Monday, 18 May 2015

The orphans - Part 2: Alyssa's new family

So time for part 2 of the orphan story. I took all the picture for part 2 during the weekend. But as I finished the Alyssa part I realised that it will just be wrong to continue on to Edward and Pumpkin. I think we all will need a moment to process this. So in the end the Orphan story will have 3 parts with the last part up tomorrow morning.


Alfie: I want my Sissy, I want my Sissy, don't want you, go away!
Emma: Oh honey, you don't mean that.

Emma Furbanks was close to tears. The sweet little boy they have adopted more than a year ago has suddenly turned into a little monster, and regardless of what she or Kenneth did, he only wanted his "Sissy".
Emma: Oh Kenneth, I don't know what to do anymore.
Kenneth: Me neither, should we try and track down his "Sissy". Sure Velvette might be able to help.

Before Emma could reply they were interrupted by a knock on the door. It was Hector Hunter-Smyth.
Hector: Sorry to interrupt Mr and Mrs Furbanks, but their is a call for you from Mayor Trunk in Uncle Bobby's room. 
Kenneth: I will go and take it, or should I try to calm Alfie down and you go?
Emma: No, no, no I'm in no state to talk to anyone.

Kenneth rushed upstairs, wondering what this could be about. Sure it wasn't about a realtor issue, as then the Mayor would have precisely asked for him.
Bobby: Morning Kenneth, come in. Hope it is not bad news.
Kenneth: Sorry for disturbing you like this Bobby, thank you.

Bobby left the room to give Kenneth some privacy.

Kenneth slowly put the phone down. He was a bit shocked, and not sure how he will convey this news to poor Emma, but maybe this is exactly what she will need to feel a bit better.

Kenneth rushed back to their room, he was relieved to see that Alfie stopped crying and was rocking on his play horse. He quickly told Emma about his telephone conversation with Mayor Hugo.
Emma: No way, really!? This is great news for Alfie, but what does it mean for us?
Kenneth: I'm not sure Em, but don't get ahead of yourselves. Remember we are Alfie's legal parents now and we must do what is best for him.
Emma: You are right, let's go, I will just quickly tell Mona to watch Greta and Douglas.

Emma found Mona in the kitchen preparing lunch, who indicated that she will keep an eye on the two Furbanks children.

On entering the living room of the Trunk's residence, Emma yelped loudly, but it was Alfie who was besides himself.
Alfie: Sissy, Sissy, Sissy! 
Alyssa: Oh my, Alfie!

The two siblings rushed to each other and gave each other a tight hug. They didn't let go of each other for quite some time. Emma too stepped closer. Alyssa looked like a lovely girl, and it was obvious that they were brother and sister.

Velvette suggested that Alfie and Alyssa go and play in the bedroom to give the adults time to discuss a few issues.

Basil: Emma, I am so sorry for putting you through this, but legally Alyssa had a right to see her brother. She was asking so much about him since we met her yesterday afternoon, that I just couldn't keep him from her anymore.
Emma: I totally understand Basil. Alfie was calling out for his sister too, I'm so glad he could finally see her, but whereto from here?
Basil: Well, obviously Emma is an orphan too, so she will stay with me and Betty at the Orphanage in Eaglewood, but I'm sure you would allow her to visit Alfie as often as she would like?

Emma interupted Basil and said to give her a chance to speak with Kenneth. Emma had an idea, but she was unsure if she might be turning crazy.

Emma: Basil, me and Kenneth agrees that we will take Alyssa in as our foster child. This way we can get to know her and she will be with Alfie. Hopefully Alfie will become a happier boy again and Alyssa will have a family. Then of course if everything goes well, and that is what we are hoping for, we can legally adopt her too?
Basil: Emma? Kenneth? This is wonderful, but are you sure?
Kenneth: Yes, we are. We have always wanted more children, but with Emma's condition it was not possible.

Just like that the matter was settled. Though Alfie didn't understand the term foster parents, he understood very well that his "Sissy" will be living with him again, and Alyssa was ecstatic to have a family again.

Emma and Kenneth took Alyssa home with them. They introduced her to Greta and Douglas, who were both excited to have another sister. 

Later that evening when it was time for bed, Alyssa grabbed Emma around her waist.
Alyssa: Thank you for looking after me, I will be a good girl, because I want a mommy and daddy again, and you will be the perfect mommy, I can see that Alfie loves you.
Emma: That is fine my dear little sweetpea. I know you will be. Get some sleep now.

Emma quickly wiped the tears from her eyes, she already loved Alyssa. And she just knew that this will turn out for the best.


  1. Such a sweet story and happy ending for Alyssa, glad to see Alfie reunited with his sister:) Emma and Kenneth sure have big hearts.

    1. Thank you. I hope that is the end of the sadness and tears for now!

  2. That was the perfect heartwarrming start for the day! Exactly what I needed :). It was soooo cute and I'm glad Alyssa found a new home!

    1. Thank you and glad I could brighten your day.

  3. Thank you for another wonderful story and so soon! Alyssa is adorable, she will fit in perfectly!

  4. Another amazing story, I was almost in tears! I'm so happy for Alfie and Alyssa. Thank-you x

    1. Oh no, that was not my intention! But at least you enjoyed it.

  5. They were happy tears : ) it was a wonderful story.

  6. What a heartwarming story! So sweet :)

  7. I have never really liked Furbanks either, but little Alfie in his yellow outfit with tantrum melted my heart :D He looks so amiable! Alyssa looks very good too, I can see the yellow clothes don't flatter the figures. Heartmelting story too!

    1. Just note that the Furbanks are the one with the plain faces and the Walnuts have whitened mouths. I am truly surprised by their cuteness.