Monday, 29 June 2015

The Brightfields family move to Sugarbush Valley!

Gill and his family was patiently waiting for the bus to the deep South. Today will be the day that they will officially move to Sugarbush Valley. It has been coming for a long time, but being a very careful goat and one who dislike changes, he was always too scared to take the plunge. 
(Backdrop photo credit to Vidar Karlsen)

But when Mayor Bill lured another ice cream maker to Mystique Valley, Gill knew they had no other choice. The Brightfields have visited Sugarbush before and though it was not totally new to them, they will still be strangers. Gill was worried.
(Backdrop photo credit to Vidar Karlsen)

Olive: Come on come on, time to get on. We will be leaving soon.
Ellema: Good afternoon, Olive.
Olive: To you too, are you ready for the long ride.
Gill: Not really, but I'm sure you will make it as comfortable as possible.
(Backdrop photo credit to Vidar Karlsen)

After an extremely long and exhausting ride, the Brightfields, finally reached Sugarbush Valley. Gill made sure that his shoulder bag was still securely fastened to his body. He was relieved that Bruno and his family was there too, so although they had to go into two different directions, at least there will be a familiar face in the village.

After Bruno and his family was lead away by Andy Woodbrook, the Brightfields, followed the small dirt path in the direction that Andy showed them. 

Gill was relieved to see a mouse approaching them.
Jack: Good afternoon, on your way to the Village? I am Jack.
Gill: Good to meet you Jack, I'm Gill and this is my family, Ellema, Meshia and little Briel. Yes, we just arrived with the Woodland Bus from Mystique Valley, but are somewhat unsure where to go.

Jack: You poor people you should be exhausted. Here let me help you. I am in a bit of a hurry home, but I can at least help you to where the village starts.
Gill: Are you sure? That will be fantastic, thank you!
Jack: Sure! No problem!

Without further hesitation, Jack and Gill loaded the huge trunk on to Jack's milk cart and wheeled it in the direction of the little village.

When the Puddleford's house appeared around the bent, Jack unloaded the trunk and apologised profoundly for leaving them high and dry. Gill ensured him that he already helped them more than he could know and that he shouldn't feel guilty. No one even noticed the agitated Nelson Puddleford watching them, who was obviously not happy about more "foreigners" intruding in his village.

The Brightfields made their way up the narrow street lined with quaint buildings. In-front of the Country Market, Gill stopped. He noticed another mouse in the doorway of the shop.

Gill: Good morning sir, sorry to bother you, but I was wondering if you can just direct us in the right direction. Oh, and I'm Gill Brightfield by the way.
Spencer: Good to meet you Gill, I'm Spencer Maces. Sure how can I help?
Gill: We are supposed to meet Bertie Honeybear at CT 5, but we are not sure which way to go?
Spencer: Oh you are very close, just take the next alley, to your right and then right again. It is clearly marked.
Ellema: Thank you Spencer, and I hope to come shopping in your lovely looking store soon.

The Brightfields followed the directions as given by Spencer, but for some reason they couldn't find the numbers of the houses. Luckily a raccoon family were approaching them.

Gill: Good afternoon, sorry to bother you, but can you maybe tell me which of these houses is CT 5?
Durwood: Yes, sure. It is the 5th one in that direction, right Pansy?
Pansy: Oh no, I'm not sure, we are not really from here either.
Gill: Oh thank you anyway for your help, we will try that house, though.

Durwood (whispering): Oh Pansy, you have to stop with that now! You have been living in this village for almost two years now, you can't use that as an excuse anymore!
Pansy: But I really don't know which one is CT5!

Gill and his family was relieved to notice that the raccoon was right. Bertie was already waiting for them outside the house.

Bertie: You must be Gill, aaah and what a lovely family you have. Please to meet you Ellema, Meshia and little Briel.
Gill: Bertie! We are sure glad to see you!

Introduction were made all round and while the men talked about the Brightfields trip, Tamsie took Ellema inside to show her the house. Gill quickly learned that everyone knows everyone in the little village as passersby was introduced to him as if they were close friends.

Gill was glad to have meet the Patches family. At least more familiar and friendly faces. Katy and Meshia immediately clicked although the age gap was quite big.

The women quickly returned and it was clear that Ellema was impressed with the room that they will be leasing for now. Gill felt quite thankful about this. They have had much discussions with the Honeybears about the lease and how to make it as comfortable as possible for both families, that it would have really been discouraging if Ellema wasn't satisfied.

Tamsie: Ready to see our little village then?
Ellema: For sure!
Briel: I need ice cream.

The men quickly shuffed the big trunk inside, and together the two families made there way to the village square.

They quickly reached the village square and the Brightfields was quite suprised by the look of it.

While Tamsie ordered some ice cream from Maisie, the little girls ran to the see saw.

Ellema mustered up some courage and introduced herself to the Darwin family, afterall they will be working closely together soon.

And Bertie showed the spot, that he knew Mayor Hugo intends for the Brightfields soft serve shop, to Gill.
Gill: It is a great spot, but don't you think it is a little close to the ice cream cart over there.
Bertie: Maybe, but remember you serve different products and besides, that cart belongs to the Buttercups, the ice cream is homemade, and not soft serve like yours, and it is only operates certain days.

Gill felt a little bit better. As Bertie moved away, he looked over his should to try and catch Ellema's eye, feeling for his bag again. It was still secure, he should just never loose this. Ellema was already on her way over to him.

Gill: So how do you feel, Peanut? Ready for this?
Ellema: More than you would know. I think we will be very happy here.
Gill: Good, I am so happy to hear that. We will start tomorrow, bright and early.
Ellema: Yes we will, and are the money still save?
Gill: Yes it is.


  1. Ok WHAT'S IN THE BAG? All their money? Lovely story and loved to see Nelson there with his grumpiness lol

    1. Patience my dear, and thank you. Nelson always makes me laugh!

  2. Does he has all their money in the bag? :D No wonder he is watching the bag carefully! And I'm sure they don't have to worry about their business.
    Thank you so much for that wonderful story!

    1. My pleasure, hopefully we will find out soon about the bag

  3. Great story! The Brighfields are a fantastic addition to SV!
    I laughed once more with Pansy's weirdness!
    And the village square looks wonderful, will be even better with the soft serve shop!

    1. Thank you Sylvanako. Like Nelson, Pansy is a treat!

  4. Awesome story! And Pansy made me laugh :D I'm sure their business will be very succesful :)