Thursday, 18 June 2015

The Periwinkle Rabbit Family

So finally it is the Periwinkle's turn to get their 30 seconds of fame on my blog. They were the 8th family I bought. They caused me a bit of anxiety, as they were discontinued at the time I wanted them (currently, with Epoch in charge, they are available again, albeit with flat hands)and I was really worried that I wouldn't be able to get a set. I was overjoyed when I found them in a small Christian Book & Art shop in an even smaller town in the Western Cape, Mossel Bay.

But that didn't make things easier for me, as I fretted a long time over what they would do and where they would live. The day I bought them I also bought the shoe shop set, so after considering it for a long time I finally realised that it is indeed a perfect match. 

Their house was more worrisome as I only envisioned them staying in Primrose Lodge, but as that house is not available in SA and it is quite expensive (postage wise) to get one here, I went for second best, and they finally moved into Cedar Terrace 2.

So without further ado here is the 12th installment of my "Houses and work places of the villagers of Sugarbush Valley".

Full view of the Cedar Terrace 2

Attic Floor: Parent's Room and Bathroom


Parent's Room

Middle Floor: Children's Room

Right Hand Side

Left Hand Side

Ground Floor: Kitchen and Living Room


Living Room

Kate loves spending time in her newly decorated kitchen

The kids love their new room and Alex enjoys the view from the new balcony window

Happy in their newly decorated house

Alex and Kate owns the Shoe Shop

The Periwinkle Shoe Shop

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  1. I love their home specially the kids room, my absolute favorite floor:)

    1. Thank you. Those kids are so spoilt, and you are a big reason for it! Thanks again for my wonderful bday gift!

  2. You've done an awesome job decorating the house! I just took a closer look at the kitchen wallpaper - it's so pretty! I also love the children's room - it's fantastic how you managed to arrange the beds.

    1. Thank you Kyraja. That house seems so boring but becuase the floors are so big, you can do so much with it!

  3. So lovely! I really like the kitchen and living room, all the pieces on the ground floor seem to fit well :D
    The shoe shop is very sweet too!

    1. Thank you Aranera. I love matching everything to perfection ;-)

  4. Every time I see your dollhouses, I always marvel at the level of details! You have so much talents for decorating! I love the children's room so much! I was thinking about buying this house but it looked so small that I hesitated. You really did a good job of making it look spacious! It looks so cozy and functional! Makes me want to buy this house now :D

    1. It really is a great house! and because it doenst have many nooks and crannies it is quite easy to wallpaper too. Thank you for your nice compliment!