Monday, 22 June 2015

Moving to Sugarbush Valley: Was it the right decision?

The bus pulled away and Bruno truly felt lost. He was an extreme introvert. He didn't like changes and more so communicating with other people. He loves his family, but also communicates the minimum with them. This is also the reason why he tends to bees. Not only does he love honey, but he found bees to be extremely interesting, and one doesn't have to talk to them. But now he needs to man up and take care of his family.

Gill: So whereto next for you and you family?
Bruno: I'm not sure, someone is suppose to meet us here, but I don't see anyone...

Just as Bruno felt like giving up hope, he was approached by a friendly looking beaver.
Andy (unsure): Good afternoon, sir. Might you be Bruno Bearbury?
Bruno: Yes, that is me.
Andy: Ok good, I'm Andy Woodbrook. Mr Trunk asked me to meet you here and take you to Highfields farm. I heard that you will be starting a bee-farm on Highfields farm?
Bruno: Good to meet you Andy. I'm truly relieved to see you. Yes that is the plan.

Bruno quickly gathered his family, said good bye to the Brightfields and left the bus stop with Andy.

They arrived at Highfields farm in no time, where Andy introduced them to Hornbull. Angela admired the beautiful view from the front lawn. She instantly knew they  would be happy on Highfields farm.

Hornbull: So tell me Bruno, are you looking forward to this challenge?
Bruno: Yes I do, I love beekeeping, but I'm worried about starting from scratch. I do however think that I learned enough from Horace Honeybear to be alright.
Andy: Do not worry. We are a very helpful community, and you will get all the support you need.
Hornbull: Yes, I've heard about the beekeeper from Mystique Valley, the best in all of Sylvanian they say?!

While the men was chatting outside, Daisy invited Angela inside. Angela was astonished by the beautifully decorated house of the Buttercups. She didn't realise that a farmhouse can look this pretty. 

Daisy immediately realised that Angela must be tired after the long travel. She offered that baby Harriet should be put to bed, and Daisy took Angela to the nursery, where they put Harriet in Cheddar's bed. Angela was amazed by this woman's generosity towards her.   

Back in the living room Daisy offered Angela some coffee, which little Annabel immediately started making.
Daisy: So tell me, are you looking forward to your life here, Angela?
Angela: I must admit I was very skeptical at first. We don't like changes very much, but it was an offer we couldn't resist. It is Bruno's life dream to have his own beekeeping business. And in the short time that we have spent here, it became clear that we made the right decision.

Daisy: Indeed! You will soon realise, that we are a very caring and helpful community.

While the women were enjoying some coffee, Hornbull took Bruno to see the farm. The beauty of the farm left Bruno speechless.
Hornbull: Aaah yes, lets see. Here is the stable cottage of the Meadows family, kind people, who started working on the farm about two years ago. 
Bruno: Is this the old stable you were talking about?
Hornbull: Yes, it is. And we have a similar one a few feet from here where you will live.

Bruno: The view are fantastic!
Hornbull: Well I'm glad you like it, as this is the very spot where I have thought you must set up the hives? Or what do you thing.
Bruno: I think it will be perfect.

Hornbull then took Bruno to inspect the old stable. Bruno was quite happy with it, yes there was much work to be done, but at least they won't be living in tents anymore. He just knew that Angela would approve too.

The men ventured back to the house, and found the women outside, appreciating Daisy's tulips.
Daisy: So you are back, I will start with dinner shortly. Tell me Bruno, what do you think?

Bruno: It is so perfect! Angela, honey, I think we will be so happy here.
Angela: I think so too yes. But I guess we should leave now, as we still have to go and look for accommodation in the village? Mayor Trunk mentioned that he will have a room ready for us.

Daisy nearly got a heart attack!
Daisy: Don't be silly, I don't want to hear any of that! You will be staying with us, until the stable are refurbished!
Angela: But how is that possible? You don't have a spare room, and we can't intrude like this.
Daisy: You will sleep in the kids' room and the children, including Cheddar will sleep in the living room. They will love it and as we have the fireplace they won't be cold. If it gets to cramped for you, we will pitch a few tents in the backyard. But you are my guests until you are fully settled in.

Bruno and Angela did at first feel as if they were intruding, but soon realised that the Buttercups are not in the least worried about them sharing their house with the Bearbury family. 

And THIS is how the Bearbury family ended up knowing they made the right decision moving from Mystique Valley to Sugarbush Valley.


  1. Lovely story! So great for all these families to live and work in the farm! What a great spot for the Bearbury family to settle and looking forward to Bruno setting up the hives!

    1. Thank you Sylvanako. The hives will be something special, order from a special friend!

  2. Great story and cute, really look forward to see their home when ready and the hives:) Horatio is very flattered.

  3. Aww, so cute! It's so nice to return from Uni and read your story! :)
    I'm glad the Bearbury's feel welomed- the Buttercups really are a nice family!

    1. They are a very nice family, and I love the mould of the bearbury they are so cute!

  4. Such a lovely story! :D I'm sure the Bearbury family will be very happy :)

  5. Such a welcoming family- very sweet story :)