Friday, 26 June 2015

Update profile pics and bios for the Bercher, Roberts and Simpkins Families

So recently I acquired a few extra family members. As I've mentioned before, I have all the families I want (for now) but some of them are still missing a few members. I am excited to welcome 4 new children to Sugarbush Valley!
The Bercher Family

The Berchers recently welcomed a new baby to the family, little Ciska. Cissy, as her family fondly refers to her, is only still a baby and doesn’t want to play. She only screams for milk or her mommy.
(Note that the standing baby is Karissa and Ciska is the sitting one. I wanted the standing baby and this was the only way I could incorporate her realistically into the family, as the standing baby to me is older than the sitting one. Maybe I will do a story soon about Ciska's surprising appearance.)

The Roberts Family

PC Bobby Roberts recently became a father, a huge surprise and of course totally unexpectedly. But the few weeks that he has already spent with Hughie was pure delight

Hughie is spending all his time practicing magical tricks which he enthralls his young friends with. They all just love his, 'now you see it, now you don't ' as the vase of flowers disappears into thin air! As the son of the Police Constable he must just make very sure that he always make things reappear again.
The Simpkins Family

After finally finding her feet in Sugarbush Valley, Suzette was delighted when her two children, Glynn and Gwendolyn could join her in the village. Glynn and Gwen, as her mom calls her, are two adorably sweet kittens who have exceptional manners. They live for Saturdays when they usually help their mother to organize some friend’s birthday party and love to dress up in their best party outfits. It’s the thought of the delicious birthday cake, the brightly coloured balloons, party hats, the beautifully wrapped presents, and sending and receiving of birthday cards which make them love birthday parties so much.


  1. They are so cute, and yey sounds like a story might be coming, congratulations on all the cute kids and babies:)

    1. Thank you! I hope I get inspired for a story about little Hughie

  2. Aw! The two little cats are so sweet!

    1. They are, I didn't realise just how cute until I held them!

  3. Love little Hughie - I would love to see one of his magical tricks! :D