Wednesday, 13 May 2015

A house for Dorothy

Antonio: Hey Kenneth, so you said you have something to show me?
Kenneth: Antonio! Glad you came so quick! Yes I have! Want to see it?

Antonio: Well if it is a cottage, sure I do! I've been bothering you about it for so long!
Kenneth (laughing): Yes you have! But you know how it goes in this village, not a house for a mouse! Sydney has mentioned a fourth floor floor the commune the other day!

Kenneth: Here we are, remember I said it was tiny! Keep that in mind
Antonio: I remember, and please don't worry. The room we are currently living in is matchbox size, and don't get me wrong I will ever be indebted to Ben and Pippa for taking us in, but it is now time for Dorothy to have her own home. She deserves it.
Kenneth: Well, then I am glad I can offer this to you, and that Mack and Mable decided to move to the Eaglewood retirement home now.

The two men went inside the cottage, and as Kenneth mentioned, it was small, but cosy. Antonio immediately knew that he wanted it.

Kenneth: And here is the kitchen.

Kenneth: Alonzo was quite clever when he added a narrow attic area above each room, it is an ideal storage place.
Antonio: Yes, very clever indeed.
Kenneth: So? What do you think?
Antonio: I will take it!


Antonio was so excited! Today might be the day he will show Dorothy her house. As soon as Dorothy was out the door to her first appointment, he immediately went over to Aaron Cottontail to collect the furniture he has ordered!

After some hard manual labour to get all the furniture in place, he also set up the kitchen. Finally he was done. He knew there was still alot of work to do, Dorothy will definitely want to wallpaper the rooms, and he was unsure what linen to buy from Nelson.

Dorothy: Oh Antonio, what silliness is  this now?
Kyle: house house house!
Antonio: Take off the mask!

Dorothy: What! No! Really?
Antonio: Yes, my love, it is real!

Dorothy couldn't believe her eyes! It was all there! Beds, bathroom ...

... stove, sink, table, chairs! But she was most surprised about the crockery!

And being practical, she found the storage space genius.

Dorothy was also happy about the small garden they had and Kyle loved the slide.

Dorothy: Antonio! Thank you! It is perfect!
Antonio: I wanted to do this for you so much! We still need to add some decorations, but for now it will do!
Dorothy: It is PERFECT!

And they lived happily ever after!


  1. A loud "Awww" to the story! Antonio is so kind:)
    I didn't know you had the house, it's so cute!

    1. I kept it as a surprise, it was so hard. But Im so happy I did and that it looks so good!

  2. Lol this was a fantastic surprise, it's so cozy and i look forward to see how to how you will decorate it. how wonderful for them to get a home all to them self:)

    1. My pleasure, knew you would like the surprise. I will try to deco it soon.

  3. What a lovely story! It was great to see Dorothy and Antonio in their new house

  4. Awesome little house!!! I love that last photo so much. :D