Tuesday, 2 June 2015

The Corntop Rabbit Family

The 11th installment of my "Houses and work places of the villagers of the Sugarbush Valley" has been pending for a very long time. The Corntops was the 3rd family I owned. At first I thought they would be the Country Market owners, but that was too modern for them. Then I had them up for Gardeners/Landscapers, but somehow that was taken over by the Whiskers, so at long last after having them for almost a year, I decided they must be Deli owners, and that I would use the old bakery building for the Deli and they Orchard cottage to go with that as their home. 

Soon I realised that making a deli wasn't that easy as I needed specific items, which weren't really part of the SF range, which meant I had to order it from sellers who specialises in making miniature and dollhouse items. This was hard to find in SA and every-time I went to ebay to order it, it turned out to be just too expensive.

Another year on, and I finally managed to get an Orchard Cottage for them, from a seller who was willing to send the cottage to SA. Also, I meant an angel, who was willing to make the items I needed for the Deli. We worked out a trade and all was set. Another month or so and then my Corntops will be able to move into their home and open their shop, or that was the plan.

But then the dreaded 6 month strike happened, and it took another 4 months for the workers to sort out the back log, so 9 months after I have finalised the trade with Kyraja and the cottage was posted, I received it and was finally able to decorate the Cottage and the Shop.

Hope you enjoy the tour that Hector and Christabel will give you, and do check in later for a story of the grand opening.

Full view of the Cottage and Shop front.

The very proud owners

Finally ready for business

The Deli stocked with all kinds of goodies

 Variety of produce

Ready made meals and wine

Fresh sandwiches

Behind the counter

Salami and cheeses

Hard at work
(The cheeses, salami, onions and garlic, as well as the basket that holds the tomatoes, where handmade by Kyraja. And Bryony Wildflower send me the scrumptious sandwich set as a surprise gift)

They are just as proud of their house.

Top Floor: Bedrooms and (hidden) Bathroom

Children's room

Parent's room and Bathroom

First floor: Kitchen and Living Area


Living room

Dining Room

Full view of the Cottage and Shop

One happy family enjoying their Cottage and Shop

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  1. IT was well worth the wait, it's great their home really pretty and suits them and their Deli is awesome, love the cheese and salami:)

    1. It was, and Im so happy for them that it is finally done. Thank you!

  2. Lovely! Their home is so detailed and gorgeously decorated :D I love the top floor especially - but the kitchen and the use of black and white tiling is also really clever. And of course their Deli is wonderful - the sets and miniatures all fit really well together :)

    1. Thank you Aranera... I had something totally different in mind for the kitchen floor, but my boy was "helping" me and when I told him we have to stop because I have nothing for the floor he started bawling so I used the first thing I could lay my hands on. In the end it looked rather good, so I decided to keep it.

  3. You've again done such a great job! I love how clever you use the small space to get more rooms! :) The deli itself looks also fantastic! I'm glad I could help you with some articles.

    1. Thank you Kyraja! Ive become to love these small cottages, it is just such a challenge to make everything fit.

  4. So cute! It is so nicely done! I especially like their adorable little shop.

    1. Thank you and congratulations on your first comment.

  5. Nice to see Corntops finally settled :) I can't wait to see their adventures in Sugarbush Hill.

    1. Thank you Suvi, seems like you are catching up.