Monday, 8 June 2015

Alex and Kate redecorates!

Just a very quick post this morning... My thinking is that, if I post this it will encourage me to finish the decorating of the house. I've had the house and all the furniture for about 6 months now... but just didn't feel motivated to decorate it. A huge THANKS to my SMS buddy, Sylvanako for his help. Any guesses what he did?
Kate was feeling slightly stressed. After months of talking about ideas, disagreeing on most of them and buying some fantastic wallpaper and decorating items, she and Alex has finally decided that it is time to decorate their house as they have always intended to do.

To add to the stress is that the kids would have to stay with their grandparents for a few days in Eaglewood. Mack and Mable's cottage are tiny and Kate is not sure how the arrangement will go down. The idea was that the children will stay with their best friends, and it was already arranged but Mable would hear nothing of it and now even little Hannah would have to tag along.

Kate just didn't feel like arguing with her mother-in-law. But now it seems that they just don't want to leave. Olivier and his grandpa are having a chat about the upcoming Wimbledon Championships, Mable is entertaining Hannah and Rebecca is taking forever to get her belongings together to pack it. Eventually Mack gathered everyone round and the party was off.

The next morning Kate got up tired. She didn't sleep much. Stressed about all that must still be packed away (she couldn't do much the previous day as her parents-in-law, just didn't want to leave) and worrying if poor Hannah missed her, she was basically wide awake the whole night. But by the time the workers arrived she was ready to seize the day.

Eric Renard and Elmar Mulberry will help with the moving of the furniture, and disconnecting the electricity and plumbing, while Alonzo had a more complicated task.

He had to build a large balcony window into the attic wall.
Kate: It is just so dark and stuffy in here, and we are north facing, so the sun would ad so much warmth and light to the little room.
Alonzo: I fully understand that and just think of the view!
Alex: So you will be able to do it?
Alonzo: It is already done my friend, don't worry about it.

Alex and Kate left Alonzo to get on with his job.

Kate: So will you be alright on your own?
Alex: Of course I will be, it is nothing complicated, just some heaving lifting. But will you be okay all alone in the shop?
Kate: Yes of course. Till later then.
Alex: Have a good day, my love!

Eric and Elmar worked really hard. They moved most of the furniture, being very careful not to damage any of the expensive furniture. It has been decided that the kids room will be used for storage, while the attic and downstairs rooms are being decorated.

Around noon, Cassandra Macavity came by, she was ordered to help with the interior decorating, as she has some experience in that. The door was open so she just walked in.
Alex: Oh hi Cassandra, sorry I didn't see you there.
Cassandra: I'm impressed you got so much done, how is Alonzo doing?
Alex: I don't want to bother him so I haven't had a look yet.

In the attic room, Alonzo was making good progress. Alex was quite relieved to notice that Alonzo knew exactly what he was doing, and that the rest of the wall didn't have huge cracks in it as he anticipated.


  1. Really look forward to see part two:) Great idea with the window and the effects with the bricks are fantastic.

    1. Thank you. I hope it looks as good as I see it in my head. Yes Sylvanko did a great job! It was by accident all his idea.

  2. Oh, that's so exciting! I love your idea of making a story out of the decoration of the house! The last picture is so funny, can't wait to see the new wall :D

    1. Thank you, but I will also still post the usual post of the complete decorated house

  3. Well, now I know why sylvanian buildings have so sturdy walls!

  4. Look forward to part two! Wonderful job!

  5. Awesome story! I love the Periwinkle grandparents so much and I can't wait to see the finished project!!! <3