Thursday, 22 October 2015

Hatty's day full of frustration!

So time for a new story. This one came completely by surprise. I actually wanted to feature the Slydales in a story, but then I heard loud cries of "we want Hatty!", so I got Hatty of the shelf and with Kyraja's help, came up with this one. Hope you enjoy it!

Pete Petite slowly walked passed Cedar Terrace 1. He was dreading bumping into Hatty Huckleberry who lives further down the street, but he knew it was inevitable. She was probably watching the street like a hawk, in order to pounce on him as soon as she sees him.

As expected Hatty was indeed waiting for Pete, just outside her house.

"Good morning, Hatty." Pete tried to sound upbeat. "I suppose you don't have my parcel then?" Hatty replied, without greeting Pete.

"I'm sorry, Hatty. Again there was nothing!" Pete was on the defense immediately. "But how is that possible!" Hatty was almost hysterical. Pete started to explain, "I don't know..."

But Hatty has already turned her back to Pete and was walking away at a great speed, again without even greeting Pete. Poor Pete just sighed and shook his head.

Hatty was indeed hysterical, tomorrow is her dear husband, Hubert Alan's 40th birthday and she doesn't have a gift for him. She ordered him the complete first edition of Shakespeare's Sonnet's, which he will love, but for some reason there is a delay in delivering the parcel.

So now she will have to find a consolation gift, to at least have something to give to him in the morning. As she passed the Puddleford house, she got the idea of buying him a 'memory-foam-pillow'.

"Good morning, Nelson! I'm so glad to find you here in the garden, I urgently need a pillow for Hubert Alan!" Hatty said. "Oh but my shop is closed, Hatty, and as a long time villager, you should know, I only help customers by appointment." Nelson would have nothing of Hatty's bossiness.

"Oh nonsense, Nelson. I am here, you are here, your shop is just over there, of course you can help me!" Hatty will not succumb to Nelson's stubbornness. In the end the customer "won" and Nelson reluctantly opened the shop for Hatty.

Hatty could hear Beth in the kitchen, but as she already felt like an intruder, which was ridiculous, she withheld herself from going in to have a quick chat.

Nelson showed Hatty a huge collection of the finest quilts, bedding and other linen, but unfortunately he had no 'memory-foam-pillows'.

"I'm sorry, Nelson, but you don't have what I am looking for!" Hatty informed Nelson. "Oh great, so now you wasted my time and your own!" Nelson replied.

Hatty hastily made her way out of the shop. Reluctantly greeting Nelson, he could be so unnecessarily difficult and unpleasant.

On her way into town, she walked by the Music School of Rosetti Keats. Hatty has been very curious about the Music School, but haven't received an invitation yet to see it or had a valid reason to inspect it, as music teaching isn't part of her usual inspection.

Hatty therefore used the excuse of looking for a gift, as the perfect reason to have a look around. "Good morning, Rosetti." Hatty said sweetly. "Mrs Huckleberry, so good to see you here in my School. How can I help? Do you want to enroll one of your children?" Rosetti greeted Hatty friendly

"Oh no, I am actually just looking for a gift for my husband. What music instruments do you sell?" Hatty asked innocently while stealing quick peaks around the room. "Sorry do disappoint, Mrs Huckleberry, but I only teach children to play music instruments, I don't sell them." Rosetti explained.

But Hatty has seen enough, she feigned an outburst, and stormed out. Loudly muttering about "silly Music Schools that doesn't sell music instruments". Rosetti was a bit taken aback by this strange behaviour, and just shook his head. He has heard rumours about Hatty Huckleberry and her strange character.

Hatty continued her search into town, and as she passed each shop, wondered what they could sell, that she can buy for Hubert Alan.

She stopped in-front of the Florist of Katrina Whiskers to have a quick chat with Betty Blackberry, and while chatting to her got the idea of a gift basket. Maybe Katrina can put together something like that for her.

Hatty explained to Katrina what she had in mind, but Katrina declined the opportunity, "I'm sorry Hatty, it is just too short notice. But it is actually a great idea, and I must add it to the list of services."

Hatty knew better than to have an outburst in-front of Katrina, and hid her frustration well. She stomped away, trying not to look too disappointed.

Hatty decided to try the Sylvanian Market. Maybe Spencer has something she might like.

"Hatty! Good to see you! Are you ok? You look stressed!" Cassandra was the last person Hatty wanted to see. She was always so happy and friendly, and Hatty just wasn't in the mood, but she put on her biggest smile, "Oh heeeeeey, Cassandra. Me? Nooooo, I'm fine. How are you?"

Finally Cassandra was satisfied, that Hatty was indeed fine, and Hatty could make her way into the shop.

She found Spencer inside and explained to him her dilemma.

He showed her various items in his shop, from books and vitamins as well as some ornaments.

Hatty actually considered a genuine crystal photo frame, but as she heard the twins squealed with delight while playing behind her on the ramp, she instantly pushed this gift idea to the back of her mind. It will never work.

"Thank you Spencer, but I will have to continue my search." Hatty politely greeted Spencer.

It was with a heavy heart and concerned mind that she went outside. There is no more options, she will have to make peace with the fact that for the first time in 15 years, she will not be able to give her husband a present.

Outside the market, Tammy stopped her for a quick chat, which was strange as Tammy is not the chatty kind. Hatty found herself spilling her mind to Tammy. "That is terrible, poor you. But have you tried the shoe shop? Maybe Alex have a pair of shoes ideal for Hubert Alan!" Hatty smiled, "Thank you, Tammy, that is not a bad idea at all!"

Hatty hurriedly made her way to the square where the shop shop was. 

There she met her good friend, Slick Slydale. "Hey Slick", she greeted him friendly. "Hatty, good to see you. Enjoy your shopping, I must run." Slick wasn't in the mood to chat to Hatty.

Alex too wasn't in the mood for Hatty and her demands, but unlike Slick he wasn't able to dismiss her so abruptly. After explaining to him what she needed, Alex felt even more depressed. "I'm sorry Hatty, but I just sold my last pair of men's shoes to Slick."

"Oh come on, Alex, you haven't even looked yet." Hatty pressed. And even though Alex knew he had no men's shoes in stock, he still had a look.

After it was confirmed, that Alex indeed had no men's shoes left in stock, Hatty had to give him a piece of her mind, "Well that indeed is poor customer service, how on earth can you only stock one pair of shoes?" Alex, however, wasn't scared of Hatty and didn't back off, "Hatty, all my shoes are hand crafted, which takes at least a week to make, and my customers, don't mind waiting for good quality shoes." Hatty was surprised by Alex' straightforwardness, and could only utter an "hmpf", before she went off.

As she turned the corner, she noticed Pippa's cake shop, and decided that at least she can buy Hubert Alan a cake.

As she entered the shop, something however, seemed wrong. "Pippa, what is going on, are you closing your shop?" Hatty almost screamed.

Pippa had a good giggle, as this is not typical Hatty Huckleberry behavior. "Oh no, Hatty. I just had an extremely good morning, with loads of customers looking for something sweet to have with their tea!"

"That is fantastic for business", Hatty replied, "and at least there is still a cake left for me!" Pippa sighed, "I'm sorry, Hatty, that one is sold too, I just had to hold it for the customer."

Hatty completely forgot to be nasty and complain about bad customer service and taking produce form the shelves when they are sold. She just burst into tears. Pippa was totally surprised by this behaviour, and felt sorry for Hatty, but Hatty quickly gathered herself, greeted Pippa and left hurriedly.

Hatty arrived home, still with no present, but she had made peace with that now. She prepared herself a cup of coffee and went outside to enjoy the afternoon sun and concentrate on some work.

Velvette, her best friend, arrived home from her afternoon meeting, and immediately inquired about the parcel. She new Hatty was impatiently waiting for it.

Velvette was unknowingly saved from Hatty's moaning, by the shouts of Pete Petite "it is here, it is here, it is here!"

Hatty jumped of her chair, and almost ran towards Pete. Grabbing the parcel from his hand, inspecting to see if it was indeed addressed to her and who the sender was.

After she was satisfied that it was indeed the parcel that she was waiting for, she grabbed Pete and hugged him for a solid minute, while thanking him over and over again.

When she realised what she was doing, she quickly let go of Pete and picked up the parcel and had another good look at it. This was indeed a strange day, filled with strange and very "unlike Hatty" behaviour, Hatty thought to herself.

After thanking Pete again for eventually delivering the parcel Hatty and Velvette went inside their house, leaving Pete Petite with the very strange thought of "I was just hugged by Hatty Huckleberry!"


  1. Lol I really enjoyed reading, this like her comment about Nelson "unnecessarily difficult and unpleasant and perfect reason to have a look around - so Hatty but you saved the best line for last "I was just hugged by Hatty Huckleberry!". Fantastic

    1. I tried to make it tongue in cheek funny, and it seems as if I have managed, thank you!

  2. This really cheered me up as I have a bad cold, so it was nice to have a little giggle this morning! Hatty is hilarious and I thought the circular plot of the story was very clever too! <3

    1. Sorry to hear about your cold, but glad I could cheer you up.

  3. I LOVE this story!!!! It was so great! Poor Hatty, I really felt with her :(. It was so tragic when Pippa hadn't any more cake. Luckily it went fine :). Pete must have the shock of his life :D

  4. Poor Hatty, I felt sorry for her that she couldn't find anything for her husband.It was very funny that she used the excuse of looking for a present as an excuse to go in the Music School. A treat to have Nelson in the story too : )

    1. Hatty is quite cunning even in her darkest hour!

  5. That was great fun!!! I had a big laugh with Pete's reaction in the end!

    1. I knew from the start that should be the end! And I must say I quite like it too!

  6. Haha! It was funny to see Hatty getting more and more upset, but I am glad she got her parcel <3 Also, I found Pete hilarious at the end :D

    1. Thanks Aranera for the comment! All worked out ok in the end!

  7. What an awesome story!!! I had to laugh about the parcel though... Typical SA post office!

    1. I think without realising this story was more personal than I intended!

  8. What a funny story! I hope Hatty learned new things about herself on this day ;)

    1. I think she did and that she will calm down now. Thanks for the comment!

  9. Thanks for putting this together.!