Sunday, 21 September 2014

Preparations - part 2

Unfortunately this morning's post turns out to be nothing like I planned, but I still think it is better than nothing. I suddenly and literally in the wink of an eye got a flu bug and though I pushed through and took some photos on Saturday, I just couldn't get myself so far to be creative yesterday, too. So apologies for the shortish story and do stay tuned for part 3.

Slick Slydale filled the kettle with some water and placed it on the stove. Today is Velvette and Hatty's big day and he really wants to show his support, even though he has had it with this yard sale event. That is the only thing that the two of them have been talking about the last two weeks. Not that he and Hubert ever get a chance to talk much, but this was even worse than usual.

Slick had to smirk as he thought of the events of the past fortnight. His favorite was still the one evening when he came home to find Hatty on the sofa, with a wet cloth on her face and her feet in a bucket of water.

Apparently she had to WALK all the way to Highfields farm to collect items for the yard sale from the Buttercups. Word is that Daisy was so kind to pack it all in one of the delivery trolleys.

His second favorite is definitely the evening that Jack Meadows came around, with another huge trolley of items. Telling Hatty that although they (the Meadows family), don't have much it is not a good enough reason to exclude them from an event of which the sole objective was to involve all the villagers.

Slick however, felt instantly bad about his thoughts. He really liked Hatty and not only because she is Velvette's best friend and her husband, Hubert is his best friend. She is by far the most reliable person he has ever come across, if she promises to do something she does it immediately. She is also a great mother to her four children and a wonderful 'aunt' to his three.

In the attic room the children were still sleeping, or rather pretending to be asleep. They are dying to get up, but too afraid that they will be given some instructions by their mothers to help with the yard sale. The plan is to wait in bed until the adults leave and then to get dressed and disappear.

Buster and Dennis vividly remembers the day they went to play tennis and forgot to help Hatty with the collection of the items at Highfields. Buster has never seen his dad so furious and Dennis his father so disappointed.

In their bedroom, Hatty and Hubert Allan was feeding the twins. She is particularly grateful that the twins are not fussy drinkers and quickly gulps down their milk. She still has a million things to do and after the week she had, she is exhausted. Hubert Allan has been her rock and if it weren't for Velvette this event surely wouldn't have taken place

On the other side of the room Velvette was getting dressed for the yard sale. She truly has never been this excited about any other event. The way the villagers opened their hearts (and their attics) was amazing. The number of items they collected is astonishing and she know that they will make enough money to at least buy new books for the whole of the next school term.

While making the bed Velvette had a little giggle. Most of the villagers, no actually all of the villagers were more then ready to donate items for the sale. Some of them like Spencer Maces and Alex Periwinkle even donated new items directly from the shelves of their shops! Of course there was one villager who wasn't that keen donate something, Nelson Puddleford...

This was the conversation between herself and Nelson
Velvette knocked softly on the shop door of Nocturnal. Though the shop door was open, it was a widely known fact that Nelson Puddleford, the owner of Nocturnal didn't like surprises, and should be approached cautiously.
Nelson (from somewhere inside): Yes!
Velvette: Nelson it is Velvette, how are you?
Nelson: Do come in Velvette, sorry Beth is out and I was at the back sewing. I'm actually running behind, so quickly tell me how can I help?
Velvette (for the 100th time that day): I don't know if you heard or got the letter but I am collecting items for our Village jumble sale and we are asking all villagers to contribute something.
Nelson: Yes, yes, I've heard. But how bizarre to collect second hand items and to resell it. Who on earth would want to buy that?

Velvette: Yes, it does seem strange, but the items that we have received is in excellent condition and we will only sell those that are really worthwhile.
Nelson: Well, I won't be buying anything.
Velvette: Some people even donate brand new stuff...
Nelson (suspicious): Like who?
Velvette: Unfortunately that is confidential, so Nelson what will you be donating.
Nelson: Nothing. My children is not in the Senior school, so no I will not donate and item.
Velvette: Oh for heavens sake Nelson, do you like it to be difficult. Just donate something. A pillow case even, what will those set you back?
Nelson: I don't like your tone Velvette but if you are bullying me into donating something, I guess I have no choice. What about this bale pack? It contains a duvet, and two pillows, stuffed with goose down.
Velvette (astonished): Really are you now completely serious. Oh wow, Nelson that is an amazing donation. Thank you!
Nelson: Now please get out, I have work to do.

And that was the end of the conversation. Velvette couldn't believe her luck. And she is sure no one else will too. She has something special planned for that bale pack. She hid the bale pack and didn't even tell Hatty about it.

Soon it was time to leave. To their mother's disbelieve, all  four children were still fast asleep, so they left a note for them on the table and left.


  1. Oh LOVED it, biggest giggle was with Hatty on the sofa and Nelson reaction, something tells me he had that ready to donate, can't wait to see Velvette plans with it:) Again sorry to hear about your bug:(

    1. Thanks it was luckily only a one day bug. Hatty on the couch was my favorite scene, I giggled all the way through it.

  2. Oh dear, Nelson... Ts, ts, ts :D. But he gave after all a very nice donation. I laughed about that part very much, it was even funnier than part one :D. Love the picture of Hatty cooling down her feet *giggle*. Thank you very much for this wonderful story, it makes so much fun to read!!! Can't wait for part 3 :)

    1. Thank you M. Glad I could make you laugh.

  3. So sorry to hear about your flu bug, Eaton Blackberry! Hope you feel better really soon! LOVE this story, especially the photo of Hatty soaking her feet--too cute! As always, I'm looking forward to the next installment. Feel better soon! xo Jennifer

    1. Thank you Jennifer, feeling much better.

  4. Nice story! I like the way you included past events my someone remembering them. I hope you get over the flu soon, as I think I'm coming down with one soon...

    1. Hope you are ok and the bug missed you.

  5. I hope you feel better soon Mariana! Having the flu is really not fun and it delays every project! You managed very good though despite your illness. This is a great sequel to that previous hilarious story. The second photo make me giggle so much with a view of Hatty with her towel on her face and her feet in the tub like that.

    1. Thanks for the kind comments and glad I could put a giggle in your day.

  6. And the photo winner of this blog post/story is definitely Hatty on the couch. Poor thing Im very sure she will not be as impressed to hear that.