Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Easter in Sugarbush Valley

I hope everyone had a blessed Easter, without tummy aches because of too many eggs.

But it was not all about the eggs

Enjoy my story.

It was Easter Friday in Sugarbush Valley. The village was dead quiet. Unlike most other tourist attractions, Sugarbush Valley has never been a destination of choice for tourists over Easter weekend. Pansy Chestnut and Rose Timbertop strolled through the dead quiet village with their children. They were on their way to the park to hid some Easter eggs (the mothers) and hunting for them (the children).

When arriving at the park Willow Thistlethorn and her two children, Lester and Prissy, were already there. It seemed as if they have already found their Easter eggs, which excited the small ones tremendously.

Rose: Hi Willow, I didn't even notice you going out?
Willow: Oh yes, these two have been driving me crazy since they opened their eyes to go egg hunting, I would've hoped that by now they will be over this phase, but apparently not.
Pansy: It is such a silly thing, but it does keep the kids happy and occupied.
Rose: Pansy, it is a bit rude to say that, this is a very old tradition for many, and saying something like that may hurt others' feelings.
Pansy: Really? Sorry, I didn't know, we never hid Easter eggs when I was little, so I thought it was just something stupid.

Rose patted her best friend on the back, and smiled. Rose loved Pansy, and their move to the little village was one of the greatest days of Rose's life. Pansy has a good heart, but she has no tact, and Rose has made it her mission to teach Pansy some basic life rules.

While Rose and Pansy hid the eggs, Willow tried her best to occupy the children, but the hiding spots in the park was quite limited and Rose and Pansy had to be creative.

As soon as Rose yelled "ready", Willow was almost trampled by the excited children. They ran in all directions, hoping to find the first egg.

Bud: Mommy, this is unfair, where is mine, I'm the only one without one.
Rose: Oh Bud, stop complaining and look a bit harder, you are getting hot.

Soon all the children had each found one, and was happily eating an egg. Bud found his in the little rowing boat, and admitted to his mother that it was indeed the best and coolest hiding place.

After gobbling up the sweets, the boys played 'pirate games' ...

... while Prissy looked after the little ones. Which gave their mothers some well deservedquiet time for a quick chat.
Willow: Did you hear that Hatty Huckleberry was nominated and appointed as "Secretary for Fair Work, Skills and Training"?
Rose: Oh yes, I've heard. I think it is a good thing for the village, to have representation in Parliament, but oh my imagine Hatty now.
Pansy: Why? Who is Hatty.
Rose (giggling): Seriously Pansy! You must start to pay attention. The school inspector, Hubert Allan's wife, Jethro and Cordelia's mother?
Pansy (stunned): Oh! SHE! In Parliament, that is not good?
Willow: My thoughts exactly, but yes lets try to see the positive, the representation of Sugarbush Valley will be good.

It was getting late and the mothers decided to head home. The boys were not very happy with this, but one look from Willow, quickly got them on their way too.

They decided to follow a different route home and walked passed the newly opened Seafood Restaurant. Brooklyn sat on the small pier and waved at them excitedly.

Brooklyn: Hello ladies? I'm so relieved to see more villagers, I thought we were the only ones here.
Rose: No no no, not all of us can afford a vacation more than once a year.
Brooklyn: Of course, but why not come by for dinner tonight. I still owe the Chestnuts and Thistlethorns an evening out for their help in the restaurant, so why not come along Rose. Of course bring Taylor too.
Pansy: Oh we can't, what about the babies.
Prissy: I will baby sit! Can I pleeeeeeease, mommy?
Willow: Are you sure Prissy, it is three and I guess Kaitlin would love a babysitter too, so that is six in total, will you manage.
Prissy: I will, I will. I will lock the room so they can't get out and tell them stories all night.
Rose: That is fine with me.
Pansy: Ok.
Brooklyn: Fantastic, I will bring our little ones by later. See you then.

As promised Prissy babysat, and was on cloud number nine, she loved children, and had a magic touch with them. Little Lucas even fell asleep.

The three boys played a game of charades in the Timbertop room, and had alot of fun, enjoying the fact that there was no adults around to disturb them.

Meantime the adults made their way to the new restaurant. Pansy felt  both excited and scared, she has never ate in an establishment like this. The most fancy evening out she ever had, was when Rose and Taylor invited them to dinner the previous Easter.

The Deckers were truly happy to see their patrons, and received them heartily.

Each one was appointed to a seat and poured a glass of wine, by the host. Pansy enjoyed every minute of it and soon relaxed. It was wonderful to have a conversation, without being interrupted by a hysterical child.

After a while Brooklyn and Kaitlin got up to prepare the starters. The delicious smell of freshly cooked seafood soon filled the restaurant.

Brooklyn served the dishes.
Brooklyn: Bon appetite.
Rose: It looks delicious, nothing like a fresh garden salad to start of a meal.
Pansy: I must agree, a salad has never looked this appetising.

After more chatting, drinking and laughing, it was time toe serve the main course. Brooklyn cooked the lobster and fish on the grill, while waiting for Pansy's paella to settle.

The restaurant became dead quiet as each one was enjoying their main course. 
Taylor: Brooklyn, this is the first time I'm having lobster, and now I'm unsure if I would ever again enjoy any other meal, it is delicious.
Brooklyn: Thank you, it is as fresh as can get. I went down to the rocks this morning to caught them,
Durwood: I can still taste the sea.
Chester: Nevermind taste the sea, hear it!
Everyone had a good laugh at Chester's joke, but quieted down soon again to continue enjoying the delicious food.

It was getting late, and it was time to go. Pansy, especially was worried about Amy and Ricky, as they were not really use to a babysitter. Everyone thanked the Deckers for their hospitality and the delicious food. With promises of returning soon, everyone head home.

Pansy was surprised to find her babies asleep and according to Prissy they were very sweet. The Chestnuts declined the coffee invitation, but Chester and Taylor insisted that their wives made them some. While waiting for the water to cook, the friends discussed every detail of the evening, and it was obvious, that the Seafood Restaurant, was a big success and will be even bigger in the future.


  1. It's wonderful, guess that Rose has some task ahead. Pansy actually behaved real good through the story. Loved the restaurant and the eggs:)

    1. Yes poor Rose, but Pansy is getting better. The eggs are a sweet we get here all year round. Got the idea from Sylvanako... and it is my boys favorite!

  2. Grear,great job Eaton! Loved every part of the story! I like how Pansy is coming around with all the love she gets from her friends!
    I also love the way you describe the restaurant scenes, felt like I was there eating and having fun! <3. Glad I help with the idea for the egg hunt!

    1. Thank you Sylvanako. Very glad about that egg idea.

  3. Pansy, oh Pansy... But like Sigrun said, she behaved better than before :D. I loved your restaurant scenes, they are written so well and they made me hungry! I want a lobster too ;).

    1. Glad you like it, is lobster something you eat alot in Germany?

  4. Thank-you for another lovely story,
    I love Pansy! I know someone just like her, and I love her friendship with Rose.

    1. Thx for checking in again Emma, I appreciate you comment.

  5. Aw, Rose and Pansy's friendship is so sweet! :D I really liked this story :)

    1. Thank you Aranera, Pansy is quiet sweet and Rose knows how to bring it out!