Monday, 25 January 2016

Farthings visit to Highfields Farm

So my next story is ready and I hope you will like it. I really wanted to feature Highfields farm again, as it is still my favorite building, but I just again realised how difficult it is to take pictures of the living room and kitchen area. Hope it looks ok and that you enjoy it!
Daisy Buttercup walked like a woman on a mission. She had so much to do. She noticed Ellema Brightfield outside her house, and decided to stop for a quick chat, she needed to vent her frustrations.

"Good morning, Daisy." Ellema chirped. "You look awfully hurried!" That was all the encouragement that Daisy needed. "You wouldn't believe it, Ellema, this morning after breakfast, Hornbull informed me in a matter of fact way, that we are having guests over for dinner!" Then she told a short version of the story to Ellema.

"Guests! Really? How did that happen, Hornbull? And why am I only hearing about it now? The house is a mess and I have nothing to cook with!" Daisy ranted. "Oh Honeycups, don't worry Harley and Penny are easy going, we have bread." Hornbull explained. "Bread? BREAD! Are you insane! Well you will have to watch the twins, as I am not taking them with me into town."

"Oh men, they can be so forgetful, and selfish." Ellema tried to comfort Daisy. "Well I should be off, see you around." And with that Daisy stormed off, not even noticing her friend Tammy Honeybear in the doorway of her house.

Daisy passed the village square and her eye caught the sweets cart of the Darwins. She decided to buy something from Geoff. He will most definitely have something for dessert.

She waited her turn, had a quick chat to Shirley, also telling her about the stunt Hornbull pulled on her, and then she turned to the sweets cart, admiring all the pretty candy.

"Good morning, Daisy, how can I help?" Geoff asked. "Oh Geoff, we are having guests over tonight and there will be no time to prepare a dessert. Any suggestions?" Daisy looked helpless. "For sure, I have these macaroons, or what about a box of Belgian chocolate. Or do you prefer Turkish Delight?" Geoff offered. "Oh the macaroons sounds delicious, I will have them. It will go perfectly with a cup of French Vanilla coffee.

Wasting no time to get on to her next errand, Daisy greeted the Darwins and hurried off. 'Dessert sorted", Daisy thought to herself, but oh my what will I make for the main course.' she wondered.

She made her way to the Deli of the Corntops, feeling confident that she will find some inspiration there. However, in front of the Deli, she bumped into Pete Petite, and as she was in a foul mood, she needed no encouragement to give him a piece of her mind, regarding his poor service. "But Daisy, it is not my fault if the supplier hasn't send your item yet. And you know that things usually take longer to deliver to outlaying areas." Pete explained. "Oh nonsense, Pete, I have ordered my new crockery set over two weeks ago, I'm almost certain that you must have lost it." Daisy said and turned her back to Pete.

Pete walked away, feeling very depressed. He wondered where that package might be and decided to go on a search for it. Daisy, in the meantime gave Pete one last look and shook her head, service in this town is in shambles.

Daisy was relieved to find the Deli quiet, Irene Bearbury was the only other client. "Good morning Irene, are you doing some last minute shopping too?" Daisy greeted Irene. Irene greeted Daisy with a puzzled look, but Daisy barely listened to what she was saying, immediately telling her what Hornbull has done. Irene, gave a shy laugh, not understanding Daisy's dilemma at all. She wished they can have some guests over. It was really difficult to make new friends.

While Irene ordered and paid for some cheese and sausage. Daisy had a look around, and she got the inspiration she hoped for.

She will make her delicious and famous lasagna. She gathered all the ingredients and placed them on the counter. "Ooh are you making Daisy's famous lasagna?" Christabel immediately asked. "Very good eye, yes I am. Hornbull invited guests over, and only informed me this morning, at least I know it is always popular." Daisy replied. "Sure is!" Christabel ensured Daisy.

Now that she knew what to prepare and have all the ingredients, Daisy was in less of a hurry. Outside the Deli, she met Kaitlin Decker and her two daughters, Brooke and Morgan. "Morning Daisy", Kaitlin greeted friendly, "in the mood for a cup of coffee?" Daisy sighed, she so wished she could do that, but she knew if she indulged herself in a date with Kaitlin now, she will never get everything done. "Oh Kaitlin I'm so sorry, I have to rush home and prepare for some guests we are having." Kaitlin indicated that she understood and they said their goodbyes.

Two hours later, Daisy returned from her outing into the village, and knew that though she had alot of work to do, she had enough time. Her mood, however, took a turn for the worst again, when she arrived home. Not only was the entrance to the house a mess ...

... she found Hornbull asleep on the couch! "Hornbull Bartholomew Buttercup! SHAME ON YOU!" she almost screamed!

Hornbull instantly sat bolt upright. "I can't see, I'm blind!" he quivered. "Oh don't be silly, just remove the blanket form your face." Daisy shrieked. "How can you be sleeping while we are having guests over?" The front entrance is a mess, and look there is a wheelbarrow in my living room, get up and HELP ME!" Daisy demanded.

Hornbull immediately got up and started to work like a maniac. He knew Daisy and and knew better then to make any further jokes. Daisy immediately started unpacking her basked to prepare the lasagna.

While cleaning the living room, there was a knock on the front door, at first she thought it was Hornbull again, wanting to apologise or even irritate her some more, but she was surprised to see Kelly Basset, with a parcel in his hand. "Good morning, Daisy, Pete asked me to drop this off, on my way out of town."

Daisy immediately knew what it was, and ripped the package open. It was indeed her 'lost' crockery parcel. "Thank you, Kelly, for taking the time to deliver it. And I will personally go and thank Pete and apologise to him, I was really nasty to him this morning." Kelly nodded and went off, he still had to make some deliveries in Blueberry Hill.

After Kelly left, Daisy quickly washed her new plates, and proudly set the table with it. Finally she was done. The lasagna was baking slowly in the oven, the bread and salad was done, and the house was clean. She will now take a long bath.

After her bath, she got dressed, sprits on her favorite perfume, and called out to Annabell and Cheddar. "I'm coming, mommy." Cheddar replied. "What is it Mother?" came a less friendly reply from Annabell.

"So you know we are having guests over tonight. It is Mr and Mrs Farthing and their two children, Wren and Rally." Daisy said. "And you know what is expected of you?" she continued. "Yes mommy, I will play with Rally, I really like him we are in Mrs Chiffon's school." Cheddar excitedly told his mother. "Good, thank you Cheddar. What about you Annabell?" Daisy looked at her daughter. "Yes, Mother, I will play with Wren!"

It was just then that Hornbull called up from downstairs, that the Farthings have arrived. Daisy made her way downstairs, calling after Cheddar and Annabell to come down too.

Everyone greeted each other and Daisy invited Penny inside. She was relieved to notice that Cheddar and Rally was already climbing on top of things, with Paddock watching them carefully. Even Annabell was friendlier than usual towards Wren.

While the men and children took a tour around the farm, Daisy and Penny had a chat in the living room. "So Penny, how is the Daycare planning coming along?" Daisy inquired. "It is taking longer than anticipated, and I'm really getting worried now, as that always has been our main income. But Mayor Trunk has finally allocated a building to me, and we spent the whole of last week fixing it up. Hopefully by February it will be open. Some of the mothers are really getting frustrated with having the little ones around the whole day, complaining that they get nothing done." Daisy nodded and winked and the two friends had a good laugh, each understanding exactly how that mothers felt.

Finally, everyone was ready to have dinner. The adults gathered around the dining room table... 

... while the kids enjoyed some pizza.

After dinner the children were excused and went to play. The girls in the room with Annabell's pretty dollhouse ... 

... and the little ones in the nursery.

The adults enjoyed some coffee and the macaroons, while relishing the peace and quiet in the cosy living room.

Soon a wonderful evening came to an end. The Farthings thanked Daisy and Hornbull for their hospitality. Even the children said some heartfelt goodbyes.

After cleaning downstairs and making sure all 5 children were asleep and comfortable, Daisy could finally turn in herself. She felt pleased and satisfied. Though the day started off bad, it turned out to be a lovely evening in the company of new friends. 


  1. Great way to start the week, lovely story with many laughs! Poor Daisy, she got so frustrated!

    1. Thank you for the quick reply S, and the comment! I think Hornbull was the cause of most of the frustrations, hehehe. But I still love him!

  2. Aww, exactly what I needed for this morning! Poor Daisy, I can totally understand her frustration. Funnily those meetings - when you really don't want to - are often great at the end.
    I hope Pete will feel better after her apology - poor him! XD

    1. Yes she was really nasty to him. But she will apologise. Thanks for the comment

  3. I had really good fun reading this one but understood Daisy all to well, and if anyone was in doubt who's the boss at the Highfield Farm we now know:)

    1. Yes that is for sure, Hornbull might be the owener, but Daisy is the one wearing the pants!

  4. The ever lovely Highfields farm! I any help but love the Buttercups, so full of character! Beautiful story

  5. I had a good laugh reading your story. My husband is a bit like Hornbull and I just panick when we have visitors all of a sudden.By the way, the Buttercups´ house is lovely.

    1. Glad I could make you laugh! Thanks for commenting

  6. I love your story. Poor Pete the postie really does look quite startled. Poor Pete the postie.
    Glad all ended well. Great story. Thankyou

    1. Thank you for the comment. I think Pete is used to villagers being difficult about their parcels.

  7. An enjoyable story and beautiful photos. Thank you.