Thursday, 5 February 2015

Sugarbush Valley Commune

This past weekend I had time to finish the 3rd floor of the Sugarbush Valley Commune. And how relieved am I that it is finally finished. I'm not crafty at all even cutting a box to size and gluing it is a huge challenge for me.

I constructed the Commune out of boxes. I used the ones in which reams of paper are packed. I cut it to size and used the off cuts to make the walls. I glued it in place with SUPER GLUE, as I found that normal glue just didn't do the trick. Wallpapering was easy as there is no funny nooks and crannies to measure around. The cutting of the windows was however a nightmare (remember I have 10 thumbs). I found that the wallpaper also hold the walls in place. 

All that was left to do then was the flooring, for which I used felt for carpets or printed dc fix (lack of a better word). Then the fun part started, to decorate it with furniture and small items. I tried to personalise each room according to the family's work and just to ad a bit of diversity.

I decided to do a quick photo blog of the finished project.

Obviously the Commune is always bustling with activity. 

On a typical morning what is everyone up to ... Lets see!

The Farthings are getting ready for school, but first very serious stories must be told.

The only room where there is some sort of peace ... Bobby is enjoying a strong cup of coffee before he starts his day.

Looking well groomed is important to Camilla, she is thankful that Isabella can entertain the babies while she gets ready.

Schroeder is about to get dressed for work and Isabel is relieved that at least three of her children is ready for the day, now if Eddie will just sit still.

It is Jenna's turn to help her dad to make the beds and tidy the room.

Taylor is having a hard time waking up ... he actually fell asleep again after he dressed Burl.

The Hunter-Smyth men are occupying the bathroom, at least no one else is waiting in line.

Chester and Willow appreciates the few minutes they have to get ready.

Great and Kenneth is entertaining little Alfie while Emma makes the bed. Alfie just loves his rocking horse.

As the town planner Sydney is already hard at work and Otto quickly does some last minute homework.

Down in the kitchen everyone is waiting their turn to get breakfast, and like his pal Geo is also catching up on some homework.

Do tell me what you think. The Commune will hopefully be a source of many future stories.


  1. I love this tour of the Commune! It's filled me with inspiration for my Regency Manor (I plan to have some families live together in the main part of the house ;)

  2. I'm so excited about this story! Because I always wondered how the whole commune looks. :D I especially like Bobby's room. It looks so cozy! I can't wait to hear about new stories! :)

    1. Thank you. Yes Bobby's room is the place you want to be!

  3. Wow, this is so awesome, you did a amazing work there! This is how I imagine to display my families one day, each in a little room with different wallpaper and some furniture!
    I like the big picture, I can spot the hunter-smyth siblings in Bobby's apartment, so it isn't always that peaceful there too , lol!


    1. I was actually wondering if someone will pick that up ... he was just telling them a quick story ... about naughty children and what will happen to them! It is part of the morning routine, after they've left (scared to death) Bobby enjoys his coffee in piece ;-P

  4. Fantastic job. The first photo showing the whole commune blew me away- Very inspiring!

  5. Looks totally amazing! Not crafty? I would beg to differ, you did such an amazing job with the whole thing!! I love all the different bedding in the rooms, very sweet and personalized.

    1. 'blushing" Thanks Paige, coming from you that means alot!

  6. Yes, I agree with everyone. Just lovely, inspiring, and very crafty...

    1. Thank you for reading my post. And thanks for nice comment!