Sunday, 14 June 2015

Alex and Kate redecorates - Part 2

Kate arrived home after a busy day at the Shoeshop, but she was ready for the hard work that she knew awaited her at home. She was however taken aback when she found Alex reading the paper just outside the house. Kate felt like getting angry, but then she thought that maybe he deserved a break after the hard day of physical work he had.

Alex: Aaah Kate, you are home? How was your day?
Kate: It was very busy! Hatty visited too, what a nightmare. I guess we must start organising the house.
Alex: Oh poor you! Yes, I guess we should, but let's go inside first and drink a cup of coffee, I think you deserve a break before we continue working.

But once inside, it was obvious that the "coffee-break" was just a way to lure her into the house, as the kitchen and living area was already organsided.
Kate: Alex! What have you done?
Alex: Uhm ... sorry Honey, what do you mean?
Kate: It is so perfect, everything in it's place! How did you know?
Alex: Well I know you well! I didn't pack out everything you know, like the small items, as I also know that you would want that in a particular place.
Kate: You are right! But Alex, it looks amazing! I love the wallpaper.
Alex: It looks fabulous, I know! Want to see the rest?

Alex took Kate to the kid's room. Kate was especially surprised to see that this room was done too. In her mind it was still the storage room, and although she knew the lay out of the room by heart, she was still pleasantly excited about it. 
Kate: Oh Alex, you devil! This is a huge suprise! Thank you! And the children will love their knew playroom furniture!

Then Alex took Kate up to the attic room, where their bedroom, as well as the bathroom. It was always a cold and dark place and obviously neither of them ever spend alot of time in it, it was literally a place to sleep. But the knew balcony window that Alonzo built gave the room so much light that Kate just knew she will definitely spent more time here if she needed a break.

Back in the kitchen, Kate gave Alex a huge hug and kiss.
Kate: Thank you Al, for all your hard work today!

I hope you enjoyed part 2 of this short story. Keep posted for the full post about the finished house soon!


  1. Alex is such a cute husband! :) Love the decoration, especially the parents room!!! It's so cozy :)

  2. Aw! They are a very cute couple :D I especially love the ground floor :)

    1. Thank you, Im torn between the ground floor and kids room!

  3. They are si cute, I l love the kids room:)

    1. Thank you, not sure if I like the kids room or kitchen area best. Just nice to see that they are all getting comments.

  4. The house looks wonderful!