Thursday, 15 October 2015

Paddock's birthday

"Hey Sage and Lester," Paddock called out, "will we see you this afternoon at the Deli? My dad will pick you up there?" Today is Paddock's birthday and he has invited some friends for a sleepover on Highfields farm. "Sure thing, we are really excited." Sage replied, with Lester nodding feverishly next to him. "See you later then and don't be late." Paddock greeted them.

"I didn't know Sage was invited too?" Zac said worriedly. "Oh yes of course, he is my oldest friend. Mom and Auntie Rosemary are best friends and we basically grew up together." Paddock replied nonchalantly. "But they are older than us!" David chimed in. "Only by a few months, they are only in a different grade, you will see, Sage is great fun and Lester is not too bad himself." Paddock assured his three best friends.

After chatting some more about the sleepover, the boys went their separate ways, promising to see each other later at the Deli.

As agreed the friends met in front of the Deli, and waited for Mr Buttercup to pick them up. David, Hector and Zac was still a bit weary of the two older boys.

Luckily they didn't had to wait long, and while Hornbull had a quick chat with his friends, the boys piled onto the cart. Annabel was unhappy about all these boys invading her space, so she ignored them completely.

"Everyone settled in?" Hornbull barked, and without waiting for an answer they were off. David was quite chuffed to be sitting next to Annabel, he really liked her, but would never ever admit that to any of his friends.

"Finally!" Daisy's high pitched scream could be heard from a distance. She was waiting for them at the front door, looking agitated and very worried.

"Oh Honey, you worry too much!" Hornbull gave his wife a kiss and hug. "But you tend to go to fast with this cart, and I just know how Blacksocks love galloping at his fastest down the dirt road!" Daisy said. But Hornbull didn't let his wife's fit bother him and quickly disappeared  around the corner of the big farmhouse.

"So boys, are you ready for some farm fun?" Daisy asked the boys. "Yessssssss!" They all shouted together. "But I guess you are hungry?" Daisy smiled.  Again they answered like one man "yesssss!"

In an instant Daisy was back and served the boys some delicious, but also nutritious sandwiches. The boys immediately grabbed a sandwich each and gobbled it down, to Daisy's delight.

Daisy quickly dashed inside the house and reappeared with a party hat. "Oh no mommy, I'm not wearing that!" Paddock was ready to argue about how he was too old to be wearing silly party hats, but his friends started chanting "hat, hat, hat, hat, hat" and needless to say, he had to put it on.

The rest of the family quickly joined them outside (except for Annabel of course). Hornbull carried the cake with the candles, and together they sang 'Happy Birthday' to Paddock, who blushed scarlet red. 

After the celebrations, Hornbull, gathered up the boys, "You boys feel like helping me out on the farm?" Of course they said yes and quickly piled onto the cart again.

Without Daisy knowing, as she would surely refuse, Hornbull decided to give the boys turns to steer Blacksocks and the cart. Sage got the first turn, and felt like a very successful and important farmer, as they rode down the dirt track.

First they stopped at the stable-home of the Meadows family. Hornbull wanted to talk to Jack about the milk deliveries. Hornbull was satisfied with the feedback he got from Jack, and indicated that he wanted to see what progress Bruno was making. 

Hector got the next turn, to be in charge of the cart and steered them safely toward the stable of the Bearbury's. Here it was bustling with energy and activity. Irene and Pansy was planting some flowers, while Durwood painting the tiny home.

"Hello Irene, Pansy and Durwood." Hornbull went over for a quick chat. "Hard at work I see, do you need any help?" he asked. "Oh no, we are managing, but thank you Hornbull." it was Irene, grateful for everything Hornbull has already done. "That is good to hear, I'm just looking for Bruno, actually." Hornbull inquired. "He is setting up the bee hives, I'm sure you will find him there." Irene informed Hornbull.

Hornbull quickly ordered all the children onto the cart again and they made there way over to the patch of land, where Bruno is setting up the bee hives.

Bruno was busy at his bee hives, just as Irene indicated and Hornbull had a chat with him. The boys investigated the bee hives, they couldn't believe that it was filled with delicious honey, but Owen quickly stopped them when they tried to extract some of it!

After an exhausting afternoon of farm-work the men finally headed home and was over joyed when they arrived and noticed that Daisy was busy setting the table for dinner outside. "I am so hungry!" Zac said. "It looks delicious Auntie Daisy!" David said while sniffing the air.

While the boys had their dinner, Hornbull and Daisy quickly got the living room ready for the night. Originally the boys wanted to sleep outside in a tent, but when the first lightening strike they quickly forgot about that idea.

Daisy ensured that they had enough snacks and Hornbull put out the mattresses.

When the first rain drops started to fall they boys hurried inside and gathered around the fireplace. Paddock and Zac came over to Daisy where she was cleaning the kitchen. "Thank your for everything, Auntie Daisy! I am having great fun." Zac said shyly.

"Yes mommy, thank you." And Paddock gave his mother a kiss and a tight hug.

Daisy quickly went upstairs, leaving the boys to their own devices. She was tired and longed for a hot bubble bath. The six boys had great fun, eating party sweets and telling jokes, ghost stories and also playing charades.

At around midnight the fire in the fire place started to die down and one by one they boys went to sleep too. They surely had an exciting time on Highfields farm.


  1. That was such a great story - and perfect for this rainy morning. I just love to see your Highfield farm - it always looks so cozy. I adore the picture when the boys are gathered around the fire :)

    1. Thank you Kyraja, some days I still can't believe that I own that house!

  2. Love how Cheddar is always on top of things and never still:) Great story and so much fun to the life around the farm:)

    1. Really awesome that you notices Cheddar! Thank you!

  3. Very cute! I liked the look around the parts of the farm :)

    1. Thank you, hopefully I will be able to complete the Bearbury's job and house soon too!

  4. Just what I needed! Thanks for an awesome story as always. :-)

  5. Wonderful story! It was great fun to ride the cart around the farm and also all the boys telling stories near the fireplace was a beautiful and cozy picture!

  6. lt looks like Paddock and his friends had a great time : ) I've finally managed to catch up properly with your blog (work has been hectic), and I've just had a wonderful time reading all the last few entries. Thank-you so much, your site is a joy to read.

    1. Im so glad you caught up and took the time to read everything you missed. Thank you! I appreciate that!

  7. What a great party Paddock had. Nice to see the beehives used :)

    1. I love my beehives and so glad I spotted them in your shop!