Monday, 9 February 2015

A Saturday in Sugarbush Valley!

It was just another beautiful Saturday morning in Sugarbush Valley. Those who could afford it was having a lay in. Others were woken early by their little ones, and some were already getting ready for work. Myriam Chantilly silenced the alarm clock and got up. It would be easy to feel grumpy, but that will just spoil the whole day. She was relieved to see that Jacques was still fast asleep

The same, however, was not true for little Jocelyn, who was wide awake already. As soon as Myriam got up Jocelyn got out of her cot and jumped on her dad. Maurice started to tickle Jocsie immediately, but one look from Myriam quickly silenced them, they knew better than to make any noises that might wake up little Jacques.

Myriam got dressed, kissed her two sweethearts goodbye and left. At least Jocelyn didn't mind saying goodbye as she knew her mommy will come back, but Jacques will be another story when he wakes up.

Myriam didn't like working on Saturdays, but at least she got one weekend off in a month and an afternoon a week. Her salary was also great, her student loan will be paid off soon and then Maurice can follow his dream, which is opening a catering business, together with his half sister Suzette.

She arrived at the little clinic shortly after she left her house, and was happy to see that Dr Fisher was already in. She was relieved to see that no patients were waiting, so she had time to do her preparations and have a look at the appointment book.
Myriam: Good morning Dr Fisher.
Schroeder: Good morning Myriam, coffee?
Myriam: Thank you, will it be a busy day.
Schroeder: By the looks of it, no, but you never know

The peace and quiet was however short lived as the next moment there were chaos ...

On the opposite side of the village things was much calmer, as it should be. Tamsie Honeybear has risen without rushing, and were busy making coffee. Peculiar as it might sound, Saturdays were the quietest day at the bakery. In the past she and her husband have always opened the bakery at the crack of dawn, baked dozens of bread, just to be disappointed by the end of the day. They have soon realised that the villagers buy their "Saturday bread" on a Friday evening and then Sunday mornings before or after church they will stop for some fresh bread again or to get some treats for lunch. Bertie and Tamsie have now adjusted their schedule to baking fresh bread twice on a Friday and then again on Sunday mornings. This turned out to be much more viable.

Tamsie enjoyed the quietness of her kitchen. She knew that the children will only wake up much later, even Lumy was a late sleeper. Bertie will probably be down soon, the smell of the coffee usually wakes him, and as predicted Bertie appeared in the kitchen.
Bertie: Morning Tamsie Pamsie, had a good night's rest?
Tamsie: Morning Bertie Smertie, yes I had. It truly is wonderful if Lumy doesn't wake up.

The Honeybear couple took their usual spots on the sofa chairs and enjoyed the first rays of sun and chatted about the day ahead and the week that has passed.

After coffee Bertie started with preparing breakfast and Tamsie went upstairs to woke the kids. Not only were they awake but also dressed, little Katy helped her sister, and as soon as Tamsie appeared they announced that they were very hungry.

They Honeybears sat down at the dining room table and enjoyed a delicious breakfast made by their father.
Katy: Thank you, daddy. Breakfast is delicious. I love this bunny shaped hashbrowns.
Bertie: It is a pleasure my dear.What about you Lumy? Enjoying yours?
Lumy (chewing loudly): Yes, it is nice, thank you.
Tamsie: I'm glad you like it, but Lumy please chew with your mouth closed.

After breakfast Tamsie cleared the table and the kids quickly ran upstairs to brush their teeth. Both Diggory and Katy have play dates scheduled for that morning. Diggory will go fishing with his best pal, Gromwell Cottontail and his dad. And Bertie will take Katy to Beechwood Hall to play with little Nellie Trunk.

Lumy was a bit upset that she had to stay home with her mother, but Tamsie promised her that if she behaved for and hour or so, they will go out to the park and they can stop by the Renard house to pick up her best friend, Carrie. This seemed to soothe Lumy who went upstairs to find something to play with.

Tamsie pulled the books of the bakery closer and began working diligently on the accounts. As she progressed she got more and more worried. Things didn't look good, they were not in trouble but the business isn't really growing, it is as if it has just stabilised at where it was and that wasn't good. She will somehow have to break the news to Bertie tonight. She sighed and gathered her journals.

Tamsie was just about to clear the table and get Lumy ready for their outing when there was a knock on the door. It was Kenneth Furbanks.

Tamsie invited him in.
Tamsie: Good morning Kenneth. To what do I owe this visit.
Kenneth: Morning, not much, or well there is something I would like to discuss with you and Bertie, but I assume he is not home.

Tamsie: Unfortunately not, he just took Katy out to Beechwood Hall. But why not sit down and have a quick cup of coffee, I was just about to make one for myself.
Kenneth: I will never say no to that. Thank you.
And while little Lumy asked Kenneth all kinds of "why" questions, Tamsie put the kettle on.

Tamsie served the coffee and apologised for the mess on the table.
Tamsie: I was just doing our monthly accounts, and times are so though.
Kenneth: Tell me about it. What is frustrating are all these people interested in moving to the Village but then I have to either turn them away or offer them some small room in the Commune or the alternative option is to offer them a room in a house of one of the current villagers.
Tamsie: Oh yes you mean like the Darwin family moving in with Fliss and Wilbur.
Kenneth: Yes that is what I mean.

Kenneth obviously had a plan, which was a bit sly, but it soon became apparent that he visited Tamsie at exactly the right moment, and that alot of convincing might not even be necessary.
Tamsie: So Kenneth, has there recently been any potential new residents that is looking for a place to stay?
Kenneth: Dear Tamsie there always are. Why? Would you be interested in offering a room?
Tamsie: I guess we can just as well, currently Lumy sleeps in the small attic room, but if we clear away all the storage boxes we can easily transform it into a bigger room.
Kenneth: So can I put your name down as potential leasers? 
Tamsie: Oh no, I must first discuss this with Bertie, I will never do something without talking to him, but I will let you know.

Kenneth was satisfied with the answer he got, and was relieved that he will soon be able to let the Brightfields know that he indeed have a place for them to stay. The question is if they will be happy with the arrangements.
Kenneth: Thank you for the lovely cup of coffee and do let me know what you and Bertie decided.
Tamsie: That is my pleasure, do pop in again if you want to and I will let you know as soon as I have spoken to Bertie.
Kenneth: Oh and Tamsie, I'm not sure if you've heard but two new babies were added to our little village this morning.
Tamsie: Really! That is great news, but who...?

Back on the other side of the village things has settled down again.

At the clinic Myriam was exhausted. She looked at the clock, it was only 12:00, though it felt like 17:00.

That morning even before Dr Fisher could pour Myriam her cup of coffee a bewildered Sydney came running toward the clinic, shouting that Mona was ready to deliver little Joe. Dr Fisher left Myriam in charge at the clinic and sped off with the wheelchair and Sydney panting behind him.

When Schroeder and Sydney returned with Mona, they where surprised to find Margaret and Pete there ... with new baby Halley. Apparently Margaret just couldn't wait and Myriam had to help deliver the little one.

After checking and making sure both babies and their mothers were doing fine, Dr Schroeder decided to give Myriam the afternoon off. Isabel Fisher 's 6th sense told her that she was needed at the clinic, and she also insisted that Myriam can leave and that she will help her husband till closing time.

Myriam was thankful for this sudden windfall and what better way to spend an afternoon off than at the park with the kids.


  1. It's a great story and great to see glimpse of two new homes, Kenneth sure had an agenda and I'm sure the Brightfields will be thrilled. Great twist with the ending and the cut back and forward worked really fantastically:)

    1. Thank you once more for the nice comment you know I appreciate them very much! Glad I could liven it up with a twist a bit!

  2. Thank you for that wonderful story! It really cheered me up! :) What a surprise that the Petites got their first baby!

    1. Glad I could cheer you up. I know I didnt want to make a big think of it

  3. Aww, the Honeybears are such a cute family! I really love the downstairs of their house :D

  4. Cute story, looks like that Cedar Terrace is really coming along! Tell the Petites congratulations on their new baby, Halley looks so cute!

    1. Thank you, I told the Petites, but I didnt think they registered ... lacking sleep etc!