Friday, 13 February 2015

New shop: Tourist information and Realtor shop

A week or so ago I finally got round to decorating an old post office building. I had it for over a year but was never sure what to use it for, as I need so many offices and shops. In the end Herbage and Kenneth convinced me that they need an office the most.

As the Tourist Officer of Sugarbush Valley Herbage does't really need an office, but as Kenneth is his best friend, he agreed that he and Herbage may share an office.

So lets take a little closer look.

Kenneth is especially proud of the map mural. Now he can show new residents exactly where they will be living in the village when they come in for an appointment.

Herbage suggested the comfortable armchairs. According to him, buying a house is stressful, so people need to be, and feel relaxed, but also when on holiday people are already relaxed and don't want to sit on uncomfortable chairs.

The two friends are extremely proud of their little office and love to receive clients and tourists her.

Since they have opened the new office, Kenneth has already sucessfully placed the Darwin family in a wonderful house.

And Herbage assisted the Decker family in planning a wonderfully relaxing holiday in Sugarbush Valley.

So? What did you think? What is your favorite addition to the office?


  1. By far the map, it's genius:))) It's a great office and they sure can be proud.

  2. The map really is fantastic! Also I like how you used the pictures of the Sylvanian houses for decoration :). It's such a nice idea to have a tourist office abd a real estate agency!

    1. Thank you Kyra. I had to make it look like a realtor, so that is how I come to use the pictures.

  3. The map is absolutely fantastic! :D The office is so sweet, and I love the green furniture - it really fits well with the building :)

  4. Great idea! It's one of your most beautifully decorated shops! I really like the map , the pictures on the walls, the flowers, the curtains, the green furniture,.....I mean everything lol!

  5. Awesome ideas, the map is so cute! The office is so well done and a very clever idea!