Friday, 6 February 2015

New profile pictures and updated bio's for the Blackberry, Periwinkle, Mulberry, Chocolate, Chiffon and Fielding Families

Herewith part 2 of the profile picture and bio's update.

This week I got such a huge compliment from someone on the Sylvanian Forum. To quote her/him "There is so much love inside your blog. I like it so very much!" It was in that very moment that I realised it was the absolute truth. I like to share my collection with others, but I'm mainly doing it for myself and, yes! because I love it. So if I get one or 15 comments on a post it doesn't matter. Just having it around and seeing them everyday is enough for me.

So lets start

The Blackberry Family
(old picture)

The Blackberries are a family of 5 and lives in their old vintage gypsy caravan. Both Bob and Better are relieved that they have all their children under one roof again, and Yvette enjoys being with her family. She and Ingrid has allot of fun confusing there friends, Amelia and Kirsty, with who is who. Eaton is thriving at pre-school. 

The Periwinkle Family

Father Alex and Mother Kate lives in Cedar Terrace 2 together with their 3 children. Oliver, Rebecca and Hannah. Business is thriving and life is good, except for one small problem, Mabel Periwinkle. Alex loves his mother and father dearly and is happy that they finally move to Sugarbush Valley, but poor Kate is not as thrilled, as Mabel is taking over the household and telling Kate exactly how to run it. Oliver loves having his grandfather around, who is giving him helpful tennis tips. Mack and Mabel also has a daughter, named Blanka. Blanka is currently travelling the world and might soon or maybe never show up in Sugarbush Valley.

The Mulberry Family

For father Elmar it is fantastic to have his older brother, Edward around. Together they reminisce over their younger days in Sugarbush Valley. Edward regrets it that he ever moved away to Oxbridgeshire, and hopes in his heart that one day his daughter Martha will join him here. As their father, the three Mulberry children are just as happy that Uncle Ed (as they call him) is living near them now, he makes the most wonderful toys for them and can entertain them for hours in the garden of the Log Cabin. 

The Chiffon Family

The Chiffon family of 6 lives in Cedar Terrace 6, together with the Chantilly Family. Delia is excited about the new school year as she just got a new Nursery, and Gordon can't wait to teach his classes again too. Obviously Karen and David is not as excited. The twins are oblivious to the feelings around them, they just want to play. Delia has a sister Grace Doughty who lives in Rooibosch Hill. They spent their summer holiday there and just returned from a wonderful vacation.

The Chocolate Family

As with everyone that moves to Sugarbush Valley, the Chocolate family have also adjusted superbly to village life. Even Freya is enjoying it and has made a best friend in Candy Mulberry, but she still misses her cousin, Luna Loffel, who is the daughter of her Mother's sister, and writes her everyday. The Loffel Family now resides in the village of Marigold Creek, which their great great grandfather discovered in 1815.

The Fielding Family

The Fielding family of five lives above their beloved Restaurant in a small, but cosy apartment. To them village life is great, as they are very shy critters the size of the village means they don't have to deal with to many strangers every day. Secretly Darcy still misses Mystique Valley from where they moved many years ago when Daniel was a little baby, but this he keeps to himself as he can see that Bridget is truly happy.

Hope you had a nice read and I could help to pass the time. Do visit my family page for the complete bio of each family.


  1. I have to agree that there is a lot of love in your little village. I look forward to your posts in my blog feed. No matter what happens in the world or my life, I know your sylvanians will always help each other and there will be a happy ending. I love how your stories point out the tiny characteristics of each person . Thank you for all you do.

    1. Another sweet comment, thank you so much Tammy! And it really warms my heart if their personalities come to live as intended!

  2. What lovely bios! I really do enjoy reading your family profiles :) They are so realistic and they are all unique! :D

  3. What a wonderful compliment! And I totally agree with it! :) Aww, I love the Periwinkles! Greetings to Mable :D

    1. Mabel send her love too! And yes my Periwinkles are very special, thanks for the kind comment!

  4. You give them so much life, i kind of expect them to jump up and start talking:)

  5. Great new bios! Such a nice compliment, it is very true!

    1. Thanks for reading and the comment, really appreciated!