Monday, 1 September 2014

Margaux Bercher's day out!

Margaux Bercher and her family has been living in Sugarbush Valley for approximately 3 months now, and they are enjoying every minute of it. The villagers have welcomed them with open arms and the village it self is quaint and charming. And even though it is situated in a rural part of Sylvania, they still have access to everything that makes live comfortable.

At the moment they are staying at the town Commune, until there house is complete. They are occupying the only vacant room in it. At first Margaux wasn't very excited about the arrangement. As it meant that they would have to share a bathroom and kitchen with four other families, not to mention that they will never have piece and quiet with all these critters around them. But up until now everything has worked out perfectly, and the Berchers has settled in nicely.

That morning after cleaning the kitchen (the women in the Commune takes turns to cook the meals and clean the kitchen), Margaux decided to go out for walk. Her best friend from the city, Bronte Keats' little daughter Clare is staying with them for a while, and she wants to take them for an ice cream.

She quickly freshened up in the little bathroom, encouraged the girls to use the potty and just like that they were ready. Like most women, Margaux loves to go shopping and looking well groomed when she does.

After some promises of ice cream and maybe cake too, she finally got Clare to climb into the push chair. Clare was a bit of a challenge for Margaux, as all 3 her own children was very easy and well-mannered, but she knew that Bronte needed the break before the new baby arrive, so she offered that Clare should come and visit for a week or two. She could tell Bronte was very relieved and grateful.

The first place that Margaux usually visits when she goes to the square is Pippa's shop. There is always some kind of treat or new masterpiece on show, but not only that, just the interior of the shop is enough to brighten anyone's day.

Pippa: Morning Margaux, good to see you. What will it be today.
Margaux: Hello Pippa, oh I'm not sure if I should take anything, at this rate, I will be rolling to your shop soon.
The women had a good laugh at Margaux's little joke and just talked and talked. Margaux really liked Pippa, and she was sure Pippa felt the same, but she knew that Pippa and Savannah Trunk was extremely close and best friends and she always felt like a third wheel when they went to have some tea.

On her way out Margaux bumped into Cassandra Macavity, another very pleasant and likeable lady.
Margaux: Good morning Cassandra. I see you are entertaining your little one too this morning, are you just like me bribing them with cake to ensure some good behaviour?
Cassandra (laughing): As always my dear, but we are actually off to the clinic. Little Skimbs is not herself and I just want to have Schroeder check her out.

"Of course", Margaux thought as she left the shop. She had forgotten about Cassandra's best friend Isabel Fisher. And at that moment she missed Bronte even more. Yes she has made a lot of friends in Sugarbush, but she really misses what she had with Bronte in the city.

Near the Florist Margaux bumped into Tamsie Honeybear. "Another best friend possibility", Margaux though, "but just too shy."

Margaux: Morning Tamsie, sorry for almost knocking you over. How are you?
Tamsie (shyly): Uhm ... oops ... I'm sorry. I should look where I go, my head is always up in the clouds.

And just like that Tamsie was off again, clearly not interested in making a best friend. Margaux got even more depressed.

Margaux went into the Florist to have a quick chat with Katrina. Though Margaux really like Katrina, to Margaux she was not best friend material, way to uptight and perfectionistic. It will never work. She wanted some advice from Katrina about what flowers to plant in the window box that their room has, and as always it took Katrina half an hour to explain why she would go for Pansies.

No, no, no, no, Margaux thought when she left, she will exhaust me before our friendship has even started.

She quickly went to the Market Store as she had to get some formula for little Karissa. Also the Market Store had the nicest gifts and toiletries, that she usually spends hours in there and she knew that Clare will love all the toys too. Luckily Karissa was still satisfied with sitting in the push chair.

When she got the milk she made her way to the ice cream cart in the square, she knew that she might later regret giving the girls so much sugar, but at least she might have a minutes peace while they eat theirs and they always enjoy the slide. Just outside the shop she met Fliss Redwood, Cali was with her.

Fliss: Hi Margaux, so settling in nicely into our little village.
Margaux: Yes I am, I just love it here, and everyone is so friendly and helpful.
Fliss: It makes me very proud to hear that. Are you in hurry, I thought we might enjoy a quick cup of tea in the Tea Room?

That took Margaux completely by surprise. Was her new best friend maybe Fliss Redwood, but as soon as Arvey arrived with the tea, the two ladies started chatting about things that Margaux knew nothing about, and again she felt like a third wheel. Obviously, Fliss was just being nice to her and didn't need a best friend. Margaux was actually relieved when her tea cup was cold and she could excuse herself.

As promised she made her way over to the ice cream cart and she got the girls their favorite ice creams, a banana flavored one covered with chocolate for Karissa and blueberry flavour for little Clare. Margaux, decided against getting anything for herself. She will indulge in her purchases from Pippa's shop later on. She felt extremely depressed. Why is she feeling so insecure, and why does she so desperately needs to make a best friend. She has one, and though she doesn't see her a lot, they still talk often and she can tell that Bronte misses her too.

Daisy Buttercup luckily relieved her of her depressing feelings and again like with all the other woman they had a nice chat. 

That evening when the Commune was quiet, Margaux silently crept down to the kitchen. She wanted to write a lovely long letter to her best friend and just tell her exactly that and that she misses her immensely.


  1. Great story, loved to see the shops in action and how true you stay to everyone personality.

    1. Thank you, no use in having personalities if it never shines through!

  2. Poor Margaux :( I hope she can find a close friend in Sugarbush Valley too! Great story, I loved all the different shops :D

  3. Oh dear, poor Margaux! It's hard to make friends, when you miss your old friends. Maybe Bronte can visit her? :) Love the different shops and aby pictures - they're so cuddly!

    1. Thx! The babies are so cute, I just love that keats baby's outfit! Margaux will soon receive some good news!

  4. Lovely story! I love all of Margaux's thoughts about the different women and why they won't work as friends. Too funny! And it is so cute that Margaux the dog is babysitting the baby cat--so sweet! xo Jennifer

    1. Thank you Jennifer. I also try to bring something humoristic into my stories.

  5. Poor Margaux. I hope she will be able to find a best friend when she'll find the right person for her :)

  6. The Bercher Family is absolutely adorable, I just can't get over how cute their outfits are! Anyway, poor Margaux, I'm confident she'll have a best friend soon! I like the idea of a commune, my village may need one of those....

    1. Their clothes are the cutest, though Im not so happy with the brother's pink shorts!

  7. I can so well relate to this story - its hard finding best friend material! Poor Margaux, Iäm happy to hear something exciting will surprise her soon :)

    1. Very hard, indeed, but Margaux will get a nice surprise soon!

  8. Aw! I hope that her friend can visit! :) Clare is so cute in that little bunny outfit! :)