Monday, 15 September 2014

Carrie Renard's home coming.

So time for a new story, but  I feel I have to explain a few things first.

I recently acquired my second Cedar Terrace house. It is meant for the Periwinkles, who has been without a house for way too long. Though all the furniture are set up in the house, and most of the wallpaper is printed. I might just use this house for a few stories before I start decorating it for the Periwinkles. I have so many families who will and "want" to live in a Cedar Terrace that this is an ideal opportunity to create a few stories before finalising the Periwinkle "move in". So if the Renard/Cottontail house looks a bit bare, that is the reason. Besides not everyone can have fancy decorated houses like the Trunks, Henry-Lloyds etc.

Then I have to thank Sigrun for once again assisting me in taking some pictures in her amazing village, Mystique Valley

Also, please note that the Renard grandparents are totally fictional, they were never released. Sigrun just redressed two normal size adults in grandparent clothes. So please don't rush over to ebay to try and find them or bother any of the long time collectors with questions about the Renard Grandparents ;-) 

Then finally please bear with me (us), as I have the standing Renard baby and Sigrun only has a sitting/crawling one, so as the babies aren't the same in the true sense of the word, for the purpose of this story they very much are!

So now that I've cleared up a few things... Sit back, relax and happy reading!

Roxy Renard quickly wiped her face with the face cloth. She can't believe she overslept, but it is totally understandable. Luckily Baden is off on a school camp and little Carrie is only returning from her visit to her grandparents today, so Eric probably felt she can do with a lay in, as she didn't have any of the normal early morning responsibilities.

Roxy's thoughts immediately drifted over to Mystique Valley, where her parents lived, and where her little girl has been visiting for the past 4 months. She knows that her parents love having Carrie there, probably spoils her too much and that Carrie is having the time of her life, but 4 months is just too long and Roxy is really relieved to know that Carrie is on her way back!

After making her bed, she quickly went downstairs for breakfast. As Roxy was about to sit down to enjoy some oatmeal, Sorrel Cottontail entered the house. The Renards and Cottontails live together in Cedar Terrace 4, and sharing the house is working out great for them. They share the tasks in and around the house, help each other with the children and live together in splendid harmony.

Roxy: Morning Sorrie, I'm so sorry, I totally overslept.
Sorrel: Oh deary, that is no problem, I actually told Eric not to worry, you deserve a lay in.
Roxy: Thanks Honey, I guess you are right, from tomorrow morning I will be up at dawn again, as you know it was never Carrie's thing to sleep late.
The ladies giggled together, and sat down for a quick cup of coffee.

Roxy: But you know what, I don't worry about getting up so early, and will try not to ever complain about that again, as I miss her so much and just want her to be home now,
Sorrel: That I can fully understand, I can never imagine Comfrey being away for so long, and maybe, just maybe your Mother taught her to sleep late.
Roxy: One can only hope, but I'm not getting my hopes up. I just wish they lived a bit closer, then she won't have to visit them for such long periods of time.

The two friends sat for a little while longer chatting about Roxy's parents in Mystique Valley, speculating about the fun that little Carrie is having with her grandparents.

As most mothers would, Roxy is most worried if Carrie was eating some nutritional food and really hoping that it is not only cake and chocolates.

Roxy thanked Sorrel for the chat and headed out. She only had one cleaning job for the day, and she is glad that it is Katrina Whiskers' house, as she know there will not be a lot of cleaning to be done. Roxy has many times wondered why Katrina makes use of Roxy's services as her house is always spotless, but Katrina is a perfectionist and likes everything spotless. As expected there were only a few plates in the sink, even the breakfast items were packed away. The two dirty pots on the stove was suspicious as well as the thick layer of dust on the furniture, but at least that showed that Katrina are not as perfectionistic.

Roxy, however knew that something strange was going on when she got upstairs. The bedrooms and bathroom was a total mess. Not only was EVERYTHING out of place it was extremely dirty too. "So much for a quick job", Roxy thought, and got to work.

It took her the best of two hours to get everything in its place and cleaned up. Luckily she knew how Katrina liked her things to be, otherwise it might have taken longer. Just as she finished up, she heard the downstairs door close.

Roxy went down to make sure it wasn't an intruder and found a bewildered looking Sebastiaan in the kitchen.
Sebastiaan: Oh no, Roxy! Are you here already?
Roxy (puzzled): Wasn't I suppose to clean your house today? I'm so sorry, Sebastiaan. I must confess I did oversleep and haven't checked my appointments before I came. Carrie is coming home and I'm so excited I'm not really concentrating.
Sebastiaan: No, no, no! It is not that, you should be here and you should be cleaning, I just wanted to sort out the mess a bit upstairs, before you get here. Katrina had to go to her parents urgently, her mom is not well, and she left me in charge. But I must confess running a household and getting four kids ready is a bit too much for me. I managed to clean up downstairs before we went out, but I didn't have time for the bedrooms.
Roxy (giggling): I must say I was a bit shocked when I got to the upstairs rooms, as I didn't picture Katrina as one to live in such a mess, but now it all makes sense. 
Sebastiaan: Oh dear, can you promise to never tell Katrina, she will not trust me to be in charge again, and it was so hard to get her to leave.
Roxy: Don't worry about it, your secret is safe with me, and afterall that is what you pay me to do.

Roxy said her goodbyes, leaving behand a very grateful Sebastiaan, and after dropping her cleaning equipment at home, went to the bus stop, just outside the village. Though the bus is due in the next hour or so, it is never really on time. She was relieved to see Rose Timebertop and little Burl waiting too.
Roxy: Hello Rose, so glad that I will not have to wait for the bus alone.
Rose: And I am glad to see you, I have already been waiting for an hour, I must have the time wrong, but I don't want little Owen to arrive, and not know where to go?
Roxy: Owen?
Rose: It is my friend's son. He and Bud is the same age, and are quite good friends. He will be staying with us during the spring break.

Roxy: Oh ok, you mean Angela's son?
Rose: Yes her.
Roxy: Haven't they had plans to move to the Valley? 
Rose: Yes they had, but it was put on hold for now. Bruno is having some problems with selling his business.
Roxy: That is a shame, I hope they can find a solution soon.
Rose: And me. But tell me why are you here?
Roxy: I'm picking up Carrie, she is returning from her visit to my parents in Mystique Valley.

The two talked about the beautiful village of Mystique Valley, for both have been fortunate enough to have visited it previously. Roxy mentioned the friendly and hospitable villagers ...

... as Rose remembered the wonderful shops, but mostly the different kinds of places where on could sit down and eat.

Time must have passed quickly, as the big yellow bus arrived much sooner than expected. Both ladies got up, obviously excited to meet the ones they have been waiting for.

Driver Kelly Bassett, came round the bus and opened the door. Roxy gave a loud squeal when little Carrie climbed out. Owen was there too, and it was obvious that he and Carrie has made friend on the way over, as he kept close to her, with his arms protectively around her shoulder.

Roxy bend down and picked Carrie up, kissing her all over, while Carrie cried out with delight.

Though more reserved, Rose hugged Owen and planted a kiss on his forehead. Little Burl pressing up against his mother, wishing to get a turn too.

Still holding Carrie tight, Roxy went over to Kelly, informing him that Pete asked her to get the mail bag for the day, and that there is no mail form Sugarbush for today.

It was the perfect end to a perfect day, after spending a fantastic afternoon together, playing and telling stories, both Roxy and Eric put little Carrie to bed that evening, glad and relieved that she is finally home again.

Hope you enjoyed that ...and a final note, please tell me what you think of the filters I used on the photos from Sigrun, I wanted to create the illusion of "thinking back", but not sure if it work.


  1. Another great story, Katrina mess puzzled me, sooo unlike her. Then after I realized it wasn't my camera that was broken, somewhere around (thinking back) picture 2-3 I liked the idea. Carrie is so adorable and how Owen is protecting her so cute.

    1. Thank you Sigrun, I thought it would be fun to bring in somethings that doesnt makes sense.

  2. What a wonderful start in the day: a new story from Sugarbush Valley! Yippieh! :D Poor Sebastiaan managing the household all alone. I love the pictures, where little Burl is driving around with his bicycle - he looks so cute! I definitly enjoyed your new story and I'm glad Carrie returned home safely. About the filtered pictures - I like the idea :)

    1. Thank you "M"! I appreciate it when everyone notices and mentions the small detail :-)

  3. Burl is so so so cute, I love the bicycle too!! Carrie is so cute, I just had to say it once more ;)
    Sebastiaan looks a bit overwhelmed XD

    1. Thank you Aranera, Sebastiaan was totally out of it!

    2. He looks a bit like he was having an 'off day' XD

    3. Most men would if their wife dumbed this on them!

  4. What a cute story! I wonder a bit about 4-year-old riding bus all by herself, but driver Kelly looks like a very nice man :) I think the filters worked: they let me know the pictures weren't from Katrinas view.

    1. Only you that would worry about that!!! And remember this is Sylvania!!! Everything is VERY safe here, she could just as well have been two :-D.

  5. Carrie is officially my favorite baby ever. MY GOD she is cute!!!! I love the scenes with the grand parents too and they care for little Carrie. Your stories are always interesting and there is for sure a sub-plot somewhere which makes it more fun to read. Great job on this one Mariana!

    1. Aaah, now Im totally blushing and tomato red. Thank you so much for your kind comment!

  6. Really fun story! I love your use of the filters! The scenes with the grandmother taking care of Carrie add so much depth to the story. Great job! xo Jennifer