Saturday, 3 October 2015

A family for Helly.

Suzette Simpkins was just packing the last of the party favors for Paddock Buttercup's birthday when there was a knock on their attic room's door. "Come in!" she yelled, irritated by the disturbance. She desperately want to finish this task quickly. It was Sydney Hazelnut, "So sorry, to interrupt you Suzette but there is a telephone call for you in our room." Sydney said. "Hi Sydney, oh thank you." Suzette said looking puzzled.

Suzette left the room hurriedly, worried that it was the kids that was hurt at school. She picked up the phone, " Hello, it is Suzette. - Hi Betty, good and you? - Nice to hear. - Oh right, ok. What about this afternoon at two in the square? - Great, see you then. Bye!" 

Suzette put the phone down. "It was Betty Hazelwood, she wants to meet me this afternoon." she told a patiently waiting Sydney. "Everything okay?" he asked. "I hope so!" Suzette said. And without another word she was off. Worried about he meeting, it could only be about Helly Beaman, the orphan.

Before her meeting with Betty, Suzette had another with Roxy Renard, about little Carrie's upcoming birthday party. This will only be the second party that she will plan and she wants to make it fantastic. She also knew that Roxy and Daisy was good friends, and that Daisy will tell Roxy all about Paddock's party.

"Do you think it will be a good idea to have the party here in the square with all the sweet and ice cream vendors around, as that was my idea?" Roxy suggested "Uhm, honestly I don't think that is a good idea, sorry Roxy. I did a party like that once before and in the end the poor mother, had to cater for all the kids, even those that weren't invited." Suzette replied carefully. 

Out of the corner of her eye, Suzette saw Betty and Helly approaching, and she noticed that Helly was her usual healthy self, which was a great relief. "What about asking Daisy to move her ice cream cart to your backyard, I'm sure she will not mind." Suzette continued. "Oh what a fantastic idea, Suzette! I'm sure Daisy won't mind at all! Thank your for your insight, I'm sure Carrie's party will be fantastic.

Relieved, Suzette assured Roxy that it will be and they confirmed a date for the next meeting. "Bye Suzette, and thank you again!"

Finally Suzette could turn all her attention to the lovable Helly Beaman! "Hello Helly, how are you?" Suzette greeted Helly. "Auntie Suzette!" Helly yelled and the little girl jumped into Suzette's arms, hugging her tight.

Suzette hugged her back and put her down on the park bench. "Auntie Suzette, I'm getting a mommy, and she is just as pretty as you!" Helly beamed, obviously ecstatic about it. Suzette, however, felt as if she was hit with a hammer, but she held her pose. "Really, sweetie? That is fantastic news!" and gave the little girl another tight hug.

Suzette look at Betty expectantly. "I'm sorry Suzette, I've heard this morning, and immediately called you, I didn't want to tell you over the phone. Helly was so excited and wanted to tell her yourself, and I asked her not to blurt it out immediately, but I'm sure you understand." The tears stinged at the back of Suzette's eyes, but she managed to held them back, "I am really glad for her Betty, I will miss her dearly, but this is good for her."

Betty decided to give the two some time together, while she get some ice cream, and have a quick chat to Shirley Darwin.

Suzette and Helly had a wonderful time. Helly told her all about her new family. Not only will she get a pretty mommy, but a big and strong daddy, a handsome brother, a sister who looks like a princess and a baby brother and sister too. "My new mommy, call them twins, Auntie Suzette. I really think that is a silly name, isn't it? Suzette laughed at Helly's innocence and assured her that she will be very happy with her new family and that they sound fantastic.

Too soon it was time to go, and though the good bye was hard for Suzette, it helped  to see how happy little Helly was. "You must come visit me with your new family, sweetie." Suzette suggested. "I will ask mommy, but I am sure they won't mind." Helly said. 

As Helly ran off to play with little Briel for one last time, Suzette begged Betty to let her know if and when little Helly arrived safely. "Is her new parents good people?" she inquired carefully. "Trust me Suzette they are fantastic, we did a thorough background check. Helly will be loved for the rest of her life." Betty assured her. 

After Betty and Helly left Suzette forgot about time. She didn't notice the square getting empty as everyone left. She just sat there feeling sorry for herself.

It was her brother, Maurice that found her all alone. He brought his daughter, Jocelyn to the park, and though he didn't know his sister that well, he instantly knew she was hurting.

He probed her carefully, and finally she told him about Helly, and how heartbreaking it is for her. 

"Oh that is terrible, Suz, but remember you already have two wonderful children, and when I look at them I immediately realise what a good mother you are.

That was enough to jolt Suzette from her depressed feelings. She hugged her brother tightly, thanking him for his insight.

Finally it was time to go home.

On arrival in their attic room, Suzette felt very guilty for neglecting her family. The children were having dinner already, which Marion had to made in her absence even though it was Suzette's turn. "Mommy!" the twins yelled simultaneously, "you are home, we missed you!"

And instead of giving her a hard time for being late, even Marion was happy to see her, inquiring if everything was ok. "I will tell you later." Suzette said.

Later came, when everyone was fed, bathed and fast asleep, and over a cup of hot chocolate, Suzette told the day's events to Marion too.

Like Maurice, Marion also understood. She listened intently, and tried her best to comfort Suzette, but it was obvious that only time will heal Suzette's heart.

After a long discussion, it was time for bed. Marion hugged her best friend tightly, and once again whispered that everything will be ok eventually. Suzette knew her friend was right, and wished she could show Marion exactly just how much she appreciated her.


  1. Such a heartwarming story for a Saturday afternoon! Thank you so much! I can understand poor Suzette- she must miss the little kitty very much!

    1. She will miss her yes, but Im sure Helly will be very happy!

  2. I don't know what you call heart breaking if this isn't, I felt so sorry for poor Suzette. Wonderful story with so many fantastic pictures will have to go over them again to take it all in:)

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! and sorry for breaking your heart!

  3. Oh no, poor Suzette :( I love the detail in all the pictures and they perfectly portray the story. Also I must say again how great their flat looks, I love it!

  4. Poor Suzette, she looks really upseat!

  5. I sympathize with Suzette but Helly feels so happy with her new family and that is what counts! Another lovely story from you with great photos and setting too!

    1. I know, Helly should be happy. Thanks Sylvanako!

  6. Poor Suzette, but I'm sure she will be okay with her children and the Brighteyes family.
    Do you have any plans in the future to show Helly's new family? hope you don't mind me asking, just curious.

    1. Yes she will be ok. Yes there will be a post about her family, but it wont come from me.Just be patient.

  7. Sorry for not commenting for a long while, I have been busy with making Christmas cards and got lost in Star Wars universe xD But I see you have been busy with other life too, so you know what I'm talking about.

    I'm glad to hear Helly will be getting a new family :) Poor Suzette, thankfully time has amazing properties.

    1. I have missed you, welcome back. Ive heard a rumour that Helly is very happy.