Friday, 3 April 2015

New profile pics and update bios for the Honeybear, Thistlethorn,Patches, Macavity and Cottontail Families

So herewith the last installment of my bios and picture updates. BUT I'm not sure for how long, so watch this space.

The Honeybear Family

Bertie and Tamsie likes to take things slow, and for the past few years they have been doing just that. Recently it came to light though, that taking it slow isn't always paying the bills, so they are constantly trying out new recipes for baked goods to try and push the sales of the bakery. They are seriously considering taking in tenants who could rent the attic room in Cedar Terrace 5. Bertie has a brother, Horace, who lives in Mystique Valley, who their youngest daughter, Lumy, has visited a few time.

The Thistlethorn Family

The Thistlethorns have tragically lost their house in a fire a while ago. They were provided refuge in the Commune, which suited them fine until their house was rebuild. Slick Slydale did a damage analysis for them and they soon realised that it will not be viable to rebuilt the cottage. This was terrible news to Chester as his great grandfather built the house, when he founded the village. After much deliberation, Chester and Willow decided to make the residence their permanent home. Willow, who never like cooking an cleaning are in her 5th element, as she can now use all her time to do things she likes.

The Patches Family
(old picture)

After the ordeal that the Patches went through last year, with Antonio having work problems at his previous job and finding out that he had twins with his former girlfriend, things are going much better now. They have a stable client base as hairdressers, and after paying their dues to the Henry-Lloyd family they can save enough money, that will hopefully buy them a house in Sugarbush Valley soon. Antonio loves spending time with Dorothy and Kyle, and Dorothy is slowly making peace with the fact that she have two step children.

The Macavity Family
(old picture)

Neither Alonzo, nor Casandra regrets their move to Sugarbush Valley for one second. They longer they stay in this quaint small village, the more they realised how much they disliked life in Blueberry Hill. They can just sense that the children happier, not to mention themselves, and to top it all, business is still booming.

The Cottontail Family

Aaron still works as hard as ever to support his family, but not because they really need more money, just because he loves his job so much. He has had a few big orders recently, of which the biggest was furniture for a restaurant. He is quietly saving this money for a trip to visit Mystique Valley, where Sorrel's brother, Marco, lives. Sorrel mainly are busy attending to their three children. Luckily they are well-mannered and not much of hassle, she just wishes that she had more hours in they day, so that she could have a few hours for herself too.

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  1. I love the new pic of the Cottontails, it makes baby Comfrey look adorable!

  2. Aww, Comfrey is so cute! :)

  3. Has there been a blog post about fire in the house of Thistlethorns? O_O I have missed that!

    1. No there wasn't so don't worry you didnt miss anything.