Friday, 15 May 2015

Hatty's celebration party

Slick Slydale returned home from a tough day at the office, hoping to get some peace and quiet, and have a beer with his friend, Hubert Allan. But what he found was most upsetting.
Slick: Hatty? Are you ok? What is the matter this time?
Hatty (not moving): I'm preparing myself 
Slick: For what?
Hatty: For my celebration party tonight ...

Slick sighed, "Was THAT tonight" he thought to himself. Hubert Allan entered the living area at precisely that moment and though he wasn't aware of it, he prevented an argument. Slick was relieved to see his best friend, and suggested that they enjoy a beer in the garden.

Outside they bumped into Margaret Petite and Dorothy Patches.
Hubert Allan: Good afternoon ladies, here to pamper Hatty?
Dorothy: Hello, yes we are.
Margaret: Is she inside?
Hubert Allan: She is, go right ahead.

Hatty was overjoyed to see her personal hairdresser and beautician, she felt very important indeed.
Hatty: So glad you could make it and help me at our house, it is just more personal.
Margaret: Our pleasure, Hatty.

While Hatty cleared away her "footspa", she instructed the ladies to set up their equipment.

The two ladies quickly got their things ready. They knew from experience that Hatty was a tough customer and wants everything perfect. 

And then the pampering started. Margaret did Hatty's nails. She filed and buffed it to perfection and then painted it a very naturual colour, as Hatty disliked any bright colours. Dorothy saw to Hatty's fur and treated it with her special concoction until it shone. Velvette came home from her day out too, and immediately started to compliment Hatty on how good she looked and the two stylists on the wonderful job they did.

Margaret: We are done, thank you for having us Hatty.
Hatty: No! Thank you for coming and treating me like this.
Dorothy: Our pleasure, see you around.
Velvette: Bye.

The two ladies have barely left when another knock came on the door. It was Charles Hunter-Smyth. Hatty asked him to make a her a special outfit for her party.

Charles: Hey Hatty, in time just as promised. Hope you like it!
Hatty: Wow, Charles! It is stunning, just as I imagined it to be.
Velvette: Hatty. you will look gorgeous. Charles, your work is fantastic.
Charles: I must admit ... Camilla designed it, and I made it. I am quite proud of it.

Charles left in a hurry, mostly because he was afraid that Hatty will change her mind, she was notorious for being difficult. 

Upstairs in the attic, the children were taking full advantage of the fact that their parents were too preoccupied to care that they were wreaking havoc. The boys were having a very important tennis match, with the girls their biggest fans, cheering them on.

Soon it was time for Hatty to get ready. She wanted to look her best. Velvette, too was preparing for the evening. She has asked Grizabella Macavity and Tilly Dappledawn to babysit, but she wanted to give Lindy a bath before they left, as Lindy was very fussy about her bath time.

In the meantime Hatty got dressed. She felt like a beauty queen. She softly knocked on the door to Velvette's room, and shyly went in.
Hatty: Sorry to disturb you...
Velvette: Aaaah Hatty! You look so beautiful my friend.

The men were patiently waiting for their wives downstairs. They got dressed in no time, like men usually do, and wished Hatty and Velvette would hurry up. They were relieved when the babysitters rang the doorbell, as they hoped that will hurry them up, which it did.

Grizabella and Tilly was immediately all over the cute babies. Which gave Hubert Allan an opportunity to pull his lovely wife aside and tell her how stunning she looks.
Hubert Allan: You look lovely, my darling wife and you deserve this promotion. Enjoy your night.
Hatty: Thank you dear, you look very handsome yourself.

Slick quickly went to the children's room to tell them that the babysitters have arrived and give them the usual speech about good behaviour. But on entering the room, he totally forgot all about good parenting skills and demanded the  children to go to bed immediately and that such mischief will not be tolerated.
Buster: But daddy, we were only playing we didn't break anything, an nobody got hurt.
Slick: I don't care Buster, such behavior is unacceptable.
Buster: Sorry daddy, but please don't punish the others, it was all my idea.
Slick: That is fine with me, Buster, thank you for standing up for your friends. You will go to bed then and the rest will tidy the room.

And without listening to any further pleas, Slick was out of the room. At least he knew that even if they don't go to bed, the room will be tidy and Grizabella and Tilly will not have a difficult time with them.

The adults quickly said good bye, according to Hatty they were already late, and know one should keep the mayor waiting.

At the Mayor's house everything was ready for the guests. Hugo thought it was unnecessary to through Hatty a party for becoming a member of parliament. He felt that having a formal inauguration at parliament and the banquet afterwards was more than enough, but it was Savannah who convinced him otherwise. She knew Hatty, and she knew Hatty expected something and that if Hugo ignored this, he will never hear the end of it.

Hugo soon realised that Savannah had a point and though he would still rather spent his Friday night with his family, he knew it was the right thing to do. After playing a quick game with the kids he asked them to be quiet while they have the guests, and that they can continue playing in the morning.

The doorbell rang, Savannah took a deep breath and took off her apron. She called out to Hugo and went to open the door.

Savannah: Welcome, welcome. And Hatty, our guest of honour, CONGRATULATIONS. Hello Velvette, glad you could make it.
Hatty: Thank you, Mayor Trunk for having this incredible party for me.
Hugo: It is my pleasure Hatty, but you should really thank Savannah.
Hatty: It means so much to me, sir, that you thought of me.

Hugo decided to let it be and not try to give Savannah the credit as she deserves, it was obvious that Hatty was not interested in hearing that.
Hugo (clinking his glass): Friends, thank you all for coming. As you know it is to celebrate Hatty's appointment as Secretary for Fair Work, Skills and Training. Hatty! Congratulations. We are proud of you, and I am glad to have another resident of Sugarbush Valley in parliament.

Hatty: Thank you Mayor, and once again thank you for organising this party for me. There is nothing better than to celebrate such a huge milestone with your best friends. Also Savannah thank you for all the treats. 
Savannah: Only a pleasure, Hatty.
Hatty: Mayor Hugo, please be sure that I will represent Sugarbush Valley to the best of my ability in Parliament. My work and good name have always been important to me, and I will continue to built on that.

After all the formalities was done, everyone relaxed with a glass of wine enjoying Savannah's homemade delicacies. It was truly a special evening.


  1. :D Hatty is an extraordinary lady, isn't she? I had to giggle about her peparations for the party. Glad she liked her dress, can you imagine the chaos, if she didn't? :D

    1. Thank you, she is. And poor Hector he was totally stressed out about that dress.

  2. Hatty is funny, I know a few people like that. I love how you have given personalities to your sylvanians, that shines through in your stories. You are very talented. Thank-you for cheering up my afternoon with this story.

    1. Thank you Emma, I try my best. Glad I could cheer you up.

  3. I couldn't stop laughing with Hatty being prepared for the event! She was anxious but self controlled, her husband knew how to keep her calm!
    She must feel so chuffed!

    1. Yes he do, but I think the only person who truly understands her is Velvette. It still puzzles me who someone like Velvette can be friends with Hatty.

  4. Hatty, despite all her quirks, is such a cutie :)

  5. That is really looking very cute. Thank you so much for sharing it here. My son also wants a themed party like this for his birthday and I am planning to hire one of popular Banquet Halls. Do you think it will work for me as we generally call around 50 guests everytime?