Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The orphans - Part 3: Pumpkin and Helly

So time for the last part, and I really think it is the final one!

Mae was ironing the mountain of washing she had left over from the previous day, but she was unable to concentrate, her mind constantly wondering to little Pumpkin, and the question if Edward really is his father.

Pete: Good morning, Mae. Busy as always I see.
Mae: Heya Pete, what a fright you gave me. Yes, yes busy as always
Pete: Terribly sorry about that, didn't mean it.
Mae: No, no, don't feel bad. Do you have something for me?

Pete: Yes, from Mayor Hugo. It is not an official one, he just gave it to me just now when I delivered his mail.
Mae: Oh my, I hope it isn't any problems.

Pete left Mae to read her letter in peace, and Mae was glad he did, as she gave a huge yelp when she did. "Oh no, I don't have the energy for this." Mae thought.

She hurried along to Edward and Aaron's workshop. She was relieved to find Edward there, mending a little wooden toy train. Without giving away too much infront of Aaron, she convinced Edward to come with her to the Mayor's residence, because of an urgent matter.

On there way over Mae tried to prepare Edward the best she can, for what was probably waiting for him. Of course Edward was shocked, and didn't believe a word of it, as how was it possible that he could have another child. His wife died years ago, and his only child, Martha is living with her grandparents. But nothing could prepare Edward for what he was about to see.

On entering the living room of the Mayor's house, Edward greeted those around and then he saw the cutest little boy playing on the carpet. He was the spitting image of Edward. 

Edward: Basil, is this really true?
Basil: You should know Edward, shouldn't you? And that is what his birth certificate says.
Edward: Birth certificate? You have a birth certificate? May I see it?

Basil produced the certificate. Ed studied it carefully, and then it all made sense and it all came back to him. Yes he was indeed little Pumpkin's father.

Edward: Mae, I'm so sorry. Will you ever be able to forgive me? Please know that if I knew about Pumpkin's existence he would never have been in an orphanage.
Mae: Edward! Of course. You are a great father, just look at Martha, and I see how you handle my children, you are an amazing uncle. I'm just glad that Pumpkin now finally have found you.

Edward rushed over to Pumpkin, picked him up and hugged him tight.
Pumpkin: Daddy?
Edward: Yes my darling son, I am your daddy, and I will never ever leave you again.

After the Mulberries left with little Pumpkin, Basil sighed loudly. 
Basil: I'm so relieved that all ended well for Alyssa and Pumpkin. Thank you Velvette for your help and Mayor Hugo you too.
Hugo: No Basil thank you for your great work. And always having these kids best interest at heart.
Velvette: My heart just goes out to little Helly. What will happen with her?
Basil: Yes it is sad, but Betty and me will take great care of her. Betty has just the other day mentioned how alone it gets with Evie on her camping trip.


While Basil took care of Pumpkin and his adoption procedure, Betty took little Helly to the square for an ice cream. Betty felt the little one needed a treat, and lucky for her the Darwin twins where around too, so she had some friends to play with.

Suzette: Excuse me, sorry to interrupt, but what a cute little baby you have. By the way I am Suzette Simpkins, sister of Maurice Chantilly,
Betty: Hi Suzette, yes she is cute isn't she, but unfortunately I'm not her mother. We are in charge of the orphanage in Eaglewood and Helly lives with us.

Suzette: Oh no that is terrible, poor poor baby. What happened to her parents?
Betty: That is the sad part, no one knows, she came to us without any papers or even a birth certificate.
Suzette: Maybe she gets lucky soon.
Betty: I really hope so for her sake.
Suzette: I have to go, see you around Betty, and enjoy little Helly.

Suzette's heart went out to the poor little girl, she was so cute, and before Suzette was off to meet her brother, she turned around to have one last glance at little Helly.


  1. Little Pumpkin is too cute! So glad he found his dad! I guess Helly is getting a new family soon...

  2. Glad that Pumpkin found his father and how will Martha feel about her suddenly have a little brother? Guessing that Betty will not have Helly for long:) Great story, thanks

    1. Martha will be too happy to get a little brother. Only time will tell what will happen to Helly.

  3. I'm glad everything resolved itself :) Looks like Suzette will see Helly again soon...

  4. What a perfect end for my busy day! :) I'm happy that Pumpkin has a home now, but I wonder who is his mother? And I hope for little Helly that she'll soon find a loving family!

    1. Glad I could end you day for you on a high note!

  5. Thank-you for cheering up my day again with another brilliant story !

  6. Mysteries, this story was full of them! Edward admitting to being father of little Pumpkin, but no more explanations? I love the ideality and sweetness of that :) I guess I have to wait and see what happends to little Helly. At least she will be well looked after by the Basil and Betty. By the way, I love how you posed the Darwin babies by the slide O_O I had always thought sitting and especially crawling figures hard to photograph, but you made perfect positions for them in several pictures!