Monday, 25 August 2014

A new family: The Cottontail Rabbit family

Unfortunately there won't be any stories this week, I just didn't get time the past weekend and honestly I didn't feel inspired enough to do anything. I've been playing with a few ideas, but when it came to doing it, I just didn't "feel" it. I'm really sorry for disappointing you all. Let's hope I get a bright idea soon.

On the upside I got a small package yesterday afternoon that I've been waiting for, for a while now. In it was the Cottontail baby boy, Comfrey and the EB mouse baby (that I ordered for a friend as part of a trade).

Lately I've prefered the baby boy's, for some reason the blue rompers just appeal more to me than the pink ones. (A heads up - another of my babies will soon undergo a sex change - just because I love the boys so much).

Little Comfrey is adorable and extremely well behaved. He kept me company all of yesterday afternoon.

The family were reunited yesterday evening and now I can finally ad them to my Villagers page.

It took me some time to decide if I want to welcome this family to my village. Even after I ordered them I was still unsure if I would like them. But not to fear, it was love at first sight, which just grew stronger when I took them out of the box. The thing that got me about them is their calm and serene appearance - they will definitely never cause any trouble in Sugarbush Valley.

The bio was easy to compile, I stuck to their original one mostly, because it just fits them so perfectly.

Father: Aaron Cottontail
Mother: Sorrel Cottontail
Brother: Gromwell Cottontail (11)
Sister: Willow Cottontail (10)
Baby Boy: Comfrey Cottontail (3)

Father Aaron is a down-to-earth and hardworking carpenter. He specialises in making the most beautiful furniture pieces and takes great pride in his work. He is such a skilled craftsman, everybody in Sugarbush Valley can recognize his furniture, because each piece looks just like a work of art.

Sorrel complements her husband's work perfectly by smoothing any rough corners, decorating it with a lick of paint if needed, polishes it up and puts new covering on it. As a mother she is practical and likes to get things done in the fastest most efficient way.

Gromwell is the fastest boy in Sugarbush Valley and for that matter in the whole district. He has already won tons of medals and trophies and he wants to be a professional track runner when he gets older. Though three years older than him his biggest competition is Oliver Periwinkle and Branson Whiskers, but to date they have never beaten him.

Willow does not like to rush anything. She glides through life, taking time to watch and enjoy every moment. Her secret is to start early, so there is no rush to finish, be it dressing in the morning or doing her homework after school. Nice and easy does it

Comfrey just loves to watch his father at work, and given the chance, he'd pick up dad's tools and make furniture too!

I know that my new family will be very happy in Sugarbush Valley and hopefully they will star in a story soon.


  1. I'm sorry that you have no inspiration - but I always love seeing new families, their bios are always so good :D
    Commiserations for not winning a prize, though I will be hosting another giveaway soon!
    Comfrey is just adorable - I love his smiling face!

  2. The Cottontails are very cute! Somehow I often also prefer the Sylvanian baby boys :D. Love the bios, Sugarbush Valley needed a good carpenter :).
    The mouse baby is so cute! :)

  3. You are very diligent with your bio. I have tried to compile my figures on an Excel sheet with bio and all but it was too hard to keep up LOL The new addition is so cute. You never disappoint, don't worry! Take time for yourself! When you'll be ready for another story, we will be there to read it!

    1. aah you are so sweet, thank you. Unfortunately Im still blank.

  4. You so deserve a week off from story telling. I absolutely love your stories but it is always nice to see new acquisitions. I have a Cottontail family and am trying very hard not to acquire any more. So your stories are a lovely way for me to experience Sullivan families. Thank you for all you do!!!

  5. I have this family too, but mine don't look as cute as yours! ;-) I got the baby boy first, and I thought he needed a family, and then I got the family, but they just don't do it for me. So, I have another rabbit mom that I love, and I've decided that all of the bunny babies are hers, probably with all different fathers, since none of the babies look like her! :-D xo Jennifer

    1. This made my day and made me laugh. I will appreciate a picture of her with all her children!

  6. I have often toyed with the idea of purchasing the Cottontails, they just never seem to click with me....however here, they look absoloutely adorable, very calm and serene, as Aranera put it.

    I cannot wait to see these cute critters in a story, but don't worry about writers block. It shouldn't hinder you for much longer...

  7. I am now feeling so sorry for the cottontails, as it seems everyone feels the same about them ... kinda "yes, but no thank you". I will now feature them in every story ... just so that they can become more liked ;-)

    1. I am purchasing the Cottontails since the picture of yours puts the children in a better light than the stock photo - they look better, more cheerful instead of dour and gloomy :D Can't wait to see more photos of them in your story!

    2. Congratulations, you will not regret it!

  8. Replies
    1. yes they can, but that will be just so confusing ;-)