Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Summer swap parcel from Finland

Yesterday I was very happy to receive my last outstanding parcel. It really is becoming a bit of a nightmare to get parcels from overseas, especially if they don't have tracking numbers, as you never know how long they will take to arrive, if they do arrive that is.

Bloem, a fellow collector on the  Sylvanian Families Forum recently hosted a "Summer Swap". I love to be a part of trades/swaps as that mean I can usually get my hands on stuff I can't find in SA and I love the anticipation of opening a parcel from abroad.

Besides the "summer swap" I also bought some stuff from my friend Suvenkorento and ironically it turned out that  she also was my "summer swap" partner. Of course this meant one big parcel. Oh what fun it was. Lets have a look inside...

First of all she send me the most beautiful handmade card. It was blue (my favorite colour) with a cute elephant (my favorite animal). It is sitting proudly on my desk at work and I sneak a peak at it very often. I also got small handmade photo frames, ideal for my Sylvanian houses, two furniture sets and a large pack of delicious gummies (which is all gone already).

The items I bought from her included the Maple town bunkbeds, sofa and couch, some small items and a table with honey hives (an unknown brand ). 

When I buy something I usually have a clear idea of what I will do with it or who will be the proud owners of it. I got the Maple town adult bed a year or so ago and always wanted a sofa and the bunkbeds to match it. As the Thisthlethorns was the owners of the adult bed it was obvious that the bunkbeds and a sofa will be for them.

Finally the Thistlethorns now have a fully furnished room in the Commune. (They to however need bedding ... Kyraja?)

When I saw the honey hives on Suvi's site I instantly knew that I wanted them, I didn't mind how big they were or what brand it was I just wanted it. Bruno Bearbury is quite happy that the hives he ordered from Finland finally arrived, he can't wait to start farming with bees!

I am however unsure if I should leave it on the table, or just put them on the ground? What looks proportionally better? Any suggestions?

Irene was also happy that some of the small items she needed for her house, also arrived.

Suvi also had the vintage baby gown (blue), and now finally poor Ricky has an outfit too.

The same applies to Eric Renard, he is very proud of his new dungarees.

At first I didn't pay much attention to the little portraits, as I currently don't have any houses to decorate, therefore not needing any decorative items, but I was curious as it was so cute and I was astonished to find that one of the portraits was of my Timbertop family, or so it looked as it was just a dad, mom, brother and baby in the photo (Suvi if you planned this - thank you, it is brilliant!)

There was also one of another bear, so obviously that had to be Grandpa Gus, Taylor's father. I love it and so does the Timebertops.

On to the "swap" parcel. It was the triple baby bunk beds and the cupboard with oven. To my surprise when I opened the bunk beds (after some hinting by Suvi) I found that each bed a hand knitted throw too. 

The detail on it was wonderful, as you can see in the close up photo, each has a different pattern. 

I tried them on the different baby beds, and as you can see they fit perfectly on the two bigger cots, but was a bit too big for the standard small baby cot.

Then it was time to give the beds out. The Fisher twins got two yellow beds ( I had a spare yellow bed). And maybe you noticed that the Fishers also got the small blue tables from the camping set, as side tables.

The small pink bed went to Creme Chocolate, I used to have an EB cot in there, but it never looked right.

And finally the blue one went to Cookie Mulberry, though she is a girl she loves blue (just like me) and it suits the rest of her furniture perfectly.

So there you have it, all my wonderful items from Suvi. Thank you so much Suvi, for the "swap" items as well as holding on to the trade items for more then a year. I love all of it.


  1. Wow, what a fantastic parcel you got! I love everything - from the brilliant card and little picture frames to the fantastic handmade throws! The pictures look fantastic in your rooms.
    I think I would place the bee hives on the table they look nice:). And yes, of course I can make you the bedding :D

    1. Thank you for the comment and helping with beehives!
      We will talk some more about the bedding ;-)

  2. Fantastic new items, and the Maple town furniture just wonderful! I prefer the hives on the table too!

  3. I love when you show where everything goes it also gives us a sneak peak into SV life. Really wonderful items you've gotten and fit perfectly to SV.

  4. What a lovely swap! I especially like the knitted blankets.

  5. What lovely furniture items! I agree with Aranera, those knitted blankets are so cute!

  6. I'm glad to see the parcel finally arrived and you enjoy the content :D The card was perfect then, I hope it reminds you of friends often. I'm glad to see where everything ended up in your house! I didn't plan the pictures, but nice to see it worked out so well for the Timbertops. Sorry I sent the Maple Town bunkbeds without bedding - what was I thinking O-o

    1. It was a wonderful parcel, Suvi. Thank you so much! I really loved it! It is not your fault about the bedding, don't be silly!

  7. Brilliant parcel, I LOVE those bee hives especially, they are perfect,what an amazing find!