Monday, 25 May 2015

Ben's Fishmonger finally opens!

I have some exciting news! I've finally completed the Fishmonger, and Ben is so excited to open his little shop. As you might remember, I got a parcel from Kyraja a week ago and in it was all the items she made for my Fishmonger, which I needed to complete this little project.

So what do you think? I really like how it turned out. 

A close up.

And what better way to celebrate this accomplishment than with a story.
Ben Henry-Lloyd got up very early. He was so nervous, and just couldn't sleep. He decided to get up and prepare breakfast.

Pippa: Ben? What are you doing up so early.
Ben: I couldn't sleep, you know because of the opening.
Pippa: Oh Ben, don't worry, you will do great!
Ben: But I've talked about this for so long, and has been promising the opening of it for so long, that I'm starting to feel like the boy who cried wolf.
Pippa: Oh nonsense! What are we having for breakfast.
Ben: I'm not hungry, but I baked fresh bread and already sliced a piece for you and of course your usual strawberry milk.
Pippa: Ok Ben, I'm not even going to try and argue with you. Why don't you just go and I will see you later.
Ben: Oh Pippa, you are the best, thanks for understanding.

On arrival at his shop, he proudly admired it again. Ben secretly hoped that the business would make it. He doesn't mind three or even six month of being patient and waiting for business to pick up. He really just hoped that it wouldn't be necessary to close shop after a month.

He spent the extra hours to double check everything, was the fish still fresh with no awkward smells, was there enough sauce and butter on the shelf. Around him the other shops were starting to open too. He could hear Katrina watering the plants in her Florist and Mae starting the wasing machines in her Laundromat.

As Ben was inspecting the basket of lemons, his first customers arrived. Ben was extremely surprised!
Wilbur: Ben! Congratulations! Finally you have opened the Fishmonger!
Fliss: We are so excited, we've been having cravings for fresh fish for months now.
Ben: Oh, hello... welcome... I'm so glad you are here. How can I assist?

Ben showed the Redwoods his produce, and they were truly surprised by the array of items he had, and made positive comments about all his produce.

The Redwoods left, with a basket filled of, what they called "goodies". Ben was felt so lucky, if they were his only customers for the day, he would be satisfied. He started to rearrange his shelves so that it didn't look empty, while softly whistling an upbeat tune.

Again he was interrupted, this time it was Barry and Hildie Hawton.
Barry: Ben a very, very big congratulations to you! 
Hildie: We are so glad you didn't give up on your dream.
Ben: What? Oh, thanks!

Barry: We want to see if here is anything nice for the school lunches. 
Hildie: We are always serving chicken or beef, and I think it is time for a change.
Ben: Ok, come in and see for yourselves.

While Hildie had a look a the fish, Ben and Barry had a chat.
Barry: So how long did it take you to open you shop.
Ben: Barry, my friend, you won't believe me, but I think it was 2 years.
Barry: And in the end you got all the papers and approvals you needed?
Ben: Yes, it was such a process, I really almost lost faith.
Barry: Well, everyone is glad you didn't!

The Hawtons also left with some fish, and Ben felt even happier. He was filling his shelves with the surplus of fish he caught the previous day, when he noticed PC Bobby Roberts approaching.

Bobby: Morning Ben, I thought I just stop by quickly to congratulate you on your very fine establishment.
Ben: Thank you PC Roberts.
Bobby: I know you will make a huge success out of it!
Ben: Thank you, thank you I really appreciate that.

Bobby left in hurry, obviously he had some urgent matters to attend to, and just as Ben thought nothing could spoil his day, he saw Beth Puddleford, and Pansy Chestnut approaching. He sighed, and offered his help.
Ben: Beth, Pansy, welcome. How can I help you?
Beth: I don't know, can we have a look around first?
Pansy: Yes, I will only look too.
Ben: Sure, have a look

Not sure what they wanted to look at, Ben first wanted to act annoyed, but was saved by Sebastiaan Whiskers, who waved him outside.
Sebastiaan: You must have heard it a thousand times this morning, but we are sure happy that you have finally opened your Fishmonger.
Ben: Thank you Sebastiaan. Sometimes I wonder if I would've started it, if I knew it was going to be so hard?
Sebastiaan: But what exactly was the problem?
Ben: Red tape. Sylvania laws are very strict with regards to the selling of fish, one has to have a permit for every fish you want to sell.
Sebastiaan: Really? 
Ben: Yes, and the hardest part was, that no one else have opened a fishmonger in the Subridens province before, so there was no laws on that. So laws had to be written, then passed through parliament and only then we could start the actual procedure of application.
Sebastiaan: That is really interesting, Ben. Glad you stuck it out and good luck!

Sebastiaan had to get back to work and so did Ben. He was surprised that Beth actually bought some fish, and added a compliment to that. Pansy of course, didn't buy anything, or offered her approval.

After they left, Ben was sure he was done for the day. His first day went much better than anticipated and he felt very satisfied, but just then he heard someone approaching.

It was Bethanie Woodbrook and little Marcus.
Ben: Bethanie, welcome!
Bethanie: Hi Ben, Fliss just told me that you have opened your shop. I wouldn't believe her so I had to come and look for myself. I am so happy. 
Ben: Oh, yes, and what do you think. Surprised?
Bethanie: Ben, this is wonderful, we haven't had fresh fish in months, and as you might know fish is our staple food.
Ben: Oh, ok. I guess.
Bethanie: Can I please have all the rest of you produce?

And true to her word, Bethanie bought everything that was left, but for a bottle of sauce and some lemons. Ben was ecstatic, of course he didn't expect this to happen everyday, but not in his wildest dreams has he expected this.

As he was clearing out the ice, Pippa came by.
Pippa: Hey Ben, how was you day.
Ben: Oh honey, LOOK! I'm sold out.
Pippa: That is wonderful news! Congratulations, but I knew and please don't ever doubt yourself again.
Ben: I wouldn't and you know what is the best part? Now I have an excuse to go fishing again.

The Henry-Lloyds walked home, hand in hand, as happy as can be.


  1. The shop looks fantastic and to be sold out on first day is surely a hint of future success:) Really loved to see the street action pictures

    1. Thank you Sigrun. Ben is so happy to finally have his shop open, and even more ecstatic to be sold out!

  2. Yay, yay, yay! The fishmonger opened! I'm glad it was such a huge success for Ben- poor him, waiting so long. I loved your idea of the parliament rules :D.

    1. Thank you and well what is the use of having a parliament if they are never mentioned!

  3. I thought Pansy was hilarious in this story, even if she had a small part ;) But what great news that Ben could open his fishmonger! I think your use of referencing parliament was very good, too. Awesome story!

    1. Oh dear dear Pansy! Glad you enjoyed it!

  4. The fishmonger is awesome! So was the little story! I loved how all the critters in MV support each other! They made Ben so happy! Even Beth and Pansy were there, at least Beth contributed and even make a nice comment!

    1. Im honoured... if you think this is MV I obviously did something right.

  5. Awesome fishmonger! :D I love the wallpaper in there! Oh Pansy, she made me laugh. I'm so happy for Ben, the villagers of SV really treat him well. :)

  6. I like your fishmonger, the design used on the pieces really brings it together. And the barrel is a nice way to display the fish.
    I'm glad for Ben finally opening his shop.

    1. Thank you GSnail, and I appreciate your comment very much. Is it your first one directly on my blog?

  7. The fishmonger looks great. I'm glad for Ben's success. I particularly loved the bit with Pansy and Beth, as I have a soft spot for both those characters. I'm glad Beth bought something and complimented Ben, even though Pansy didn't.
    I have Beth Puddleford in my collection, I don't have any racoons, but reading stories with them on your blog has made me consider looking for some!

    1. Glad you liked it, and Im sure you will love the racoons even more if you get them in real life. Thanks for you comment.

  8. What a lovely little fishmonger!!! I loved the story too, but that is nothing new as I love all of your stories!

    1. Thank you so much! Im so glad that it is done (and proud of my job too)