Friday, 5 June 2015

New beginnings for the Corntop and Keats families.

After the visit from my parents and my boy's birthday, life is slowly returning to normal, and with that should of course come a story. Hope you enjoy this one.

Kirsty Corntop was feeling particularly happy, after years of living in a small shop, she and her family has finally moved into the little cottage-like flat upstairs. The best part for Kirsty is that she has her own room, or almost, as she does share it with her two younger siblings, but they are mostly with their mother in the shop or in the kitchen So she as the room to herself most of the day. 
Amelia: Wow Kirsty, your room is so pretty, I love your butterfly bedding. You are so lucky to have pink bedding. 
Kirsty: Thank you Amelia.

What added to Kirsty's happiness was the fact that her best friend Amelia Whiskers, was visiting her for the first time in their new house today. Kirsty proudly gave Amelia a tour, and Amelia's compliments pleased Kirsty.

Kirsty: So what do you want to do? I have a new fashion magazine to show you, Mr Maces gave it to me yesterday, when I delivered his lunch.
Amelia: Yes show me, but lets talk boys first. How are Radish Dappledawn?
Kirsty (blushing): Oh Amelia, stop it. You know he doesn't even notice me, he just runs around with silly Douglas Furbanks all day, he hardly knows I exist. Rather you tell me about Mistoffeless Macavity.

Amelia (blushing too): Oh he is so cute, but I think he likes Candy Mulberry, you know she is his best friend's sister, so he gets to see her alot. I think let's rather look at the magazine.
Kirsty (giggling): Good idea!

While the girls examined the beautiful dresses in the magazine, Mother Christabel surprised them with mugs of hot chocolate.
Christabel: Here girls! Are you well Amelia?

Amelia: Yes, thank you Mrs Corntop, and thank you for the hot chocolate. I love your house Mrs Corntop. I think it is very tastefully decorated.
Christabel: Thank you Amelia. Kirsty, Auntie Betty will visit soon, but we will be downstairs. If I call will you come and help me with the babies?
Kirsty: Sure mommy.
Christabel: Thank you honey, and have a good time you two.

Down in the kitchen Christabel still couldn't believe that they have finally moved into the little cottage too. It took so long, she completely lost faith in it ever happening. But before she could think too much about the difficult time they had to undergo, a knock game on the door.
Christabel (to Troy and Cora): That is probably your Auntie Betty, be good now please, and remember to give little Eaton a chance on the rocking horse too.

Christabel quickly hurried to the door. She was happy to see Betty. Though they were related, Betty and Christabel, were best friends too, and Christabel have many times wondered if she would have survived the past few years without the support of the Blackberry family.
Betty: Bella! Look at you! All dolled up in your own house!

Christabel gave a shy giggle. Betty had the weirdest expressions, and as a complete introvert who would never be so loud, Christabel enjoyed it immensely.
Christabel: So do you want the grand tour of our mansion?
Betty: Of course!

Christabel showed Betty around the little flat, and true to her nature, Betty complimented every little detail and got excited about everything, from the wallpaper to the bed linen, even the cerise pink rug in the bedroom received a very animated applause.

Downstairs the complementing continued and Christabel eventually silenced Betty with some tea and homemade cheesecake.

In the Deli, Hector was feeling content too. He had a very busy and successful morning, and until the afternoon rush, he took a few minutes just to think about the past few weeks too. He is so happy that everything worked out eventually. Their lifelong dream of opening a Deli was finally realised, but what was even more satisfying was the fact that he could finally give Christabel the home that she so much desired, and deserved!

While restocking the sandwich basket, his thoughts were interrupted by Rosemary Bouquet. Rosemary is a regular client, and has visited the Deli daily since its opening.

Rosemary: Afternoon Hector, anything interesting today?
Hector: I'm afraid to disappoint Rosemary, still the same as yesterday.
Rosemary (giggling): Well that is a shame.
Hector: Anything specific you are looking for.
Rosemary: Not really, but you know I love cooking, so I want to be the first to know of anything new. For now, however, I just want some eggs and a bottle of white wine.

Hector invited Rosemary to have a look around, while he helped Taylor Timbertop.
Taylor: Rose is off to visit her parents and I'm stuck with the boys. I was thinking of getting them some of those delicious sandwiches for lunch... I might cut my fingers if I try to make it myself.
Hector: Sure Taylor, have a look in the basket, there is a good selection. 

Rosemary has finally decided on some wine for her dish, and Hector quickly helped her to pay. He noticed that Wilbur Redwood also just entered the Deli.

Hector: Good afternoon, Wilbur. Came to do some more spying? (The two men had a standing joke about competing for business as Wilbur owned the Supermarket in the village)
Wilbur: Of course, keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

The men had a good laugh, whereafter Wilbur informed him that he wanted to surprise Fliss with a anniversary picnic so he just want a look around. Taylor too has made his decision, and Hector quickly wrapped up the sandwiches for him.

Theodora Dappledawn was his next client.
Hector: Good afternoon Theodora, how can I help.
Theodora: Herbage indicated that he is in the mood for a cheese platter tonight, so I decided to spoil the family.
Hector: Well, I have a good selection. I have some perfectly ripe Brie and Camembert, but also some harder cheeses, like Stilton, Gruyere and Emental.

He offered Theodora a tasting plate, and she quickly made her decision. 

Satisfied she paid for the cheese and was on her way again.

Wilbur settled on some filled croissants, cheese, salami and a bottle of wine for his surprise picnic.
Hector: Thanks for the support Wilbur, I hope to see you soon.
Wilbur: You will but now it is your turn to visit the Supermarket!

The men had another good laugh at the joke, and Wilbur left too. It was almost closing time and Hector started to inspect the fresh goods. It was always a hard decision, as he hated to waste items, but he pride himself on only serving fresh produce.

His thoughts were interrupted by loud giggling. Two little cats came running into the Deli.
Larkin: Where can we hide.
Clare (with finger infront of mounth): Don't tell.

They were closely followed by a smartly dressed cat woman, a stranger to Hector.
Bronté: Good afternoon sir, so sorry to disturb, but did my two babies perhaps ran in here.
Hector: Uhm... I don' know what to say, I was sworn to silence.

Loud giggles came from behind the counter, and their mother quickly hurried over there.
Bronté: Naughty, very naughty children. We have to go, we must still find a place to sleep tonight.

Outside in the street the rest of the family was waiting.
Bronté: I'm so sorry, how rude of me... I am Bronté Keats, and this is my family, my husband Rosetti and baby Dillon, and the children Elliot and Shelly, and then the two munchkins who disturbed you are Larkin and Clare.
Hector: Good to meet you all. Are you visiting, I overheard you say something of "a place to sleep."
Rosetti: We are actually planning on moving here, but we first want to surprise our good friends the Berchers. Can you perhaps direct us?

Hector gave directions to the Toyshop, and the Keats were lucky to quickly find the shop. Innes were outside the shop, talking to two girls.

He could hardly believe his eyes when he saw Rosetti and spontaneously gave his oldest and best friend a huge bear hug,
Innes: What are you doing here, Margaux will be ecstatic to see you.

And Margaux was!
Margaux: What are you doing here? Oh Bronté, I am so happy to see you, I have missed you terribly, tell me you are here to stay.
Bronté (slyly): Yes my dear friend, we are indeed here to stay...


  1. There's no better way to start the day than with a SV story:) I love having these peeks in every day life and new family moving, wonder what they will do and be living. Loved the "Don't tell" line and "sworn to silence". Hector sure had a busy day and great that his Deli is a hit.

    1. Thank you Sigrun. The Keats family will be teachers, junior school and music teachers.

  2. You made my day too!
    Loved the happy scenes at the Corntops' house and Hector's shop! And yes I think Corntops and Blackberries are relatives too!
    Also what a surprise for the arrival of the Keats family! Such a lovely day in SV!

    1. Glad I could do that! Thanks for the comment.

  3. A fantastic, sweet and funny story! A perfect start in the day! I had to laugh about the girls talk and of course about the little kitties hiding themselves in the deli :D

    1. It was really difficult to get that "girl" talk right. Thanks for the comment.

  4. The scene with Kirsty and Amelia made me laugh a lot - this whole story was very funny :D I thought the scenes in the house were sooo sweet and I think the Deli is fabulous!

  5. What a day for the Corntops! Poor Hector having to deal with hiding kitties xD By the way, why are there four bed in the bedroom of Corntop children? I'm under the impression they have three children.

    1. It is the parents bed! Use your imagination and see it as two rooms!

    2. Silly me, the parents have to sleep somewhere too xD Thanks Eaton!