, being new to the village, the Farthings were unaware of this unspoken rule and had Nelson all worked up on a Friday morning.

The Puddlefords enjoy living in their small cottage and Nelson loves the fact that his small shop is under his eyes,literally.

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  1. Lovely photos, I love Beth's face in the photo with the farthings :D

  2. I must admit that I really like the Puddlefords and I hope to get a duck family one day :D. I love your nocturnal shop - it looks great and it was an awesome idea to include it in the house! Your Nelson has such a funny character :D

  3. This made my day today, Nelson is a wonderful character and poor Farthings I bet they learned their lesson:) Their home suits their character to the top and amazing that you managed to fir their shop in there as small as it is